Places To Visit In Madrid: Ultimate Bucket List

Looking for the best Madrid bucket list items? Look no further! This Spanish city is thriving with things to keep you busy and explore during your trip.

Madrid is one of the most visited cities in Spain and a top European bucket list destination. Whether you want to explore the stunning architecture, eat your way through the city or learn about the history – there is something for everyone in Madrid.

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madrid bucket list

Ultimate Madrid Bucket List

1. Shop at the El Rastro Flea Market

Head to the El Rastro Flea Market to do some shopping! It’s held on Sundays and is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, clothes, or even some fresh produce.

2. Find the statues in Plaza de España

Plaza de España is a massive square in the middle of Madrid near Gran Via. It’s filled with a few great statues, including the Monumento Cervantes.

3. Catch the sunset at Templo de Debod

The best place to catch the sunset on this Madrid bucket list is at the Templo de Debod. This temple was built in 200 BC and is right in the center of Madrid!

4. Attend Mad Cool Music Festival

If you’re a music fan, you have to go to Mad Cool Music Festival! This music festival happens annually and started in 2016. It focuses on showcasing pop and indie artists.

5. Ride the Strawberry Train

The Strawberry Train in Madrid is one of the most underrated tourist attractions! Visitors can ride on a 19th-century railroad around the area while inside of an old traditional train.

6. Lookout from the observation deck at Faro de Moncloa

Go to the top of Faro de Moncloa to get one of the best views of Madrid! It stands at 302 feet tall, and you can look out and see so much of the city.

7. Learn at the Sorolla Museum

At the Sorolla Museum, you can learn about the famous artist Joaquín Sorolla. What was once the artist’s home has since turned into a place to showcase all of his best works.

8. Walk around the Real Jardín Botánico

The Real Jardín Botánico is a beautiful botanical garden near the Prado Museum. This is a great place to walk around and explore!

madrid bucket list

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9. Visit Cendo de Arte Reina Sofia

Cendo de Arte Reina Sofia is a museum featuring art from the 20th century. It’s one of the national museums of Spain.

10. Watch the sunrise at Las Ventas

For a great sunrise view on this Madrid bucket list, head to Las Ventas! This historic bullfighting ring has a beautiful sunrise, and not many people will head here to catch it.

madrid bucket list

11. Relax at El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park is a huge green space filled with ponds and walking paths in the middle of Madrid. You can relax here, go on a walk, or even have a picnic.

12. Shop at the Mercado de San Miguel

The Mercado de San Miguel is a 20th-century market that is a true architectural marvel. The inside is filled with vendors selling everything from delicious food to fun souvenirs to take home with you.

13. Check out the art at the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is filled with exhibits featuring some of the best art in Spain’s collections, and it’s one of Madrid’s most-visited museums! The building itself is also a great example of Spain’s Neoclassical architecture.

14. Have fun at Parque Warner Madrid

For a fun day out, head to the Parque Warner Madrid! This theme park is part of Six Flags and is filled with tons of great amusement rides that will keep you entertained for hours.

15. Walk around Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s public squares located in the center of the old town. It’s super fun to just walk around this area and see what you might find.

madrid bucket list

16. Discover the Fountain of the Fallen Angel

The Fountain of the Fallen Angel is famous in El Retiro Park. It was created by Ricardo Bellver and is one fountain that you won’t want to miss on this Madrid bucket list.

17. Shop on Calle de Fuencarral

Calle de Fuencarral is the most popular place to go shopping in Madrid. This street is lined with tons of galleries, shops, and restaurants and is perfectly walkable!

18. Attend a salsa class

Salsa is one of Spain’s top types of dance, so why not learn to do it by attending a class? This can be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the culture and will take only a few hours.

19. Take in the view from Circulo Bellas Artes

The Circulo Bellas Artes is a non-profit organization and cultural center that has the most fantastic rooftop. From the roof of the building, you can get a beautiful view of Madrid!

20. Take a photo at Kilometer Zero

Kilometer Zero is one of the more unique landmarks on this Madrid bucket list. It marks the center of Spain, so it’s the perfect photo spot.

21. Find the turtles at Atocha Train Station

While you may think there’s nothing to see at a train station, think again. Atocha Train Station has a habitat inside where you can find a whole bunch of little turtles.

22. Check out the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Madrid is where the Spanish royal family used to live in the city. Today, it’s been transformed into a famous administrative building where many events are held! It’s open for tours to visitors.

23. Attend a football game

Football (soccer to Americans) is the most popular sport in Spain! Get involved with the local sports culture by attending a Real Madrid CF game. You’ll love football by the end of it.

24. Go inside Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace in Madrid is located inside El Retiro Park. It’s a huge greenhouse-type building made almost entirely out of glass. It’s one of the best spots for a photo op in the whole city!

madrid bucket list

25. Wander around Plaza de Isabel II

Plaza de Isabel II is a square with tons of history. It’s a great area to wander around and see what sort of hidden gems you may find.

26. Stroll Gran Via and shop

Gran Via is the main street filled with all the best shops in Madrid. Even if you don’t have to do any shopping, it’s fun just to walk the road and window shop. Maybe you’ll even meet some locals!

27. Check out the sculptures at Juan Carlos I Park

Juan Carlos I Park is an ample green space that’s most well known for its exciting sculptures that are incredibly modern. It has a river flowing through it that only adds to the scenery.

28. Have tapas

If you’re a food fan, you’ll want to try tapas, one of the must-dos on this Madrid bucket list. Tapas are Spanish appetizers and can range from traditional croquettes to charcuterie boards.

29. Visit the Real Basilica of Saint Francis the Great

The Real Basilica of Saint Francis the Great is a beautiful Roman Catholic church near the Plaza of San Francisco. It impressively features a huge dome that you won’t want to miss.

30. Catch an opera performance at Teatro Real

The Teatro Real is the main opera house of Madrid that was created in 1818. The inside is truly breathtaking. Try to see a show here for an unforgettable experience.

31. Discover Puerta de Alcala

This historic gate is one of the oldest landmarks on this Madrid bucket list. It was part of the Walls of Philip IV and is architecturally gorgeous. There’s also a beautiful green space in front of it!

32. Have at a meal at Resturante Sobrino de Botin

Sobrino de Botin is a luxurious restaurant in Madrid that also doubles as the oldest restaurant in the entire world. It’s even been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records!

33. Attend a flamenco performance

Like salsa, flamenco is another important cultural Spanish dance. Have a fun night out by attending a flamenco performance.

34. Marvel at the Almudena Cathedral

The Almudena Cathedral is a large Catholic church that will genuinely impress you. It’s Madrid’s main church and is filled with beautiful details.

35. People watch in Plaza Callao

You’ll find Plaza Callao in the very middle of Madrid. This is an excellent spot for people-watching, and often is where you’ll find a lot of fun street performers.

36. Stroll Paseo del Prado

Walk Paseo del Prado to walk past some of the most important landmarks in Madrid. This street is the perfect place for an early morning or afternoon stroll.

37. Try churros con chocolate

Churros con chocolate is exactly what you think it is: warm churros served with a side of thick chocolate for dipping. Head to Chocolatería San Ginés to try it out for yourself!

38. Walk around Sabatini Garden

Sabatini Garden is the garden in front of the Royal Palace. The park is filled with magnificent trees, plants, and even fountains.

39. Stand in awe at the Metropolis Building

The Metropolis Building is one of the most magnificent architectural buildings in the city. It’s an office building with an incredible statue on top.

madrid bucket list

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40. Bike Madrid Rio Park

Madrid Rio Park is most well known for its trails, so this is the perfect place to exercise and bike throughout the park! Events are also often held here.

41. Take an Arabian Bath

Have an Arabian bath while visiting Madrid at one of the wellness centers! The top place to do this is at Hammam Al Ándalus Madrid, where you can also get essential oil massages.

42. Have a calming afternoon at Campo del Moro

Campo del Moro is a big green space and garden with walking paths. It’s completely free to visit and is also near the Sabatini Garden.

43. Gaze at Cybele Palace

Cybele Palace is where the Madrid City Council Meets and doubles as a city’s cultural center. It’s beautiful on the outside and will take your breath away!

44. Ride the cable car

Take a ride on the Madrid Cable Car that runs between Casa de Campo and Parque del Oeste! With great views of the Madrid skyline, this is one Madrid bucket list item you can’t miss out on.

45. Wander around El Capricho Park

If you can’t tell by now, Madrid is filled with must-visit parks! El Capricho Park is no exception; it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid and has walking paths and monuments throughout.

46. Kayak at Casa de Campo Lake

For a great way to spend the afternoon, head to Casa de Campo Lake. You can rent a kayak or another type of boat and go out on the water!

madrid bucket list

47. Take a photo at Cibeles Fountain

Cibeles Fountain is one of the most important fountains in Madrid. It’s a Neoclassical fountain featuring Cybele!

48. Go to a cooking class

Calling all foodies! Add attending a cooking class to your Madrid bucket list. This is the ideal way to learn more about Spanish cuisine from a local.

49. Marvel at the Gate of the Sun

The Gate of the Sun is one of Madrid’s busiest areas. It’s a public square that is always bustling, no matter the time of day. It’s also surrounded by incredible buildings, fountains, and restaurants!

50. Enjoy a night on Calle Cava Baja

The best place for nightlife in Madrid is Calle Cava Baja, a street filled with restaurants, tapas, and bars!

51. Explore Barrio de las Letras

This neighborhood is known for its hipster vibes and literary history. A lot of Spain’s most famous writers lived in this area, so it’s worth exploring.

52. See the beauty of the Church of Santa Theresa and San Joseph

Head to the Church of Santa Teresa and San Joseph for a unique chapel. You can’t help but see it on the street because it stands out from the other buildings!

53. Be a bibliophile at the National Library of Spain

The National Library of Spain should be on every Madrid bucket list! It’s the largest library in the country and is filled with tons of books.

54. Learn at the Museum of the Americas

Learn all about the Americas while visiting Madrid at this museum. It features exhibits and artifacts dating back thousands of years!

55. Find Neptune Fountain

The Neptune Fountain is in the middle of a roundabout in Madrid but is one of the city’s most iconic fountains. At the center of it is none other than Neptune!

madrid bucket list

56. Marvel at masterpieces at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

This museum is said to be one of Madrid’s most important. It features tons of art, and you can genuinely spend a few hours to a whole day here exploring.

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