Ultimate Rome Bucket List: Best Things To Do In Rome

Looking for things to add to your Rome bucket list? Then look no further! This comprehensive guide has all the best things to do in Rome from iconic landmarks, neighborhoods, museums, hidden gems, and so much more! Your trip to Italy is going to be amazing!

Rome is one of the most popular European bucket list destinations and travel destinations in the world –  and for good reason. It is brimming with history and insanely delicious food.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, don’t skip on Rome! This city may not have a beach but it is one of the coolest cities you will visit in Europe.

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rome bucket list

Rome Bucket List

1. Visit the Pantheon

The Pantheon is an absolute must-see on this Rome bucket list. Located downtown, this historic temple from 125 AD is most well known for its giant hole in the ceiling!

rome bucket list

2. Ride a Vespa around the city

If you have your license, rent a Vespa to get around the city instead of taking public transportation! This is the perfect way to live out your Lizzie McGuire Movie fantasy.

3. Snap a photo at the Arch of Titus

Visit the Arch of Titus, which is located right next to the Colosseum! It’s from the 1st century AD and stands tall and demanding. It looks like a triumphal arch.

4. Experience the architecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome

For more modern art perusing on this Rome bucket list, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s filled with more contemporary art, some of which is up for speculation.

5. Step into the Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most famous places to see on any Rome bucket list. This ancient Roman amphitheater is the biggest of its kind, and you can take a tour of it today.

6. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

Take a stop at the Trevi Fountain to throw three coins in the water. Just make sure you throw them with the right hand, or bad luck may follow you around!

rome bucket list

Rome Sightseeing

7. Explore the Vatican Museums

While the Vatican Museums are located in Vatican City, they are still worth visiting. They’re filled with all of the artifacts and art pieces that the Catholic Church has acquired over the years. One of the best things to see in Rome is here.

8. Walk around the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is filled with historic ruins that were once significant buildings in ancient Rome. You can walk right next to them to explore them now!

9. Find all the fountains in Piazza Navona

The most popular and well-known square in Rome is Piazza Navona! Take a walk around it and see if you can spot all of its famous fountains.

10. Visit Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is located right along the River Tiber and served as a fortress and a mausoleum over the years. Today, it’s a museum open to visitors!

11. Look at the ceilings in the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo famously painted the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican Museums. While photos aren’t allowed, it’s still worth visiting to experience an essential part of history. A visit here is one of the top things to do in Rome.

rome bucket list

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12. Relax near the Altar of the Fatherland

The Altar of the Fatherland is a must-visit landmark that honors the king of Italy when it first unified, Victor Emmanuel II.

13. Discover the Flaminio Obelisk

Be sure to find the Flaminio Obelisk in Rome! Obelisks are located all over the city, but this one, in particular, is the more popular one. Hint: it’s in Piazza del Popolo!

14. Visit Hadrian’s Villa

Spend some time at Hadrian’s Villa, which is technically located in Tivoli! It covers 297 acres and is filled with ancient Roman ruins waiting to be explored.

15. Try traditional gelato

No visit to Rome is complete without trying gelato! There are tons of great places to try it, but some of the best in Rome include Giolitti, Come il Latte, and Gunther.

rome bucket list

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16. See the ruins on Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is arguably one of the most popular attractions on this Rome bucket list. Visit them to explore ancient ruins.

17. Shop around Campo de’ Fiori

For excellent shopping, make your way to Camp de’ Fiori. It’s seen as an ideal spot for shopping because it’s usually home to a traditional market run by locals!

18. Go inside the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore

Take a visit to the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the biggest churches in Rome. The inside will genuinely take your breath away!

19. Visit the Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla are huge Roman baths that are now open to the public for visiting. They were often used for bathing and relaxing in the city.

20. Snap a photo at the Spanish Steps

What once served as a popular meeting place in ancient Rome is now one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Visit in the spring to see them covered in gorgeous flowers.

21. Step back in history at Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus is what’s left from an old stadium where Romans raced their chariots. It’s one of the bigger stadiums in the city and is worth visiting.

22. Stroll the gardens at Galleria Borghese

Galleria Borghese is an art gallery that is home to some of the best gardens on this Rome bucket list. Be sure to visit them and check out the landscape.

23. Shop for luxury fashion on Via dei Condotti

What better place to shop in Italy than right in Rome? Take a stroll down Via dei Condotti to hit up all the best luxury designer shops. It’s also perfect for window shopping!

24. Get a great view from Campidoglio Hill

For a great view in Rome, head to Campidoglio Hill, or Capitoline Hill. It’s where the Capitoline Museums are located and is an excellent place to walk around and explore.

25. See the churches in Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is another great square in Rome worth visiting. This one is incredibly large and is the perfect place to catch the sunrise in the city. Be sure to check out the churches around it!

26. Take in the scenery from St. Angelo Bridge

Stop by the St. Angelo bridge for some of the best views in the city. It goes right over the River Tiber and is the perfect spot to snap a photo.

27. Walk along the River Tiber

The River Tiber runs right through Rome. There are some fantastic walkways right along the water so that you can enjoy the view!

28. Explore Trastevere

Head to Trastevere to explore the true hip and trendy area of Rome. It’s filled with great restaurants, churches, and more just waiting to be explored.

rome bucket list

29. Eat arancini

Arancini is essentially a fried ball of rice, meat, and sometimes vegetables. Street vendors or bakeries best serve them, but you can get them all over the city!

30. Visit Piazza Venezia

When visiting Rome, be sure to stop by Piazza Venezia. This is the city’s main square, and it’s surrounded by some iconic landmarks that you won’t want to miss.

31. Take a trip to see the Baths of Diocletian

The Baths of Diocletian were built hundreds of years ago and are a top place to visit on this Rome bucket list. They were used for years to convert others to Christianity and now can be visited!

32. Check out the art galleries on Via Margutta

For some of the best art galleries in the city, stroll Via Maragutta. This street is in a historic area of the city and is also home to great shops and cobblestone streets.

33. Attend the opera at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Head to the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma to catch a performance in one of the most beautiful opera houses around! The inside is incredibly glorious, dating back to the 19th century.

34. Go on a free walking tour

There’s no better way to learn more about Rome than by going on a free walking tour with a local. These usually only last a few hours but are the perfect way to get you acquainted with the city.

35. Try traditional Italian pasta

You can’t forget to add trying traditional pasta to your Rome bucket list! Some of the best spots for pasta in Rome include Il Pastaio di Roma, Trattoria Vecchia Roma, and Cantina e Cucina. A foodies bucket list favorite.

36. Marvel at masterpieces at Palazzo Barberini

Palazzo Barberini is a historic palace that looks unassuming from the outside but is truly quite spectacular. It holds some of the best paintings that you can find in the whole city!

37. Take an Italian language class

While visiting Italy, why not do as the Romans do and take an Italian language class? Even if you just attend a quick intro class, the locals will surely appreciate you trying to communicate with them in their own language.

38. Visit the museum at Quirinal Palace

Quirinal Palace serves as one of the President of the Italian Republic’s official homes. It’s his own residence actually within the Rome city limits and is truly breathtaking. Stop by the museum to learn more.

39. Scope out the Pyramid of Caius Cestius

Yes, it’s true; Rome has its own pyramid! This unique pyramid was built in 12 BC and serves as a tomb for a man named Gaius Cestius, whom the pyramid is named after.

40. Get spooked at the Capuchin Crypt

At the Capuchin Crypt, you can explore skeletons that remain below the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini church. Nobody knows for sure why they’re there!

41. Go to St. Peter’s Basilica

Located in Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica is the main Catholic church in the world. The inside is incredible and is filled with tons of breathtaking art from prominent Italian artists.

rome bucket list

42. See the ceiling at Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli

This beautiful basilica is where Pope Julius II is buried, which is why it’s often traveled to by visitors. It is also where some of Michelangelo’s best pieces are kept!

43. Put your hand in the Mouth of Truth

Take a visit to the Mouth of Truth, located at Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church. Legend says if you put your hand in its mouth and you’re a liar, it’ll shut on you!

44. Walk part of the Appian Way

Walking the Appian Way is a truly underrated activity on this Rome bucket list. It’s one of the most historic roads from ancient Rome and part of it can be explored by visitors!

45. Wander the gardens at Villa Doria Pamphili

Villa Doria Pamphili is an estate in Rome from the 17th century. It’s surrounded by the biggest park in Rome and is truly breathtaking. It opened to the public in the 1970s!

46. Look at the historic sculptures in Palazzo Massimo

Take a trip to Palazzo Massimo, a great museum in Rome. It’s filled with iconic and historic sculptures that you won’t want to miss!

47. Get lost on Tiber Island

Tiber Island is a small island located right in the middle of the River Tiber. To get to it, you have to walk on a bridge. Spend some time exploring it, even though it’s quite small!

48. Drink water from a public fountain

Yes, you can drink fresh water from the fountains around Rome! Obviously, don’t dunk your water bottle into a fancy fountain in the middle of a piazza, but a lot of the smaller ones are great for filling your water bottles.

49. Take a day trip to Tivoli

To explore more of the surrounding area, take a trip to Tivoli! It’s a bit more central than Rome but is situated near hills and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

50. Wander around the Roman Ghetto

The Roman Ghetto was home to the Jewish people of Rome in the 16th century. Today, the area looks a lot different than it once did, but it’s still worth exploring.

51. Search for street art

Believe it or not, but you can actually find street art around Rome. Either spend the day looking for it yourself or look up where to find the best street art online.

52. Visit Basilica di Santa Sabina all’Aventino

The churches in Rome are on another level, and this one does not disappoint! Be sure to go inside and check out the breathtaking architecture. It’s most well known for the wooden doors.

53. Explore the Capitoline Museums

Take a visit to the Capitoline Museums, which are often overlooked by museum lovers visiting Rome. It’s filled with lots of great statues, art pieces, and more!

rome bucket list

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