Funny Bucket List Ideas To Keep You Laughing For Years To Come

Looking for funny bucket list ideas to keep you laughing for years to come? We have compiled what we think will keep you having fun and laughing along the way.

We only live once, so we might as well have fun while we are here. Think of these funny bucket list ideas of like an April Fools Day for any day of the week.

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funny bucket list ideas

Funny Bucket List Ideas

1. Dress mismatched

When it comes to funny bucket list ideas, this is probably the easiest. You could test it out at work, but it may be more suitable to cross off your college bucket list. This way, your boss won’t be mad and you can still appear professional at work. At college, no one really cares.

2. Put a clear coat of nail polish on a bar of soap and watch your partner struggle

By far one of the coolest jokes to play on someone. Take a new bar of soap and put 1-3 coats of clear nail polish on it and let it dry. Place it in the shower and then listen to them yell when it won’t lather.

3. Put a small post-it under the mouse

Want to pull a funny at work? Take a post-it note and color it black with a sharpie. Cut a small enough piece to cover the underside of a mouse so that it won’t scroll on the screen. Just don’t leave your coworkers hanging. Make sure to let them know.

4. Drink blue Kool-Aid out of a glass cleaner bottle in public

One of the funniest things to add to your funny bucket list is cleaning out a glass cleaner bottle and then refilling it with blue Kool-Aid and drinking from it. People will not know what to do with you!

*Please make sure to clean out the glass cleaner bottle a million times so that you are not drinking anything harmful.

funny bucket list ideas

5. Have a water balloon fight with friends

Looking for things to complete on your best friend bucket list? Make sure and fill up a ton of water balloons and let them roar.

funny bucket list ideas

6. Refer to a stranger in a store as “Mom!”

Approach a random stranger in store and call her mom. She will be so confused, hopefully find it funny.

7. Get in a taxi and yell “FOLLOW THAT CAR!”

You see it in movies and tv shows all the time, but doing it yourself is an entirely new rush!

8. Have a heated argument with a mannequin at a store

Don’t mind the people stopping and staring. If you are going to add this to your funny bucket list, make sure you can deliver and stick with it.

funny bucket list ideas

9. Send a Hogwarts acceptance letter to a random address and see if they respond

This will probably make someone’s day, but it is equally funny since everyone has been waiting for their letter since the early 2000’s.

funny bucket list ideas

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10. Walk into an airport and buy flights for the next flight out

This is a gamble, but if you really want to push your bucket list to the test, this is how to do it.

11. Switch your partners phone to a language they do not know

For funny bucket list ideas to play on your partner, this is the one that will leave them so confused. Just make sure you know how to get back into the phone to change the language.

12. Let the kids draw on dad while he is sleeping

If your family bucket list does not include “drawing on sleeping parents” it is time for an update. It is a rite of passage for kids to do this at least once.

funny bucket list ides

13. Eat vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar

This one will definitely turn some heads and have people questioning if you are ok.

14. Create funny photoshoots and make a calendar each year

Let your creativity flow with your funny bucket list ideas. Get the kids and family involved. You will cherish this funny memories forever.

funny bucket list ides

15. Make funny faces on cards and hold them up to your pet

You could even start a social media account with these funny photos of your pet and make them internet famous!

16. Start a food fight at a family get together

You cannot have a funny bucket list if you don’t have a food fight on it. Make sure to start it when no one would expect it!

funny bucket list ideas

17. Crank out a fart in an elevator

Easily one of the funniest and most embarrassing pranks one could pull. You could stand proud or blame someone else for an extra element of humor.

funny bucket list ideas

18. Convince someone you are from the future

You will want to target someone older than you to pull this off. Come up with some crazy idea about technology and how you came back.

19. Do fun photo shoots with the boys

Funny bucket list ideas .. aren’t just for the girls! Guys – you need to have your fun too. Make sure to share them on social media, as you never know when you will go viral.

funny bucket list ides

20. Pull the ultimate senior year prank at school

We can’t tell you what to do but make sure it is within the law and no will get hurt. Your high school bucket list should be fun and this should be a top item.

21. Throw your dog an elaborate birthday party

Every dog bucket list should have a birthday party on it, but it make it funny with elaborate decorations and invite everyone you know.

funny bucket list ideas

22. Make an edible facemask

Invite our girls over to do face masks and don’t tell them your masks are edible. Just start eating it and wait for the looks. ha ha

23. Teach grandma how to WHOAAA

One of the most epic funny bucket list ideas is teaching grandma to dance. Chances are, she isn’t hip to what’s going on, online.

funny bucket list ides

24. Drive around in a clown costume waving to people

This could be funny and equally scary. People have a fear of clowns – so try and play nice.

25. Find crazy couples Halloween costumes

There is no limit on couples costumes, especially when adding to your Halloween bucket list. One of the best things you can add to your couples bucket list is doing a couples costume – the funnier, the better!

funny bucket list ideas

26. Make the most insane Christmas sweaters

Whether you want to add to your holiday or Christmas bucket list – this is a must!! People throw ugly Christmas sweater parties every year and you have to make the funniest and best one.

funny bucket list ideas

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27. Have a game night with friends and pretend not to know the rules

Want to throw your friends off? Start a game everyone clearly knows and challenge the rules as if they never existed or make up your own.

28. Randomly treat a stranger like a long lost friend

If this funny bucket list idea doesn’t make your list, think again. Randomly approach a stranger and act like you know them from a former like. 9 times out of 10 they will play along as to not offend you. See how far it goes.

29. At church during a baptism, stand up and yell “I volunteer as tribute!”

This is tricky because you want to be respectful, but read the room an audience. Maybe do it when a friend or relative is being baptized OR just when it is brought up.

30. Get a ride to a graveyard and invite them into “your home”

Nothing will make your driver laugh more than thinking you live in the graveyard. If you want to make someone’s day, pull this prank on them.

31. Make a slip and slide in your yard with slimy foods

Your best bet would be to use like oils, but make sure to wear goggles so you don’t get anything in your eyes that could harm them.

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32. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

If your travel bucket list doesn’t have a swim with the pigs on it, you need to change it right now. These pigs are cute but also funny. They will come after you for food.

33. Teach grandpa how to “make it rain”

Grandma will agree, teaching grandpa how to make it rain is one of the best funny bucket list ideas out there. And don’t forget to teach her too .. just in case.

funny bucket list ides


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