Camping Bucket List: The Ultimate Camping Experiences

Looking for things to add to your camping bucket list? You have come to right the right place! Often time’s people think camping can be so boring, but that is only because they haven’t created a camping experience they will enjoy.

Camping is a top travel bucket list item around the world and for good reason. Some of the most beautiful places in the world you can camp at.

There are so many ways to camp, whether it is with or without a tent, in an RV, yurt, glamping tent, bubble tent, and so on. There is no right or wrong way, just be kind to nature and leave the area better than you found it.

We hope you find some amazing things to add to your camping bucket list and have a great trip!

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Planning the Ultimate Camping Experience: Things to add your Camping Bucket List

1. Sleep under the stars

If your camping bucket list doesn’t include a night under the stars, add it now! You could sleep in just a sleeping bag or check out one of the many Bubble Hotels around the world that offer a clear bubble to sleep in.

Check out the Buubble in Iceland, famed the “5 Million Star Hotel” because you can see every star in the sky sleeping in this clear bubble in nature. Even better, during the winter you can possibly see the Northern Lights.

camping bucket list

2. Camp somewhere new every year

Are you an avid camper? Try a new location each year and return to the ones you love. Every campsite is unique and offers different things to its patrons.

camping bucket list

3. Make s’mores

It is a rite of passage to make a s’more over a campfire. For an elevated experience, pack ice cream cones with marshmallows and chocolates of choice, then cover with foil and cook over the fire until melted.

Thank us later!

camping bucket list

4. Rent an RV and camp across the USA

Looking to double cross off your USA bucket list while camping? Rent an RV and hit the National Parks and camp along the way.

5. Live in a campervan

This option is not for everyone, but if you have time and can work remote, consider doing a longer-term camper van rental or outfit one yourself. When thinking about adventures in camping, this bold move comes to mind.

6. Try glamping

If you love camping, glamping will feel like an entirely new experience. With all the luxuries of a bed, bathroom and temperature control, it will be hard to go back to sleeping on the ground, but worth adding to list of things to try!

Some popular places to visit for glamping are: Morocco, Dubai and Utah.

camping bucket list

7. Play i-Spy

Did you know you can keep kids entertained for hours playing this game? Just find the smallest thing and have them look for it. But go easy on them, you don’t want to ruin their experience of camping with you.

8. Have an outdoor movie night

This will take a little planning, but you could go as far as having a full on makeshift screen and projector of just using a laptop. Whatever suits your camping style.

9. Make the meanest cup off coffee over the fire

Fun fact: coffee tastes better when you make it yourself over an open flame. Ok, that may not be true, but getting the opportunity to make your favorite coffee yourself outdoors in nature after waking up from a night of camping does sound pretty perfect.

10. Take your dog camping

If you are looking for things to add to your dog bucket list, let it be camping. Pets want to be with their owners, so if you start taking them to do the things you love, they will become the things they love. Besides, what is better than a coffee and dog snuggles by the fire?

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11. Beach camping

Want to get out of the RV park or campsite? Try beach camping for an open air camping concept. Just make sure you camp legally on the beach so you don’t get in trouble.

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12. Go fishing and catch your dinner

What better way to elevate your camping bucket list than by catching your own dinner?!

13. Go hiking

Love getting outside and hiking? Consider hiking to a camping spot or putting down roots and exploring the surrounding areas.

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14. Float with friends

River floats, lake floats or even pool floats. JUST FLOAT while you are camping and enjoy the sun and beers.

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15. Off-roading

If you love adventure and have a vehicle that can handle off-roading, this would be a great activity to do while you are out camping.

16. Cook fancy food over the fire

Camping food doesn’t have to be hot dogs unless you want it to be. With a few types of cooking items you could easily cook a fancy dinner over the fire. You can make your own bread with two cast iron skillets over the fire.

17. Make friends with other people camping

Unless you genuinely want to be alone, try making friends with people who are camping near you. You know that they already like camping, so if this is a big part of your life, you may meet some cool people to camp with regularly.

18. Start your own bonfire

It is a rite of passage for a camper to learn to start their own fire. It basically says you can survive outdoors. This should technically be at the top of every camping bucket list.

camping bucket list

19. Catch fireflies

For a fun evening activity, make sure to pack a car or large glass so that you can catch fireflies if you see them. Make sure to let them go though.

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20. Tell ghost stories

It simply would not be a camping trip if there weren’t ghost stories involved, now would it? Make sure and dig up only your best ones to share. You want everyone going to be scared.

21. Take an outdoor shower .. or don’t

If you are lucky enough to find an outdoor shower or have one hooked up to your RV or campervan, enjoy it. It can be freeing to shower outside.

22. Make a trail mix to take

Snacks are important. The best part about trail mix is that you get to put whatever you want it and it tends to have items that keep you fueled and not hungry.

23. Rent a VW Campervan in Oahu and camp around the island

Old school meets island charm. One of the best experiences you could have in the camping world is to rent an old VW bus and get camping permits around the island of Oahu in Hawaii. There is so many great things you could add to your Oahu bucket list, but this is probably the coolest,

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24. Make hand animals with flashlights at night

Bring your flashlights so when you are laying in your tent at night, you can make hand animals on the top of the tent.

25. Go swimming

A lot of campsites have access to pools, lakes etc. Take advantage during the hot summer months and enjoy your time outside.

26. Go kayaking or standup paddle boarding

Even if you have never done either of these activities before, go out on a limb and try something new. You never know what you will love or be good at. Part of having a camping bucket list is to try new things.

27. Sing songs around the campfire

It is ok if no one can actually sing or brought an instrument. Why? Because when you all sing together, you somehow sound good and it’s fun.

28. Read a book in nature

A lot of people camp to get away and relax. Take your book(s) and enjoy reading while enjoying nature.

29. Unplug for a weekend with your significant other

The ultimate couples bucket list experience – go camping for a weekend and unplug! Enjoy each others company and spend your days talking and doing fun things.

30. A night of drinking and games with friends

Pack the cards and the beers because game night with friends is even more fun when you go camping. There are so many things you could add to your best friend bucket list. Make sure this is one of them.

31. Scavenger hunt games

This family friendly activity is great for everyone. This will help the littles learn about the art of discovery and keep them busy. Your family bucket list would love this!

32. Host a campfire cook-off

Calling all chefs or anyone who can halfway decent cook on an open fire. This is for you. Pick a day or night where you guys can do a showdown and prepare food. Loser does the dishes!

33. Play a sport like soccer or football

A very free activity the whole family can enjoy is soccer or football as long as you have some open space to play. Add this to your camping bucket list as a free and easy activity for everyone.

34. Put up a hammock and relax

If you have never laid in a hammock, you are missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures.

35. Meditate or do yoga in nature

No matter what your reasoning for camping is, take time for yourself to meditate and/or do yoga out in nature. Your camping bucket list will thank you.

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