Things To Do In Italy: 50+ Bucket List Activities

Looking for things to add to your Italy bucket list? The country is an staple European bucket list destination and we have all the best things to do in Italy to help you plan your bucket list.

When it comes to travel bucket lists, Italy seems to sit on everyone’s, and with good reason! The food is sensational, the architecture is amazing and there’s a lot of historic stuff to see.

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Italy Bucket List – 50+ best attractions in Italy

1. Ride a gondola in Venice

The first thing to add to your Italy bucket list is riding a gondola in Venice! This mode of transportation may be pricey, but it’s romantic and fun AND one of the coolest things to do in Venice.

italy bucket list

2. Eat all the gelato you can

Gelato is a true staple in Italy, so you have to eat it at least once during your trip. Here’s a tip: make sure the gelato looks naturally colored, or else it’s not authentic.

3. Step back in time at the Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome is the oldest amphitheater in the city, and it’s enormous. Take a tour of it to step back in time and learn more about the city. When it comes to attractions in Rome, this is one you won’t want to skip!

4. Ride a Vespa

Instead of relying on public transportation to get around, why not rent a Vespa for a day? This can be fun, especially if the weather is nice. Plus, they’re easy to maneuver around Italy’s cobblestone streets!

5. Take a photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most iconic landmarks on this Italy bucket list. Located in Pisa, this tower can be climbed, but it’s also perfect for taking a touristy photo.

6. Eat traditional pizza

Try traditional Italian pizza during your visit to Italy! Just make sure it doesn’t have pepperoni on it, which was added by Americans.

7. Discover David at the Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is filled with tons of important art pieces, but Michelangelo’s David sculpture is the most iconic. Visit and see if you can find it!

8. Relax on the beach in Positano

One of the best places to relax in all of Italy is on the beaches in Positano. Sit back, relax, and soak up the Italian sun during your trip to Italy!

9. Find the Rialto Bridge

Located in Venice, the Rialto Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in all of the city. Not only is it historical, but it also offers some of the best views of the Grand Canal.

10. Take a cooking class

Why not learn more about traditional Italian cuisine by taking a cooking class? These are often run by locals and can provide you a behind-the-scenes look at how traditional Italian dishes like pasta are made.

11. Relax in Lake Garda

Visit one of the great towns in Lake Garda for a truly relaxing experience. A lot of the towns around here are also incredibly historic. Each town is perfect for something different, so make sure you do your research.

12. Check out Sforzesco Castle

This castle is located in Milan and is from the 15th century, so it’s incredibly historic. Stop by here to explore what was once one of the biggest of its kind on the whole continent.

13. Take a photo at Terme di Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia is one of the most breathtaking hot springs in all of Italy. They blew up online after an Instagram post and are worth visiting if you like nature.

14. Go swimming on the Amalfi Coast

Hit up the Amalfi Coast for some of the best swimming in all of Italy. Plus, the views are incredible. The Amalfi Coast is like paradise, no matter the time of year!

15. See the Pantheon

The Pantheon in Rome is a must-visit on this Italy bucket list. It’s located centrally in the city and is primarily famous for its giant hole in the ceiling and sloped floors to let water pour out.

16. Hike Mount Vesuvius

Head to Mount Vesuvius, a volcano near Naples. There are lots of hikes to do in this area, but do them with a tour guide to be safe.

17. See the homes in Puglia

Take a trip to Puglia and spend the night in one of their traditional houses! Called Trulli, these homes are a conventional form of architecture in this area of the country.

18. Take the cable car to the top of Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi is a beautiful Alpine meadow in Italy that’s often overlooked. Hop on the cable car to get to it and take in the breathtaking views.

19. Learn about Parma’s history

Parma is a city in Italy that is the country’s version of a college town, but it’s filled with history. Be sure to visit some of the top attractions, especially the city’s museums.

20. Go inside St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice is an absolute must-visit. It’s located right along St. Mark’s Square and is a fantastic piece of architecture that just has to be explored by anyone visiting the city.

21. Go skiing in the Dolomites

Yes, you can go skiing in the Dolomites, just like you can go hiking! If you’re a well-trained skier, this is the perfect thing for you to add to your Italy bucket list.

22. Throw coins into the Trevi Fountain

Stop by the Trevi Fountain in Rome, which just might be one of the most well-known landmarks on this Italy bucket list. Make sure you throw coins into it using the correct hand!

italy bucket list

23. Visit Verona and see Juliet’s balcony

Visit Verona to see Juliet’s balcony from William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo & Juliet. While you’re there, consider leaving a letter for Juliet using the nearby wall.

24. Go on a road trip

One of the best ways to experience Italy is to go on a road trip. Rent a car and see what parts of Italy you can explore on your own, or with your friends!

25. Tour Mount Etna

Another volcano in Italy worth visiting is Mount Etna. It’s still active, but you can go and tour the area with a local guide to learn more about it.

26. Spend a day in Vatican City

While technically not in Italy, Vatican City is one place you should visit if you have the time. It’s home to some truly incredible landmarks and some of the most famous artworks in the entire world.

italy bucket list

27. Take a boat tour in the Mediterranean

To truly explore the Mediterranean Sea and Italy’s coast, consider going on a boat tour. These can be cheap if you go on one meant for tourists, but you can also go on more costly tours with fewer people if you’d like.

28. Try pesto in Cinque Terre

The area near Cinque Terre is where pesto was created, so there’s no better place to try it! Stop by a local restaurant and grab some handmade noodles with pesto to try it out while watching the waves.

29. Visit Capri and its stunning blue waters

Capri is a beautiful island in Italy that truly feels like paradise. It’s filled with great shops, hotels, restaurants and is home to the Blue Grotto.

30. Try a wine from a local vineyard

Italy is home to tons of vineyards, especially in the famous Tuscany region. Either go on a day trip to explore these vineyards up close, or consider booking a tour!

31. Explore Sardinia

Visit Sardinia, another one of Italy’s islands. This one is a bit bigger but is the perfect place for outdoor adventures. It has excellent hiking trails and even more beautiful beaches.

32. Attend Carnevale in Venice

Carnevale is an annual festival held in Venice each year that you won’t want to miss out on. Consider attending in February to learn more about Venice’s culture!

33. Visit the Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is one of the most visited archaeological sites on this Italy bucket list. It’s a piece of Greek architecture that will take your breath away.

34. Experience paradise in Cefalu

Visit Cefalu to experience paradise in person. Dating back hundreds of years, this city is located right along the water and is filled with fun beaches and other attractions.

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35. Rent a bike and explore

Truthfully, a lot of Italy is best explored without much of a plan. Consider renting a bike to explore whatever area of Italy you plan on visiting to see what you might stumble upon and find.

36. Ride a speed train

One of the best ways to get around Italy is by their speed trains! If you’re visiting more than one place in the country, be sure to book your ticket on one for an enjoyable experience.

37. Discover Zingaro National Park

Zingaro National Park, located in Sicily, is a great place to explore if you love the outdoors. You can go hiking, adventuring, and more.

38. Take a photo at the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are an iconic landmark on this Italy bucket list. Located in Rome, these steps used to be a famous meeting place and are now a popular photo spot.

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39. Shop at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Take a visit to these galleries in Milan if you need to get some shopping done. It’s the oldest gallery of its kind in Italy and is right in the town’s center.

40. Visit Umbria and take in the view

Stop in Umbria for a more underrated place to visit on this Italy bucket list. It’s right next to Tuscany and is most well known for its rolling hills and greenery, as well as its medieval history.

41. Climb to the top of the Duomo

Located in Florence, the Duomo is one of the most well-known church structures in all of Italy. Take a climb to the top of it for some seriously rewarding views of Florence from above.

42. Hike in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are the most famous stretch of mountains in Italy. They’re in the northern part of the country and are filled with hikes in various experience levels.

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43. Spend a day in Siena

Head to Siena, Italy, located in Tuscany, and just explore the town for the day. This town dates back to medieval times and has beautiful architecture. Be sure to stop by Piazza del Campo.

44. Go truffle hunting with a local

Did you know that Italy is known for its truffles? It’s true! Consider booking a tour with a local and their dog to go truffle hunting to see how it’s done.

45. Visit the Duomo di Milano

This iconic church in Milan is one of the most elegant churches in the entire country. If you visit, be sure to bring your camera, because you’ll want to capture every moment.

46. Spend a day exploring Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is made up of five villages, each filled with bright and colorful houses. Spend a day here to feel like you’re truly in paradise.

47. Relax and explore Lake Como

Another must-visit lake in Italy is Lake Como, which is also surrounded by great towns and villages worth exploring. Be sure to find one that is perfect for the type of traveling you like to do.

48. Wander the catacombs

The catacombs in Rome are one of the more underrated places to visit in the country. They’re located under a church, and nobody quite knows why they are there.

49. Have fun at Gardaland

For some fun amusement rides, head to Gardaland. This theme park is filled with fun rides that will keep families with younger children busy all day.

50. Learn about glass blowing in Murano

A short and easy day trip from Venice is Murano! This colorful island is most well known for its glass blowing. Visit the glass blowing museum, attend a workshop, and see what you might learn.

51. Watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangeo

One of the best viewpoints in Florence is from Piazzale Michelangelo. Unlike the Duomo, you can take public transportation up to this viewpoint and settle in to watch the sunset over the city.

52. Marvel at Pienza

Pienza is a small town in Tuscany that is known for its sweeping hills and breathtaking historic churches and palaces. This is the perfect place to visit and explore.

53. Find Da Vinci’s The Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper is his most famous piece of art. The mural can be found inside the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, located in Milan.

54. Explore the colorful buildings of Burano

Similar to Murano, Burano is another short and easy day trip from Venice. It’s most famous for its bright and colorful houses that belonged to fishermen, and they also have great seafood restaurants.

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