December Bucket List Ideas To Keep The Month Fun Everyday

Looking for the things to add to your December bucket list? This comprehensive list has tons of fun stuff to keep you busy all month long! December is a very active month for the year.

You have your holiday bucket list, Christmas bucket list, winter bucket list, New Years Eve bucket list, and so much more! Since December is one of the most active months out of the year with holidays and celebrations, it is easy to consistently have stuff to do.

So whether you are looking for easy everyday stuff that can be done at home for fun or want to galivant halfway around the world for an adventure, we have you covered.

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december bucket list

Ultimate December Bucket List

1. Build a snowman

If your December bucket list doesn’t include building a snowman, add it now! There is no age limit on fun. Grab the carrots and coal and get to work.

2. Celebrate #NationalCookieDay

If you love cookies, this is your day. Celebrated on December 4th, make sure and make or eat your favorite cookies ever! You can share them on social media with #nationalcookieday and join the conversation around other cookie lovers.

3. Visit a Christmas market

If you want to also cross things of your European bucket list, this is the time to do it. Europe has some of the best Christmas markets in the world. Some of the best ones can be found in Tallinn, Estonia, various markets in Germany and Prague.

4. Host a holiday dinner

Whatever you celebrate, throw a themed dinner around it. If you have family and friends with different beliefs and celebrations, make this a dinner of understanding and allow everyone to share what they celebrate, why and the history.

This is a great way to get to know people better.

december bucket list

5. Get a show stopping outfit for New Years Eve

New Year, new you. Might as well walk into the New Year looking like a million bucks, right?

6. Photos with Santa

The ultimate December bucket list check: the fun photo with Santa. The best part of this experience is you never know how your kids will react. The younger ones tend to cry and it makes the cutest photos.

7. Make hot chocolate

One of the tastiest beverages in December is of course, hot chocolate! Make it homemade if you are feeling fancy and decorate your snowman or add chocolate shavings.

december bucket list

8. Winter camping

Summer camping is fun, but winter camping is next level. You don’t have to sleep in the snow directly, but building a fire and sleeping in a tent next to it is exciting. You can cross this off your camping bucket list.

9. Go skiing

The snow is starting to fall and the mountains are calling. December is a great time to visit Aspen and cross that off your USA bucket list.

10. Visit Antarctica

Wanting to plan to the most epic travel bucket list trip? December is the best time to head to Antarctica. You can easily take a cruise down through Drake’s Passage and be among the wildlife and glaciers.

december bucket list

11. Enjoy a hot bath and a book

Treat yourself! It’s probably cold outside and nothing is more soothing than a hot bath and a good book. Light a candle and grab the wine, if you please.

12. Decorate for the holidays

Whatever you celebrate, decorate your place as festive as you can for the month of December and enjoy the festivities.

13. Eat your favorites on #NationalBaconDay

No December bucket list would be complete without enjoying National bacon Day! Make your favorite bacon items or go all out and find something crazy and new. December 30th is the official day for 2021, so plan ahead.

14. Sing Christmas carols

Gather up friends or neighbors and walk around singing carols. It’s ok if you aren’t a great singer as everyone’s voices will blend.

15. Get an advent calendar

Love a good countdown to Christmas? Get a fun advent calendar and get a prize everyday as the countdown begins.

16. Have breakfast in bed

This December, take time for slower moments. Enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed. Watch some holiday movies too, if you feel up to it.

17. See a play or show

December is the month of plays and shows and there is no shortage. See the Nutcracker, Rockettes, A Christmas Carol, and so much more. Look around at high schools, theaters and event halls for listings.

18. Holiday movie marathons

Make sure to add a holiday movie marathon to your December bucket list. Make a list of all your favorites and make sure to watch them.. in addition to all the new ones that come out.

19. Decorate cookies

Holiday cookies are some of the most festive and delicious. Take this time to make your own. And don’t forget to share the wealth with Santa.

december bucket list

20. Volunteer or give back

The holiday season is a time when many need help who are without homes or don’t have the finances for their families. Consider donating your time and/or money to help. It is greatly appreciated.

21. Spend quality time with family or friends

With the holidays here, December is a great time to spend that quality time with family and friends. Seems the year is so busy with day to day life, now is a great time to slow it down and enjoy your time.

22. Send out fun holiday cards

Whether you all coordinate outfits, dress whacky or do a beautiful family portrait, friends and family will love it.

23. Make a gingerbread house

While these don’t taste great, they sure are fun to make. Make sure to get all the candies to decorate with.

24. Go to an ugly Christmas sweater party

If your December bucket list doesn’t include an ugly Christmas sweater party, add it now. These are some of the best parties and super creative. People go al out creating their own ugly sweaters and you will be surprised!

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25. See the ball drop in New York on New Years Eve

An iconic New Years Eve, and one you have probably watched on TV for years, the ball drop in Times Square at midnight in New York. Go see it for yourself!!

december bucket list

26. Get a peppermint latte

Peppermint lattes to December are what pumpkin spice lattes are to September. You just do it and it’s delicious.

27. Dress your dog up in a fun costume

Not so surprisingly, there are holiday costumes for dogs. You could dress Fido up as Santa, an elf or whatever else you find. You could even do a fun photoshoot with Santa or at home. Add it to your dog bucket list.

28. See the Northern Lights

December is one of the best months to see the Northern Lights. You could visit Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and other northern destinations that have the chance of seeing them.

Iceland is one of the most magical places to see the Northern Lights.

december bucket list

29. Celebrate the first day of winter

Even though the first day of winter starts after it has already snowed and it is almost Christmas, celebrate anyway! Winter can be dreary with dark days and cold weather, so finding anything to celebrate is a win.

30. Make a holiday playlist

Your December bucket list should have a holiday playlist of some sort. Even if you don’t want to make one, there are plenty of stations that play the most popular songs throughout the years for the entire month.

31. Host a white elephant party

Everyone has something in their house they do not want, including gifts someone has given you in the past. Host a white elephant gift party and get rid of those items. This is a fun way to not spend money and have a good laugh with family or friends.

32. See a tree lighting

Two of the best tree lights in the USA are in New York and Washington, D.C.

33. Have a staycation and see local decorations

Most of the time we try and leave our area for far flung destinations. This December, plan a staycation and see what your own city truly has to offer. You just might find your next tradition you didn’t know was waiting for you.

34. Watch all the Hallmark movies

The new Hallmark movies seem to come out earlier and earlier each year, starting in November. You can start in December if you don’t have time or record them and go back and watch them.

35. Have a snowball fight

Gather the crew and get outside, because it’s showtime. Doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 40. Snowball fights are fun at every age.

december bucket list

36. Have an at home spa day

Your skin tends to get drier in December. so treat it. You do not need to go to an expensive spa. Make everything at home or get stuff from your local drug store. Invite a few friends for fun.

37. Write a letter to Santa

This time old tradition is so fun for the kids. Let them write a letter and then help them mail them out.

38. Go ice skating

Now that the weather is cooler and ice skating rinks are open outside, elevate your December bucket list with a trip to the rink.

39. Snuggle up by the fire

Baby, its cold outside! Snuggle up by the fire and have a drink of choice.

december bucket list

40. Take a tropical vacation

While December lends itself to cold weather, now is a great time to escape to warmer climates. Looking for something absolutely beautiful? Check out Bora Bora! This will be the ultimate December bucket list check.

december bucket list


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