Bucket List For Families: Over 100+ Things To Do Together

If you are looking for the most comprehensive bucket list for families, look no further! With over 100+ things to do with your family, this list is sure to keep everyone busy and having an incredible time throughout the year.

Life can get repetitive with work, school and day to day activities. Let this bucket list for families inspire you to live a more creative and fulfilling life. Many of the items on this list cost no money, making it easier on your pocketbook.

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bucket list for families

Bucket List For Families – The Ultimate Family Bucket List With 100+ Ideas

Make a time capsule and bury it

For fall bucket list ideas, get the family in the car and go leaf peeping to see all the colors

Build a fort in the living room and everyone sleep there

Host a game night with another family and pass around a trophy between homes

Have a tie dye shirt party

Make a family photo book together from a vacation

Put 1000+ piece puzzle together

Say “I love you” everyday

Take the family on an epic trip to Iceland

Create your own family movie and watch it together

Visit Disney World and ride all the rides

Host a cook off and everyone make the same thing with their own spin on it

Have a fancy dinner and everyone get dressed up

Build a slip and slide in your backyard

Get into an intense game of Monopoly

Let the kids draw on dad as he is sleeping and cross it off your funny bucket list

Have a water balloon fight

Hand print paintings and make them into turkeys

Take the family on a cruise and experience new destinations together

Create a lemonade stand in front of the house

Have a dessert party and make sugar cookies and decorate together

Attend a sporting event together and agree to cheer for the same team, foam fingers and all

Do a fun family photo shoot where no one matches

Build a house of cards

Make your own ornaments

Come up with a new recipe for a cookie but putting whatever ingredients you have in them

Start a family tradition

Create a family cookbook over the years

Camp out in the backyard

Name a star together

Go paddle boarding

Get a pet and take them on adventures with you

As part of your USA bucket list, go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Homemade pizza night

bucket list for families

Play I-Spy while doing things on your camping bucket list

Celebrate Christmas in July and get dressed up and watch movies. Don’t forget the hot cocoa and cookies!

Grow a chia pet

Teach the kids when they are young about donating and getting rid of things they don’t use. Make it a habit every 6-12 months to donate

Do around the world nights where each month you try food from a different country while learning about it

Do video game playoffs with each other

Visit the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C.

Plant a garden and eat all your veggies

Visit the National Parks


Yellowstone National Park

Make your own juice

Start a chore chart and allowance early so they learn about hard work and value

Become pen pals with another family

Watch the Harry Potter Movies

Make snow angels of the entire family

Teach the kids how to cook

Make a family Halloween costume and everyone has their part

Build a family tree

Play disc golf

Make ugly Christmas sweaters together and make Holiday cards

Make a habit of eating dinner as a family and talking about each others days

Create a calendar each year with photos of the memories from the year before

Have a pajama party and let the kid(s) pick the movie

Make your own play-doh

Do a mismatch day at home and let everyone pick their craziest outfits

Have theme movie nights where everyone wears certain Pajamas and you watch movies together

Build a tree house in the backyard

Go snorkeling

family bucket list

Make your own rock candy out of kool-aid

Ride the Ferris wheel together at the fair

Craft sock puppets and put on a production together

Make a scavenger hunt around the house

Play truth or dare

Try to learn the basics of a new language together and talk to each other

Have a Lego building competition

Surprise the kids with breakfast in bed

Create a comic book together

Go to a theme park

Make vision boards – get out magazines and papers that you are done with

Do video calls with relatives far away so the family can stay in touch

Listen to podcasts together

Make a trivia game about the family

Fly kites

family bucket list

Learn the flags of the worlds’ countries

String your Christmas tree with popcorn

Color the driveway and/or sidewalk with chalk

Do a summer camp as a family

Teach them the value of money

Play hide and go seek

Learn about a holiday you don’t celebrate

What a movie with subtitles

Everyone paint their own plates at a pottery studio and use them for dinner each night

Go camping

Visit a Disney resort

Take a double Decker bus tour through a city

Make your own chocolate bars

Get bikes and ride them regularly

Play Frisbee

Visit a new playground a few times a year

Visit local museums

Build a sandcastle

Regularly check out books from the library

Make giant bubbles with tubs of soap and water with string

Write a song

Do a three legged race

Pillow fight

Learn all the states and capitals

Go berry picking

Play card games

Visit some place new every year

Make a snow globe

Start a collection

Adopt a dog and start working through your doggy bucket list


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