100+ Simple Bucket List Ideas That Anyone Can Do

If you are looking for simple bucket list ideas for your own list, look no further. We have compiled over 100+ things you can add to your bucket list.

The great thing about bucket lists is that they can be as easy or as hard as you want them. Often people get the notion that a bucket list has to be all crazy items like jumping from a plane. But simple bucket list ideas such as “watching the sunset as often as possible” are not only free and easy, but good for your soul.

simple bucket list ideas

Simple Bucket List Ideas

Watch the sunset as often as possible

Go to a festival


Join a book club

Donate items in your house that you are not using


Do a juice cleanse

As part of your fall bucket list, go leaf peeping to see the colors changing

Host brunch at your home

Take a free online class and learn something new

Finish a 500+ piece puzzle on your own

Get up early for sunrises

simple bucket list ideas

Learn photography – even if it is on your phone

Have game nights with friends or family

Get a pen pal

Start a new hobby

Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen window to cook with

Make a cookbook

Practice random acts of kindness and pay for the order of the person behind you

Make your own scarf

Have your own spa days at home

Donate blood

Rent a convertible and drive somewhere beautiful

simple bucket list ideas

Live abroad

Redecorate a room in your home on your own

Get your dream job

Spend 24 hours without your phone

Take a pottery class and make something to bring home

Write and publish an e-book

Randomly show up at the airport and buy the next flight

simple bucket list ideas

Do staycations and get to know your city better

Host a dinner party

Dye your hair a new color

Decorate your home for a holiday of choice and go all out

Get a library card

Do a Christmas cookie exchange with friends/family/co-workers

Make an incredible resume – you can use Canva for free

Start a skincare routine

Make a mixed CD of your favorites

Attend a high school reunion

Create a budget and start a savings

Facetime or Skype distant friends and relatives regularly

Make your own coffee or sugar scrub

Join a club

Binge watch an entire show

Cook new dishes

Clean out your email inbox and organize

Splurge on a designer item you had your eye on

Create a photo book

Host a Super Bowl party

Hand write letters to friends and family

Take a road trip

road trip

Try new restaurants in your area

Name a star for someone

Adopt a pet

Organize your junk drawer

Go to the local state or county fair

Start a walking club in your area

Take a new workout class

Start a gratitude journal

Set goals for immediate and 5-10 years

Build a garden in your back yard

Watch TED Talks each morning before work

Take classes or continuing education in your career to advance and get promoted

See a favorite band live in concert


Try new wines from around the world and document them

Spend more time with your family

Help build a parade float/ride on a float

Create a scrapbook

For Halloween make your own costume

Take funny photos for holiday cards and send them to family and friends

Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party

Binge watch all the best movies from your lifetime

Read all the best books on the 20th Century list

Do a Color Run

simple bucket list ideas

Spend a day on a boat

Go to a football game

Visit a Christmas market and drink mulled wine and shop

Teach a class

Clear your phone of clutter – phone numbers, pictures, texts, apps …

Host a murder mystery dinner

Watch all the new Hallmark Christmas movies for that year

Take a first aid course

Try an internet trend, like the crazy recipes you find on TikTok

Stay in on a rainy day with a cup of tea, cozy blanket and good book

Make a family tree

Get a tattoo

Visit a National Park on your USA bucket list 


Learn a new language

Host a yard sale

Do a social media detox

Take a cooking class

Learn about and save for retirement

Make a plan to advance in your career

Create good habits

Learn to make charcuterie boards – your own way!

simple bucket list ideas

Get all the seasonal fun items at Trader Joe’s

Go stargazing

Date a lot of people to find your person

Take college classes about something you know nothing about

Go camping and build a bonfire

Spend a day in bed being lazy

Buy a new outfit that makes you feel good

Watch documentaries about things you are not well versed in

See a Broadway show

Learn to play an instrument

Start a business

Have a slow morning with breakfast in bed

Take a trip with your best friend

simple bucket list ideas


Pin for Pinterest

simple bucket list ideas


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