Things To Do in Bali: The Ultimate Bali Bucket List

Looking to spice up your Bali bucket list? When it comes to things to do in Bali, we have you covered. This Indonesian island is popular for expats and remote workers because the cost of living is so low compared to western countries and because of how beautiful it is. In fact, Bali is a top travel bucket list destination!

Sure, you have seen the Instagram photos for years, bursting with magic of how incredible this island is. We gathered what we think are the BEST Bali bucket list items so you can get the most out of your trip.

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Ultimate Bali Bucket List: Things To Do In Bali

1. Stay at the Hanging Gardens of Bali

Easily one of the most famous pools on the island because it looks as if both pools are suspended in the jungle. Staying a night or two here should be on your Bali bucket list if you are planning to be in Ubud and want to splurge on a luxury stay.

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2. See Uluwatu Temple

Considered to be one of the most spectacular temples on the island, Uluwatu Temple is set high above the water and simply stunning. Check it out during sunset for a more magical experience.

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3. Visit the Monkey Forest

Located in Ubud and a tourist favorite, this is hands down one of the best things to to in Bali. However, visitor beware. The monkeys look cute and friendly but they will aggressively take anything you have. So come empty handed and do not bring food to feed them. Just admire them from a distance.

*People have had their phones and items from their pockets taken as well. Just keep an eye on your stuff.*

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4. Get a floating breakfast

If your Bali bucket list doesn’t include a floating breakfast, did you even go? Floating breakfast is synonymous with Bali and nearly every hotel and resort has some version of it to offer their guests.

While this is really just a photo opportunity, plan in advance how you want to take your photos because the food will get cold fast and no one wants a hot breakfast.

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5. Tanah Lot Temple

This is one of the most popular photography spots for photographers around the world. Temple Pura Tanah Lot sits here and is one of the most popular Hindu shrines.

Be respectful when you visit.

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6. Handara Gate

Anyone who has been to Bali the last couple years has taken a photo here, putting their own personal spin on it. Truth be told, this is the entrance to a golf course and people stand outside offering to take photos.

Some of the more unique photos that fool people once they arrive, is that fact that there is not water here. The locals who take photos use a mirror to create the water and reflection effect for the photo.

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7. Drink a Bintang

Indonesian beer Bintang is found all over the island and for a good price. If you stay in a resort or villa that does complimentary minibar stocks, you will most likely find this in a can.

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8. Eat mie goreng

This local dish is a must try when visiting Bali. Simply put, this is a spicy fried noodle dish, typically a street food, but you will find it in restaurants and resorts.

9. Shop and dine at Kynd Community

Kynd may be the most photographed restaurant in all of Bali. The pink backdrop wall with the words “another day in paradise” paired with all their yummy food, sends people running to visit.

10. Nusa Penida

Technically Nusa Penida is not in Bali proper, but most people take the ferry and just visit for the day. Kelingking, the t-rex shaped formation sticking out into the water, is the reason many visit this destination. It’s truly remarkable seeing the extension into the water and azure waters below.

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11. Practice yoga

Bali is a hotspot for yogis. So whether you are an advanced practice of yoga or brand new, there is a class for everyone, pretty much anytime of the day. If you really love yoga, there is never a shortage of yoga retreats by many companies that you can join.

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12. See the sunset at the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

There is a lot of great places to see the sunset, but arguably the Rock Bar is a top 10! If your Bali bucket list doesn’t already have it on it, add it. Go for the drinks, stay for the view.

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13. Party at Finn’s Beach Club

A lot of younger people flock to the island of Bali and that has made places like Finn’s Beach Club wildly popular. This is a great way to meet people and have a fun/relaxing day.

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14. Get a photo on a jungle swing

We would be lying if we didn’t add this to your Bali bucket list as a top thing to do. What you don’t see is the platform below. You won’t just be flying high in the jungle, it is a small swing and there is usually a very long line of people waiting to pay to get the same shot.

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15. Lake Beratan

The most famous part of the lake is the temple, which appears to be floating. Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is visually stunning, especially during the sunrise and sunset.

16. Get a flower bath drawn for you

We are pretty sure the flower baths and pools started in Bali. If you ask your resort if they can arrange it for you, then you can enjoy it on your own. This is also common at spas as an add on.

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17. Munduk Waterfalls

The trail is relatively easy to see the three falls, but areas not kept up. Make sure you are in good physical condition before venturing out. Some say it has taken them three hours and others say six hours. This will largely depend on your pace of walk and how long you spend at each fall.

18. Have a spa day or two

We don’t want to lie to you, spa services in Bali are CHEAP! Not at the resorts though. You need to visit independent spas and look at their prices. From experience, you can get a 60 minute massage for about $5US. Just remember to tip very well. That is a lot of work for an hour.

19. Surf in Canguu

Whether you are an advance surfer or brand new, these blue waters await your arrival. You can find instructors all over the area, eager to teach you if you want a lesson.

20. Take a cooking class

What better way to get acquainted with Indonesian cooking than to take a cooking class! This is one of the best things to do in Bali if you love food and want to take a skill home with you.

21. Walk the Tegalalang Rice Terrace

This Bali bucket list activity is what dreams are made of. Located in Ubud, the Tegalalang Rice Terrace is this beautiful site of cascading rice paddies that you just have to maze through in person. No photo will do this place justice.

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22. Eat all the smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls should be the official dish in Bali. No one goes to Bali and doesn’t share their beautiful smoothie bowls all over the internet. It is just what you do.

But the good news: Bali is very vegan friendly, which is why this dish is so popular.

23. Get a private pool villa

Bali has no shortage of private villas and estates with pools. Some are massive with large numbers of bedrooms, chefs and maids for very cheap. Often you can find a place for a week with multiple people for under $500.

24. Get a photo in the famous Gili Islands

Gili was/is famous for so long with this iconic sunset shot. In the early days of people using social media to share their travels, this was the place to be. Anyone who went to the island, got this shot.

It is still iconic, even with age.

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25. Snorkel with manta rays

Located in Nusa Penida, your Bali bucket list should definitely include snorkeling with these majestic creatures.

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26. Rent a moped to see the island

There is a lot of traffic in Bali. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, which is why a lot of people just rent a scooter or moped. This is by far the easiest way to see the island.

27. Shopping in the Ubud market

If you are in Ubud, this is where you will want to come shopping for local items. You can get souvenirs and local handicrafts to take home with you as a memory from your trip.

28. Enjoy the natural hot springs, Air Panas

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29. Get a photo on the tree house at Atuh Beach

Located in Nusa Penida, this tree house is famous for photos but you can also rent it out and stay the night.

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The nice thing about Bali is that you can go as budget friendly as you want or as luxe as you want, and it is not hard to find an Airbnb that offers luxury villas for very good price points.




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