Couples Bucket List – Ultimate List Of Over 100+ Things To Do Together

Having a couples bucket list is a great way to make sure you keep your relationship exciting while also challenging yourselves to do things. Sometimes day to day life can get busy.

Having a couples bucket list can keep you both on track to keep your relationship healthy and vibrant but also exciting.

Often times we get stuck in the rut of seeing relationships online that have been curated a certain way and feel like our own don’t live up to the standard. However, those are curated and usually created to attract certain people.

You can make your own couples bucket list and live out your dreams. You do not have to sit by and watch everyone else online. Elevate your time together with these date night bucket list ideas!

So whether you want grand adventures, explorations or just simple things at home, this couples bucket list has it all, and then some!

couples bucket list

100+ Couples bucket List Ideas

1. Visit the place you had your first kiss

Is there anything more romantic than reminiscing on old times together? Take a walk down memory lane.

2. Stay in an overwater bungalow

Looking for the ultimate romantic vacation in an overwater bungalow? Bora Bora is hands down the best place.

Fun fact: overwater bungalows started in Bora Bora!

overwater bungalow

3. Take lots of photos of your adventures

Memories last a lifetime, even the little ones that you may think in the moment aren’t as special. Take a lot of photos of your time together to look back on.

4. Make your significant other feel extra special on their birthday

Whether your partner loves birthdays or not, make sure to recognize them as they age and do something special.

For an extra point on your couples bucket list, throw in a surprise party for a big birthday.

4. Unplug for a weekend

and start checking off items on your camping bucket list

5. Do an in home spa day and give each other a massage

Looking for simple ideas of things to do at home that have a low cost? Try an at home spa day! Make your own masks and scrubs and have fun with it.

6. Take a local staycation in a fancy hotel and get breakfast in bed

Even if you cannot get away for long, try an overnight in a local hotel. Go during the slow season so you can get a better deal and splurge on room service and even a spa.

couples bucket list

7. Dress in flannel and go leaf peeping

Of all the best things to do in the fall, seeing the fall foliage and wearing toasty flannels tops the list.

8. Get matching tattoos or a pair tattoo

If your couples bucket list is looking for something a little more .. permanent, consider a tattoo. You could do a matching tattoo or each get one that pairs with the other.

9. Say “I love you”

A bucket list for couples should always have these three words on it. When you love someone, tell them often.

10. Sit by the fire and snuggle

Add this to your boyfriend bucket list at least once. You could rent a cabin, stay at a ski resort, get a room with a fireplace, or if you have one at home, use it all the time.

This is a great time to wind down and catch up.

11. Move in together

When it comes to bucket list ideas for couples, keep this on your list if your relationship progresses. You do not need to move in day one, just when you two are ready.

12. Host dinner parties

Do you both love to cook and have people over? Consider hosting dinner parties instead of going out for dinner. It is a bit more personal and you can showcase your skills and home.

13. Kiss under the mistletoe during the holidays

Make this a game during the holiday. Every mistletoe you see, sneak under it for some stolen kisses.

14. Go on double dates with friends

Looking for fun things to do as a couple? Double date other couples! Every couple needs a couple best friend.

15. Buy a home together that you can grow old in

A big investment in your couples bucket list is making the decision to purchase a home together. Make sure you both love it and can see your future there.

16. Write each other love letters

The simplest thing that can occupy our hearts is the small moments. Take time to leave little love notes or more elaborate letters.

Sometimes we can say more in writing than we ever could out loud.

couples bucket list

17. Never stop surprising each other

Big or small, surprises go a long way.

18. Spend a day in bed with no phones

Things that couples do is escape technology and focus on each other. Take a day in bed together and leave the phones behind.

19. Binge watch a TV show together

Decide on a show and binge watch it together. Being able to discuss a show with another so closely and get their perspective is fun.

Everyone perceives things differently, so you may be surprised how your partner sees the show.

20. Visit London for a sunset cruise on the River Thames

Planning a trip to the UK? For romance, one of the best things to do in London is take a sunset cruise on the River Thames.

21. Make an enormous sundae and eat it together

Every couples bucket list should include a larger than life sundae to share.

22. Get engaged

When you are ready, get engaged and plan to spend your life together.


23. Take a wine tour of Napa Valley

24. Grow a garden and eat the fresh produce

25. Plan your future

26. Take cooking classes to improve your kitchen skills

couples bucket list

27. Go Skydiving

Looking to do something thrilling? Why not visit a new city and take the plunge? You can check this off your Chicago bucket list!

Make a calendar each year with memories from the year before to remind you how epic it was

Start a family tradition and get a new ornament for your tree each year

Make time for each other in the morning and enjoy coffee/breakfast

Go Camping

couple camping

Take a brewery tour

For a simple bucket list idea, watch the sunset together! Its romantic

Do a couples costume for Halloween. Make it hilarious by pulling from your funny bucket list!

Make a budget and be financially stable

Take a workout class together

Adopt a dog and work through your doggy bucket list

Build a floating shelf of photo memories in your home

Go to the drive-in for a movie and snuggling

Make sure to have alone time

Start a couples blog or social media channel to share your adventures

Go somewhere new every year that you have never been

Get married


Start a tradition in your family

If you love parties and dressing up, check off one of your Christmas bucket list items and make ugly Christmas Sweaters and throw a party

Have an epic destination wedding

Buy your first home

See a live concert

Have kids (if you want them) and start your family bucket list 

Go skinny dipping

Take a dancing class together

Go to an all-inclusive resort and day drink at the swim up bar all day and laugh

Take a honeymoon


Make photo books each year of your lives together to look back on

Take on a home project together

Kayak somewhere epic, like Alaska

Eat dinner without your phone/electronics

Try new recipes from around the world and learn about the culture

Learn each others love language

Start a book club

Create an epic Paris bucket list and go visit

Visit a haunted house during Halloween

Do a 5K Color Run together

couples bucket list

Renovate a room in your home together

Add a love lock to a bridge

Have a romantic picnic in the park

Go the farmers market together

Cook together in the kitchen

Have dance parties to a CD of songs you guys love

Do a water balloon fight in your backyard

Watch each others’ favorite movies

Take a sailing trip


Travel to another country together

Spend New Years in a new place each year

Have a fondue night at home

Visit a theme park and ride all the rides

Take photo booth photos whenever you can

Grab blankets and pillows and go stargazing

Learn a new sport together

Do an escape room

Take a picture kissing

couples bucket list

Visit a National Park

Ride the London Eye and see the city from new heights

Take a bubble bath – candles and all

bubble bath

Make a date jar for when you are feeling spontaneous

Kiss underwater

Go skydiving together

See the tree lighting in New York at Christmas

Cook Thanksgiving at your home and invite the family or host a Friendsgiving

Take weekend trips to cool bed and breakfasts in your state

Go on a food tour

Learn a new language together

Canoe together in a local pond or lake

Try a new restaurant each week

Share a milkshake with two straws

Drive Route 66

Get dressed up real fancy for a night on the town

Go to a sporting event

Take a hayride

Bake Christmas cookies together and decorate

Go camping and sleep under the stars

Have a water gun fight

Start a family and have a baby!

Get cute engagement photos taken during your favorite season

Create a vision board for your future

Play pranks on mutual friends for laughs

Sing a karaoke duet

Send flirty texts

Take a road trip together in a convertible

couples bucket list


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