Things To Do In The Spring: Incredible Spring Bucket List Ideas

Coming up with interesting things to do in the spring can be challenging, which is why we created this incredible spring bucket list.

Spring is the time of year where the weather is getting nice, flowers are blooming, the sweaters start to get put away, and people emerge from their winter hideaways. While there are plenty of things to do in the spring, we have the *perfect* list of things to add to your spring bucket list.

The first day of spring happens around the 19,20 or 21st of March each year.

We are forever working on our own bucket list and the list continues to grow each year. Just remember to have fun with it. The act of having a bucket list will keep you feeling young at heart.

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Things To Do In The Spring: Incredible Spring Bucket List Ideas

1. Go on a picnic

Now that flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and people are emerging from their homes. Take advantage of a picnic at the park or somewhere outdoors that you can enjoy the fresh scents of spring.

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2. See the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

The cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. are a top USA bucket list destination for many. There are several activities around these few weeks of peek bloom, but the most magical of them all, is all the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin.

Seeing the cherry blossoms is one of the best things to do in the spring. So make sure to add it to your Washington DC bucket list.

3. Put away the winter clothing

Nothing will make you feel more like welcoming spring than ditching the winter clothes. Put away the heavy coats and sweaters and pull out the lighter clothing. You’re free!

4. Do a spring cleaning on your home

They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for no reason. Even if you keep your house in tip top shape, you can re-organize, donate things you are not using, decorate for the spring, or do the full monthly and wash and scrub everything.

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5. Attend all the weddings or even have your own

Spring is when the most weddings occur because it isn’t too hot or cold and flowers are beautiful. Attend all the weddings you have been invited to OR have your own!

6. See the tulips in Amsterdam

If your Amsterdam bucket list doesn’t have the tulips on it, add it now. Few times is the city as magical than when the tulips spring.

spring bucket list

7. Go for a bike ride

Break the bike out of its winter slumber and take a ride around the neighborhood or go for a longer ride. Your body and bike will thank you for using it again.

8. Attend Carnival in Brazil

If you really want to elevate your travel bucket list, do not miss Carnival in Rio! This several day party is bursting with color and parties you have to see for yourself.

9. Take a hot air balloon at sunrise

Now that the weather is great, your spring break bucket list should include an early morning lift off. One of the coolest places to take a hot air balloon ride is in Arizona. The various landscapes throughout the state make it special.

If you plan to visit, you can check that off your Arizona bucket list at the same time.

10. Go on a road trip across the USA

Nothing says freedom like driving across the country and seeing iconic stops along the way. You don’t even have to drive the entire country, just pick a popular stretch and get out there and explore.

11. Do a Color Run 5k

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and do something fun. If you are looking for a new and fun way to get active, try a Color Run! The explosion of color at the end makes the run so much more enjoyable.

12. Host an afternoon tea

Love hot tea and treats? Host an afternoon tea at your home for friends or family.

13. Visit the Caribbean

Spring is the best time to visit the Caribbean. The weather is amazing, hurricane season hasn’t started and the humidity isn’t as high as it will be in the summer. February-April is the best time to visit.

spring bucket list

14. Fly a kite

Get yourself an awesome kite and an open filed and finally learn how to get that thing airborne. Your spring bucket list will thank you for it.

spring bucket list

15. See Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Ever dreamed of visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras? This is your time! Plan to attend the balls, the parades, get dressed up, do it all. It is an incredible experience you should have at least once.

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16. Visit Arches National Park

Arches is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the USA and you can beat the crowds and the heat by visiting in the spring.

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17. Do your taxes

The spring is the dreaded time of year when taxes are due. Might as well do them. 🙂

18. Celebrate National Beer Day

April 7 is National beer Day. Great reason to have a beer and celebrate.

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19. Learn to make charcuterie boards

Whether you love cheese, brunch or even s’mores, learning to create a board for yourself is the perfect spring bucket list idea.

20. Visit the local farmers market

Ready to browse for fresh produce from local vendors? Hit up your local farmer’s market and see what kind of delicious options they offer.

21. Celebrate your mom for Mother’s Day

Do something special for mom, even if it is just some flowers. She will appreciate the thought in celebrating all she does.

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22. Plan an epic prank for April Fool’s Day

Probably the best day of the year to really get someone good. Looking for some great ideas? Take a new bar of soap and put 2 coats of clear nail polish on it and place it in the shower. Then wait for your significant other to get majorly confused.

Then treat them to something on this couples bucket list.

23. Visit the beaches in South Beach

Not says spring bucket list like a spring break trip to Florida. Bask in the hot sun and azure blues the ocean has to offer.

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24. Take up yoga

When it comes to spring ideas, taking up yoga as a way to relax and get in a an exercise. You don’t even have to leave your home. You can take classes on your computer or TV for the same impact.

25. Visit the zoo

One of the best times to visit the zoo is in the spring before the summer heat and crowds roll in. You won’t have to force your way to the front of never ending lines to see the beautiful animals within.

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26. Plan your garden

Planning on growing a variety of veggies and herbs? Make sure and add this to your spring bucket list so you can get everything purchased and planted so it thrives all summer long.


27. See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Even though the cherry blossoms are stunning anywhere, it is an entirely new vision to see them in Japan. If this isn’t on your travel list, add it!

28. See a sunrise

Whether you plan to go for a hike, drive or even sit on a beach. Plan to see a sunrise in the spring. It will be like the thawing out of winter and preparation for summer.

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29. Relax with a hot tea and a good book

If you haven’t added a way to relax and wind down to your spring bucket list, let it be this. Take some time to yourself to read and have a hot cup of tea. It is good for the soul.

spring bucket list

30. Plant fresh flowers or plants in the front yard

Ready to spruce up the yard for spring and summer? This is a great time to get all the flowers planted so you can enjoy them for the rest of the spring and summer months.

31. Dye eggs and celebrate Easter

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Easter or dye eggs. This is a fun tradition to have with anyone and it brings out your inner artistic side.

32. Build a lemonade stand

Remember growing up and wanting to sell lemonade because you thought you would be rich? Pass this fond memory down to your kids. This is also a great way to meet people in the neighborhood.

National Lemonade day is on May 3rd and that is a perfect time to host one! Everyone will want lemonade.

33. Decorate your home with fresh flowers

Nothing says Spring like beautiful florals within the home. Pro tip: if you do not have access to free flowers in your yard, Trader Joe’s sells bundles of flowers on the cheap. Use mason jars or random glassware and spread them out.

34. Have an at home spa day

Looking to splurge on a budget while treating yourself? Have an at home spa day and make your own face masks!

35. Donate items you are no longer using

Clean out your closet and home. If you have not used something in the last 6-12 months and have no plans to use it anytime soon, donate it to someone who will want it.

spring bucket list

36. Get a fresh spring manicure

Spring is a great time to jazz up your manicures into fun pastels, glitter and all things bright.

37. Make strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries

38. Get fresh linens for your bed

If your spring bucket list doesn’t include fresh lines, add it to your list. This is a great way to brighten and spruce up your bedroom for the new season and to return your dusty sheets from the winter until next year.

39. Make a time capsule

If you want to freeze a memory or time, create a time capsule with friends, family or yourself and decide when it can be dug up. Make sure everyone includes their items inside and promise not to dig it up beforehand.

40. Learn photography

Spring is when the snow starts to melt and flowers start to blossom. There are no better test subjects than the ones you can find outside. Grab your phone or camera and start practicing.

41. Go camping

Spring is the perfect time to take a camping trip. You get in right before the summer rush, the weather can be really nice during the day for adventures and you can still snuggle at night when the chill comes.

spring bucket list

42. Renovate a room

If you are looking for a project to do around your house, let your spring bucket list guide you. This is one of the best times to do work because it isn’t quite hot out. there are no major holidays like the fall and the sun sets later because of daylight savings.

43. Go wine tasting

Wine tasting is great in the spring because you can enjoy the outdoors with your friends or significant other. You could also check this off your date night bucket list sheet too.

Pack some food for a picnic and enjoy a glass of vino after your tasting.

44. Take an epic spring break trip

No matter how old you are, you will never be too old to enjoy an epic spring break. You will want to look for an all-inclusive resort in places like Cancun, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica or other islands like Dominican Republic, Aruba, or even Turks and Caicos.

45. Eat your weight in pastries in Paris

Take your spring bucket list trip to Paris before all the tourists arrive and et all the pastries while admiring the Eiffel Tower. You can cross this off your Paris bucket list and Europe bucket list at the same time.

spring bucket list

46. Visit Bora Bora for AMAZING prices

If your dream has staying in an overwater bungalow in it, now is the time to go! Spring is a shoulder month and this is when prices are at their best. You can check off all the times on your Bora Bora bucket list for a fraction of the cost.

47. Go shopping for spring clothes

Nothing says spring bucket list like new clothes. Go out and find the best deals with pastel colors and beautiful trimmings. You will feel like a new person.

spring bucket list

48. See a beach sunset with friends

It may not be quite warm enough to go for a swim, but the sunsets can still be amazing, especially since there tends to be a lot of storms in the spring. The sky lights up at sunset.

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