Bora Bora Bucket List: Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do

Arguably one of the most stunning destinations in the world, here are the top Bora Bora bucket list items you should not miss when planning your trip.

When looking for things to do in Bora Bora, it is not your average destination like a city that is full of museums, shopping and things at every turn. Bora Bora is much different, and you will come to appreciate it for that reason. Bora Bora is a top bucket list destination for many, you will soon see why.

Just over 200,000 people visit the entirety of Tahiti each year as the destination is remote and not that big. In Bora Bora, there are only a handful of resorts, most of which offer overwater bungalows, but not hundreds of rooms like resorts in bigger destinations like Mexico.

If you are one of the types who like to relax, Bora Bora is the most perfect destination for that. But don’t think there isn’t more to do than swim off your overwater bungalow or lay on a beach. Bora Bora is quite the adventurous destination, if you are up for it.

Have fun exploring and remember, you are living in a postcard! This is a top travel bucket list stop for many.

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bora bora bucket list

Bora Bora Bucket List: Ultimate List of Things to do in Bora Bora

1. Get an epic view of Bora Bora on your flight

When visiting Bora Bora, you will most likely be flying on Air Tahiti from Papeete. There is a trick to getting an epic view.

First you should know that no seats are assigned. The entire plane is coach, it is small and families board first. Then everyone else can board. On the flight into Bora Bora, you will want to sit in one of the first couple rows on the left side of the plane for an unobstructed view. You board the plane from the back, so the left side will be once you are standing in the plane.

If you miss it on the way there or just want to see it again, on your return flight, sit on the right, same deal. If you want to get the propeller blades in your photo, sit in about rows 5-7? You can quickly look out the window to see.

bora bora bucket list

2. Stay in an overwater bungalow

If your Bora Bora bucket list does not include an overwater bungalow, it should! Overwater bungalows actually started here and are one of the main draws for those who visit.

The Four Seasons is consistently rated one of the best hotels in the world and their overwater bungalows are incredible. You can jump right into the stunning blue water and go for a swim.

There are a variety of overwater bungalow styles to consider. If you really want to spend a lot of time in your room, consider one with more amenities like space or even a plunge pool.

overwater bungalow

3. Jet ski in the lagoon

Jet skiing is fun, but imagine doing it in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world! You can see shades of blue water as far as the eye can see and it is clear! Take a tour of the lagoon via jet ski with a lunch and stingray and shark safari. Its like three tours for the price of one!

bora bora bucket list

4. Snorkel with sharks and schools of fish

If your dream has always been to get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays and schools of fish – this is a great opportunity. These smaller sharks tend to keep to themselves and each day tourists go out and swim with them.

One of the best tours in Bora Bora is shark and snorkeling safari! Your tour guide takes you out into the lagoon with some of the clearest water in the world and you can see stunning schools of fish and look for stingrays and black tip sharks.

bora bora bucket list


5. Go sailing or boating

Your Bora Bora bucket list must include sailing or boating. You should definitely get out there and see how stunning the water is.

If you decide to sail, it will be a more leisure relaxed pace, but you can go on a faster speed boat. You can even stop and snorkel or swim if you want.

A great tour to consider is the 3 hour private lagoon cruise. You get picked up from your resort and you can customize your experience with the boat captain. You can snorkel, cruise the lagoon and even hear fun facts and stories about the island.

bora bora

6. Take a helicopter or seaplane

The best view of Bora Bora is an aerial one. Sure, the views are all magical, but seeing the volcanic center surrounded by the lagoon surrounded by motus is pretty amazing. Unlike your flight coming into Bora Bora, a helicopter will have more autonomy in where it can fly and where to get the best views.

7. Snorkel

Easily one of the best activities in Bora Bora. You can snorkel right off your overwater bungalow, some resorts have their own lagoons you can get right into and there are plenty of snorkeling tours to see a variety of different fish.


8. See humpback whales

You probably did not think to add humpback whales to your Bora Bora bucket list, but you should. They typically are around in the waters between July to about October. If this is the main reason for your trip, I would keep flexible travel dates and keep checking to see if they are around.

This once in a lifetime experience you won’t soon forget. Take a private whale watching tour with your guide. You will be picked up from your hotel and whisked away to see these marvelous creatures.

bora bora bucket list

9. Swim with stingrays + go on a 4×4

One of the most iconic shots from Bora Bora is the abundance of stingrays in the lagoon in crystal clear water. These friendly creatures are greeted daily by tourists and are so fun to be around!

Take a tour on land and sea that gets you on a 4×4 on the island and in the lagoon, which covers both playgrounds of the land.

bora bora bucket list

10. Catch a sunset

The sun doesn’t set the same in any place in the world, but they seem extra special in Bora Bora. The hues that light up the sky just make the visit that much more special.

bora bora sunset

11. Relax at a Polynesian spa

If your Bora Bora bucket list includes relaxation, make sure to visit a Polynesian spa. Your resort will most likely have one and they are fantastic. You can decompress with a massage or get a facial, or get it all. Treat yourself. You traveled far to this epic destination.

12. Stay in a Penthouse

Want to live like the Kardashian’s for a day, literally? Stay in the only two story penthouse in all of Bora Bora at the Conrad. The resort offers two of these penthouses on their property and they are very nice, to say the least.

There is an episode of the Kardashian’s staying at this property and room and Kim drops her earring in the ocean. It has become one of the funniest scenes in the show because Kourtney calls her out on it.

bora bora bucket list

13. Take an ATV tour around Mount Otemanu

If you are feeling adventurous and want to spend a day on land, this is how you do it. Take an island tour on a quad to see some of the spectacular views, beaches and greenery that is drowned out by the 50 incredible shades of blue.

This is such a unique tour because most people just visit for the water and beaches – but this adventurous tour gets you on land and to some incredible overlooks.

14. Eat Poisson cru

One of the best things to eat is Tahitian poisson cru! Similar to a ceviche, this national dish is typically made with the freshest tuna, veggies, lime, and soaked in coconut milk. Once you eat it one time, you will be asking for it everyday of your trip.

So do not wait until your last day to try it.

poisson cru

15. Go for a swim at Matira Beach

This is the most popular beach in all of Bora Bora and the only public one. Since most of the resorts sit on their own Motu’s, guests are the only people with access to those beaches.

Matira Beach offers a glorious mile long stretch of the finest white sand and you guessed it, stunning hues of blues.

16. Get breakfast delivered by canoe to your bungalow

Looking for a once in a lifetime breakfast? See if your resort offers canoe breakfast delivery. You will see it coming in the water and it will all come up from your overwater deck and be set up on your table. It is pricey but also a fun experience that you can’t really get many places in the world.

It is a beautiful room service breakfast and you can eat it right on your deck looking at the beautiful destination.

bora bora bucket list

17. Get a flower crown and photoshoot done

One of the most sought after photos is with a beautiful flower crown in Bora Bora. Just ask your resort and they can make it happen.

flower crown

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