High School Bucket List. 100+ Things To Do Over Four Years!

Planning a high school bucket list is one of the funnest things! You have four years ahead of you that will shape who you start to become as an adult, but with plenty of room to let loose and still be a teenager.

Everyone’s life and goals are very different, but we made sure to get over 100+ high school bucket list ideas through experience that may enrich your time during those years. Feel free to add or take away anything that does not fit your bucket list ideas.

We hope you have the most wonderful time in high school and that you get to experience everything, because the world is at your finger tips. If you need some inspiration, check out my bucket list for my life. Wondering “what is a bucket list?” Rest assured – you know.

Oh and P.S. if you want to add “become TikTok famous” to your high school bucket list, we wouldn’t blame you! TikTok has changed lives for other high school students virtually overnight. But we wanted to be realistic when creating this list.

high school bucket list

High School Bucket List – over 100+ Items

Join a sport

Make friends with new people

Attend a party at the popular kids’ house

Attend homecoming every year

high school bucket list

Join the yearbook committee

Eat in the lunch room

Organize a senior prank! Pull from your funny bucket list ideas and make it epic

Go on an epic spring break trip your senior year

Start learning a new language freshman year

Keep a journal to look back on

Take an art class, even if you have no skills

Organize an all-nighter at the school

Share lockers with your friends

Organize a fundraiser for those less fortunate

Go on a first date

Have a mismatch day with your friends and wear crazy clothing

Make a time capsule

Join choir – even if you can’t sing

Decorate your friends’ lockers for their birthdays

Plan a ski trip for winter break

Do a summer camping trip

Stay up all night cramming for a test

Apply to college early and hope you get early acceptance

Befriend someone outside of your friend group

Form a study group

Try to get all A’s

Run for class office

Make a mix tape/CD

Do a senior skip day

Take extra math and English classes so you don’t have to in college

Go to a pep rally

Get henna tattoos with a friend

Learn to drive

Ask your crush out on a date

Participate in Spirit Week

Write a letter to your future self

Take lots of photos to remember these years

high school bucket list

Write for the school newspaper

Join an activity outside your comfort zone

Get epic senior pictures done

Share a milkshake with someone you like

Get accepted to your top pick college


Read the books assigned to you instead of watching the movies 😉

Pass your drivers license test and get your first car

Get an after school job

Get your hair done for a formal

Host a shaving cream fight

Pass notes to friends in class

high school bucket list

Buy school gear to wear proudly

Visit colleges you want to attend

Take a photography class

Go to an away game and cheer on your school

Do a fancy dress up day with your friends

Have a sleepover or go to one


Don’t fall behind in classes

Create your own Halloween costume as part of your fall bucket list 

Get organized and keep a clean locker

Take a class outside of your comfort zone and learn something new

Play spin the bottle

Join student government

Go to a drive-in movie

Donate blood

Have a mini golf tournament

Go to Disney World with friends as part of your USA bucket list

Try new foods

Get a spray tan – but not too orange

Make a photo book of memories

Make varsity in a sport you are in

Go to prom

high school bucket list

Be open to new friendships and relationships

Treat everyone with kindness

Take a picture on the first day of school each year

Go to a summer camp with your friends

Have a high school sweetheart

Make the best friends in the world

Spend a day with your best friends eating pizza and watching movies

Get a sun tattoo from being at the beach

Discover new bands

Make a go to hangout spot with your friends

Get your nails done

Host a big 16th birthday party

Take beneficial classes that teach to change a tire, cook or even balance a checkbook

Join a play at your school

Apply for scholarships

Do local community service

Stand up for what you believe in

If you must, spend one day in detention so you never have to do it again

Get glowing recommendation letters for college applications

See if you can do a semester exchange in another country

Make the honor roll

Become Valedictorian

Attend a football game

high school bucket list

Join an academic club

Take lots of Polaroids and decorate your locker with the memories

Get your first cell phone

Decide what you want to be remembered for

Make sure to let your teachers that had a big impact on you know – they will appreciate it!

Be good to your parent(s) as they know you are about to be an adult

Turn 18 and become an adult

Throw the biggest baddest graduation party

Try around the world foods as part of your bucket list for families

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