Things To Do In June: Ultimate June Bucket List

Looking for things to add to your June bucket list? This is the best list of things to do in June that should not be missed.

While June is part of your summer bucket list experiences, it is the beginning of the season and the best time to kick off the festivities.

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june bucket list

Ultimate June Bucket List

1. First Day of Summer

The iconic first day of summer is the best thing to add to your June bucket list! On June 20, 2021 the fun really begins.

june bucket list

2. National Cheese Day

If you love cheese, this is your day! On June 4, 2022 celebrate by eating al things cheese. You can share your enjoyment on social media with the hashtag: NationalCheeseDay

3. Take a road trip

June is the best time to take a road trip. You could check this off your best friend bucket list at the same time.

4. See a National Park

If your USA bucket list does not have one of the beautiful National Parks on it – now is the time to add it and to go see them!!

5. Yacht week in Greece

One of the top June bucket list trips is to go on the yacht week in Europe. You do a week on a sailboat yacht, partying from place to place and joining other yachters.

6. National Donut Day

Foodie bucket listers know – this iconic day of the dough and glaze. This also falls on National Cheese Day, so don’t spread yourself too thin. June 4, 2022!

7. Have a backyard BBQ

Is there anything more summer than a backyard BBQ? Every June bucket list should have and don’t forget all the fixings and friends to share it with.

8. Run a 5K or a half marathon

Looking for a fun activity to train for or just to do? Register for a 5k or even a half/full marathon. They are in full force spring and summer months.

9. See a baseball game

Sunset baseball games with hotdogs and beer. Name something better!

10. Bring your dog to work day!

June 25, 2022 is bring your dog to work day! Let Fido join you for a day at the office. It will probably make the day 1000% more enjoyable seeing them by your side. And who knows, Fido may make a friend.

11. World Environment Day

Every June 5th, this day is celebrated to bring awareness to global environments and impacts and how we can protect them.

12. Get a fun mani and pedi

Your June bucket list is begging for something new and exciting. Go crazy with the colors or try something you have never done.

13. World Oceans Day

Each June 8th, World Oceans Day happens to bring awareness of the impacts we have on the ocean and ways we can protect it. This is a great time to celebrate the oceans and become more aware of what is happening to it/how you can help.

Your beach bucket list needs the oceans to continue to exist.

june bucket list

14. Go on a bike ride

One of life’s simple pleasures. Just gran your bike and go! You don’t have to go anywhere fancy – just go.

15. Take an RV trip

Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Rent an RV and go on an epic road trip to anywhere your heart desires.

16. Have a bonfire

Take your camping experience is to the next level with a bonfire and some delicious smores!

17. Host a game night

Friends love get togethers and as the heat starts to flow, cool down for an indoor game night. Don’t forget the drinks and snacks.

18. National Best Friend Day

Celebrate with your besties as there would be no better way. Plan a surprise for each other or do something fun and new to both of you!

19. See a live concert outdoors

If your June bucket list doesn’t include a concert, add one now. This is the best time to see a band outside.

20. Spend a day on the lake

Grab the SPF, cooler and besties and hit the lake for a day or three.

21. Visit the Zoo

Now that the weather is great and school is out, spend a day at the zoo visiting the animals and learning.

22. National Rose Day

June 12th is National Rose Day. Make sure to grab your favorite rose and enjoy with friends.

june bucket list

23. Go to a fair

One of the best things to do in June is visit a local fair. Ride the rides, play a game and don’t forget the food!!

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24. Play hopscotch

One of the easiest, cheapest and most fun games you can play for hours. Just draw a hopscotch plate on your driveway or sidewalk.

25. Weekend patio brunches

June is the best time to invite the friends and family over for weekend brunches on the patio. Show off your chef skills.

26. Use fresh produce from your garden

Remember the garden you planted inn early spring? It is starting t produce bountiful produce. Enjoy it.

27. National Bourbon Day

On June 14th celebrate with your favorite bourbon.

28. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

Whether it is a full scale mural or just doodles, let your inner kid out.

29. Join a group sport

During the summer months tons of group sports are available to keep you busy. Try something you already know or something completely new.

30. Spend a day at the beach

This June bucket list would not be complete without at least one day at the beach!

31. Visit Disney World

Whether you have kids or you are a big kid, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Disney.

32. Eat watermelon

The most summer snack: watermelon! Make sure to enjoy the sweetest melons all season long.

33. International Picnic Day

On June 18th, head to a new country and enjoy a picnic. Paris is a great place!

june bucket list

34. Father’s Day

Celebrate Dad on this day. June 19th is all about him!

35. Eat at local food trucks

Spend an evening eating from local food trucks and trying a bunch of foods. Go with friends so you can share everything and try more stuff.

36. See the sunset on a beach

You must enjoy at least one fine sunset on the beach.

37. International Yoga Day

On June 21st, make sure to spend some extra time relaxing and doing your favorite yoga classes.

38. Go canoeing

Take a day trip to go canoeing! Whether you skip work or use one of your weekends off – enjoy the June weather.

39. Watch Big Brother

The CBS favorite reality show returns with around the clock coverage – who will win the half million dollar prize!!

40. Have a water balloon fight

Would it even be a proper June without a water balloon fight?

41. Have a margarita night

Margaritas should be celebrated every month but take advantage of the sweet fruits in June!

42. National Pineapple Day

On June 27th, make all your favorite pineapple dishes!

43. Make your own popsicles

Every June bucket list should have popsicle creation on it. You can literally make any flavor you want!!

june bucket list

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