October Bucket List: Fun Things To Do All Month Long

Looking for fun things to add to your October bucket list? Then look no further! We found all the best things to do during the month. Even though you may be packing your Halloween bucket list with things to do, there is so much more to enjoy.

Let us help you add some things to your October to do list that way you can get the most out of this beautiful month.

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october bucket list

Ultimate October Bucket List

1. Make your own costume

Halloween is at the end of the month and this is your time to shine! Whether you opt for a couples costume, a group of friends or just fly solo, no October bucket list would be complete without a costume.

2. Do a fall foliage drive

One of the most beautiful times to visit the USA is during fall foliage!! You will find all colors of leaves in various states across the country.

october bucket list


3. Carve pumpkins

Go find the perfect pumpkin from the patch and carve something cool into it. You could go the traditional route and make a jack-o-lantern or get super creative and carve something over a stencil. Either way, it is going to be fun.

october bucket list

4. Celebrate International Coffee Day

If you love a good cup of joe, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st, 2021! Want to get fancy? Treat yourself to an extra special coffee order. Your October bucket list thanks you.

5. Road trip

One of the best things to do in October is to take a road trip. The weather is relatively good across most of the United States and you could check off some of your travel bucket list items.

6. Pick your own apples

Treat yourself to a day at the apple orchard to pick the best apples. Then take them home and make al kinds of yummy stuff like pies, crisps, candy apples, and more. Things always taste better when you do all the legwork.

7. Make a scarecrow

You don’t need a field of corn to add this to your October bucket list. Scarecrows look fun even in front of homes. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity.

8. Eat all the tacos on National Taco Day

On October 4th when National Taco Day rolls through, come ready. Bonus points for sharing on social media. All the cool kids are doing it.

october bucket list

9. Attend Oktoberfest

If your European bucket list has the ultimate festival, Oktoberfest on it, October is when to go. Pack your lederhosen or dirndl and be prepared to drink ice cold beer from a boot. But not a dirty boot. A clean glass boot.

Make sure to book well in advance. Hotels sell out.

10. Decorate your home for Halloween

Whether you live alone, with roommates or with your family, go all out. Even if you do not like Halloween, do it anyway. It’s fun for everyone to look at.

11. Watch scary movies

It wouldn’t be an October bucket list without a scary movie session, now would it? Pick out some of the classics and some new titles and binge watch them all in one day or make a list for the month. The choice is yours.

12. Eat all the desserts on National Dessert Day

Love dessert? Take advantage of National Dessert Day on October 14th. Get all the sweets and enjoy the day.

october bucket list

13. Do a fun photoshoot outside

One of the best times to do a photoshoot is in fall. You have so many opportunities with fall leaves, holidays, festivals, and travel. Have fun with it .. and this could be a great opportunity to get holiday cards done.

14. Go tailgating

One of the most fun experience during October is tailgating at football games. Bring the girl, the friends, the beers, and even the football and music. Oh, and don’t forget to wear all your gear for your team!

15. Declutter and donate

Time to get rid of all the late summer clothing and items around the house that you just aren’t using. This gives you space for all your fall items and warmer clothes.

A good rule of thumb when donating is to get rid of anything you have not used in the last six months and have no plans to use for the next six.

16. Get hot cider and donuts

The cider mill is the perfect October bucket list experience. Get those fresh, hot cinnamon donuts with a crisp glass of fresh apple cider. Nothing quite like it.

17. Make your own pasta for National Pasta Day

Pasta seems like it would be heard to make, BUT it is just a couple ingredients. You can order a variety of tools online to make various pasta types or just stick with something simple and make a fettuccini with a knife. Celebrate this glorious day on October 17th!

october bucket list

18. Go camping

October is a great time to start crossing things off your camping bucket list. You could camp outside, try new sites, rent a campervan and go on a road trip or even an RV!

19. Eat as much chocolate as you can on National Chocolate Day

October really is a month of sweets, which is a perfect leg into the holidays in November and December. Take this day on October 28th to enjoy all the chocolates you wish.

20. Go stargazing

In order to see stars, you need to go somewhere outside of the city where you can have complete darkness and wide open spaces. You also need the weather to cooperate. There cannot be fog or a cloudy sky.

Some of the best places to go stargazing are national parks like Arches in Utah!

october bucket list

21. Visit a haunted house

For most of the month of October, haunted houses, hayrides and various scare fun is set up. Some places are scarier than others, so plan accordingly.

22. Make your own pumpkin seed butter

This actually tastes better than regular peanut butter! Just save the seeds from the pumpkin(s) you carve, roast them with salt and then blend them on a high powered blender adding a little olive oil and cinnamon to taste.

This is a game changer.

23. Watch a football game

Even if you don’t like football, your October bucket list insists you at least watch one. But do with with friends or family for a better experience. Or just go to a live game and drink all the beer and eat peanuts.

24. Help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. You could join one of the many organizations or walk/run activities to help raise money for this important cause.

25. Go to Halloween parties

You can really only go to Halloween parties in October. You might as well get as many uses out of your costume as possible since it will be another year before they happen again.

october bucket list

26. Cozy up in a knit sweater and read a book

It can be pretty cold in November in some places. Grab your favorite chunky knit sweater, hot tea and a good big to read.

27. Get a fun fall manicure

You could really go all out and no one would flinch an eye. This is the time to do the all black nails with cobwebs and fun stuff drawn on them.

28. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

If you love haunted houses and just being scared in general, visiting Universal Orlando in Florida is the place for you! After the park closes it turns into a Halloween spectacle, offering several haunted houses you can go through and the rides are running as well.

29. Have a pumpkin themed potluck

Get all the guests to bring something pumpkin flavored but make sure there is a balance of sweet to savory. For a fun bonus, have everyone vote on their favorite dish.

30. Jump in a pile of leaves

The inevitable leaf clean up.. might as well have fun with them before they leave.

october bucket list

31. Visit a vineyard for the crush

If you happen to be in California for the crush, AKA when certain grapes are pulled and crushed to make wine, this is a fantastic thing to see. Some vineyards even allow people to put on boots and get in and stomp!

32. Bake cinnamon rolls

Nothing really says October bucket list like fresh baked cinnamon rolls. If you really want to go all out, make them pumpkin flavor with a cream cheese icing.

33. Volunteer

Every month of the year there are people and organizations who need help with various things. If you have free time, consider helping an organization you are passionate about.

34. Go to Homecoming

If you are in high school, plan to attend your Homecoming dance. Get dressed up super fancy with friends or a date and enjoy the night out.

october bucket list

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