Paris Bucket List: The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Paris

If you are looking for the most epic things to add to your Paris bucket list, you have come to the right place. Paris graces nearly every European bucket list and travel bucket list, and for good reason. Simply put, the City of Lights is magical.

When it comes to things to do in Paris, you could visit the city for months and not run out of ideas. Although that is not an option for many, so we broke down the must do’s in Paris to make sure you get the most from your trip.

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Ultimate Paris Bucket List

1. See the Eiffel Tower during the Cherry Blossoms

One thing you must see in Paris is the cherry blossoms around the Eiffel Tower. This does require a trip in the spring but you can also cross it off your spring bucket list!

2. Stroll the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles

Atop every Paris bucket list is the chance to visit the Palace of Versailles. With all its grandeur, you won’t want to miss this extraordinary destination. The gardens alone are 1976 ACRES in size.

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3. See a show at Moulin Rouge

Don’t miss an opportunity to see this Cabaret while visiting as this is a Paris must do! The Moulin Rouge first opened its doors in 1889. It is an icon in the city.

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4. Try traditional French food

By traditional, we do not mean French fries and French toast. In fact, neither originated in France. Some common French dishes that you should not miss include: ratatouille, quiche, crème brulee,  or even beef bourguignon.

If you love Julia Child, definitely find the best French food in town and enjoy. You can fully understand her love for the French cuisine.

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5. Visit Saint Chapelle

When it comes to the Paris bucket list, seeing the 13th century stained glass inside Saint Chapelle is a top contender. It’s rather exquisite. There is nothing quite like it. The chapel opened in 1248 and remains opened today to visitors.

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6. Be a kid at Disney Paris

If you have kids or you are a kid at heart, one of the absolute Paris must dos is to visit Disney!! If you love Disney elsewhere around the globe, then you know you have to go. You can check this off your family bucket list at the same time.

paris bucket list

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7. Walk across Ponte Alexandre III

If your Paris bucket list doesn’t have “walking across the Seine” on it, this is where to do it. Maybe one of the most famous bridges in the city, you won’t want to miss a chance to not only walk across it, but see the city and the river from a different perspective.

8. Watch sunset along the Seine

While the city of lights is magical from all vantage points, there’s that little something extra about seeing it on a boat along the Seine River.

9. See the Christmas décor at Galeries Lafayette

You have not experienced excess until you visit Galeries Lafayette during the holiday. You can visit and check this off your Christmas or holiday bucket list at the same time.

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10. Have a picnic lush with baguettes and macarons

Is having a romantic picnic on your couples bucket list? Then look no further than having one in Paris! Grab some baguettes and macarons and celebrate your love.

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11. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

You may have to wait in line to see this small portrait but it is a quintessential Paris experience. One simply doesn’t come to Paris and not wait to see the Mona Lisa!

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12. Drink coffee at a street café and people watch

One of the most underrated activities in Paris is just sitting at an outside café with your coffee, people watching. Don’t underestimate the thrill here.

13. Walk the Champs Elysees

This beautiful stretch in Paris is worth the walk. Even more spectacular at night when the sunset lights up the city. Don’t forget to pack walking shoes.

14. Take a spooky tour of the catacombs

So this may seem creepy but if you are into it, we highly recommend a tour.

15. Eat your weight in eclairs

You cannot walk a foot in Paris without smelling delicious pastries. Eclairs are widely popular in the city and made a variety of ways. Go crazy – try them all!

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16. See the Wall of Love

Do you love, love? Stop by the wall of love for a glance or a photo opp.

17. Take in an opera at the Palais Garnier

Maybe one of the most visually stunning places in all of Paris, don’t miss an opportunity to take in an Opera at the Palais Garnier.

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18. Musee d’Orsay

The famous clock view is a top Paris bucket list photo that people seek when visiting the city. In person, it is massive. Make sure to go early if you want to get a photo with no one else in the way or have to wait for people to move.

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19. Walk through Rue Crémieux

This street is blocked off to motor vehicles and people do live here. While it is incredible beautiful, we highly recommend getting in and out quickly and not disturbing those who live there. Be very respectful of the residents.

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20. Visit Monmartre

Hands down the best neighborhood in Paris. You could get endlessly lost in the cobblestone streets, cute cafes, browsing the art of local artisans, seeing amazing views over the city, and eating fantastic food.

21. Eat a crepe

Crepes are common in Paris. You will see food vendors selling them outside all over the place and they only take a minute to make. Do be sure to try at least one.

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22. See Paris from the Eiffel Tower

You can see the Eiffle Tower from different vantage points and hours throughout the day.. But for a more unique perspective, go to the top or dine at the top.

23. Take in the view from Montparnasse Tower

One would argue this is by far the best view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower.

24. Find the best macaron in the city

If your foodie bucket list doesn’t include finding the best of the best macarons in Paris, you need to add it to your list. These light and airy French pastries are worth every bite.

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25. Visit Sacre-Coeur

The walk up is definitely a workout but the view from the top is spectacular. Located in the Monmartre neighborhood (which is the most popular by far) you could spend an hour or more inside marveling at this beauty.

26. Visit the Pantheon

The outside doesn’t look like much but grandeur of the inside is breathtaking. Make sure to stop in, even if just for a minute.

27. Stop by the chocolate museum – Musee du Chocolat

Love chocolate? Then a visit to the Museum of Chocolate should not be missed on your Paris bucket list.

28. Find the flakiest croissant

A great way to check off items on your best friend bucket list is to find al the flaky croissants while visiting Paris.

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29. Dine at La Maison Rose

Easily the most photographed places in the Monmartre neighborhood, this is a must visit on your Paris bucket list. You can’t miss it because it is rose colored and off of a beautiful cobblestone street.

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30. Stay in a unique Airbnb

Paris offer some of the best Airbnb’s in the country, and you can find amazing ones with rooftop views of the Eiffel Tower!


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