Bondi Bucket List: Exploring The Jewel Of Sydney

Looking for fun things to add to your Bondi bucket list? This comprehensive list will keep you busy while exploring the coastal suburb of Sydney.

If Bondi isn’t already on your Australia bucket list, add it now. Bondi is known for having the very best beach in all of Australia and a top travel bucket list destination for many.

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Ultimate Bondi Bucket List

1. Shop at the Bondi Markets

For all your shopping needs, head to the Bondi Markets. They’re open-air but are only open on the weekends, unfortunately. You can shop for almost anything you’d need here, including new clothes, souvenirs, and even arts and crafts from local artists!

2. Relax at the iconic Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is easily the one attraction that should be at the top of your Bondi bucket list. This is the beach in the area and is absolutely breathtaking. They cover 300+ acres of land and are surrounded by tons of shops, cafes, and restaurants, so you could spend the whole day here without even having to leave the area.

Because they’re so popular, they can get busy, but it’s worth powering through the crowds! This a top beach bucket list destination, so come early and enjoy!

3. Check out the graffiti on the Bondi Beach graffiti wall

Street art is popular in Bondi Beach and pretty trendy. You could genuinely find tons of street art to use as a background in a new photo on Instagram. Plus, they’re free to visit. What more could you possibly want?

4. Visit the Icebergs pool

The Bondi Icebergs Pool is a swimming pool set right against Bondi Beach. If you’d rather not swim with the waves, or you’re traveling to Bondi Beach with children, then this is the place to go. Be sure to purchase a day pass to access the pools, which are only open for specific hours every day.

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5. Stroll the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

One of the activities that should be at the top of your Bondi bucket list is this fun coastal walk. It goes between Bondi and Bronte and is set right against the water and the breathtaking cliffs. The views are outstanding. You’ll need just under an hour and a half to walk the entire length of the coastal walk.

6. Explore North Bondi Rocks

The North Bondi Rocks are one of the best tourist attractions in Bondi that’s truly underrated. It’s a flat rock beach and is pretty unique. It’s crazy to think that it’s only a short walk from Bondi Beach. Take advantage of the quietness of this attraction!

7. Grab a bite to eat at Ciccia Bella

For the best Italian food in the area, head to Ciccia Bella. It’s one of the best places to eat in Bondi, according to locals. They also have a great bar if you’re interested in having a fun night out during your visit. Try to make a reservation ahead of time if you can!

8. Surf at Bronte Beach

The best place to go surfing on this Bondi bucket list is Bronte Beach. The waves are great, and the views at the beach are epic. Plus, the water is a gorgeous turquoise blue color. If you do the coastal walk, this could be an excellent place for you to relax before heading back to Bondi.

9. Peruse art at Aquabumps

Aquabumps is one of the most popular shops in all of Bondi. It’s home to gorgeous surfing photography. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing any art to bring home with you, you’ll surely have fun taking photos of Australia’s favorite pastime.

10. Shop at Gertrude and Alice Bookstore

The Gertrude and Alice Bookstore is a charming bookshop that also has its own cafe. The inside is incredibly quirky and is completely covered in books from floor to ceiling. While perusing, grab a bite to eat at the cafe, which serves Middle Eastern delicacies.

11. Have a picnic at Tamarama Beach

Yes, this Bondi bucket list is filled with beaches, but it wouldn’t be complete without them! Tamarama Beach is right next to Dixons Bay and is just as gorgeous as the other beaches on this list. It’s located along the Bondi to Coogee Walk and is a popular spot to visit when heading to Bondi.

12. Try coffee at a local cafe

Australia is known for its coffee, so if you’re a coffee fan, you have to stop by at least one local cafe to try it! Some of the most popular cafes in Bondi include Good One Cafe Bondi Beach, Birichina Cafe, and Chapter One: Cafe & Wine Room. Whichever you go to, ask the barista what the locals like most on the menu and order that!

13. Explore Diamond Bay Reserve

The Diamond Bay Reserve is incredibly breathtaking and is one of the best parks in the area. The views are great, and there are some trails right against the water that you can soak them all in. You could easily spend hours here looking out at the water!

14. Catch the sunrise

You can’t visit Bondi without checking out the sunrise at least once. Plan on waking up early one day to see the sunrise over the gorgeous Bondi Beach. You seriously won’t regret it. After, head to one of the nearby cafes for a great cup of coffee before continuing along with your day.

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15. Go for a swim at Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is one of the best beaches near Bondi for swimming. The waves are calm, and there are even some great fish and chip shops in the area. If you’re not interested in swimming, be sure to take a walk along the fantastic walkways that were built for citizens to enjoy.

16. View the art at Cooee Art Gallery

The art in Bondi is supreme, and those on display at the Cooee Art Gallery are no different. This gallery is filled with aboriginal art, so you can start to learn more about Australia’s culture and history. Some of the art is also available for purchase.

17. Attend the Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is a popular festival held every year right outside of Bondi in Surry Hills. It started in 1997 and has been held annually ever since. It features many local artists and showcases their work right near the water!

18. Play a game at Bondi Bowling Club

The Bondi Bowling Club is home to bowling, but not your average bowling. Instead, when you go here, you go lawn bowling! This means you bowl outside right in the grass. What a fun and unique experience to have on this Bondi bucket list!

19. Shop at the Westfield Bondi Junction mall

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood to go shopping. No worries! One of the best places to shop nearby is at the Westfield Bondi Junction mall. It opened in 2003 and is home to pretty much every shop that you can think of. So, if you forgot to pack something for your trip, you can find it here.

20. Head to the Bondi Pavilion

The Bondi Pavilion, also referred to as the Bondi Surf Pavilion, is one of the most popular buildings in the area. They host tons of events throughout the year and also serve as a club. There are even ice rinks here during certain parts of the year so that you can have a fun time!

21. Watch the sunset

Just as you should watch the sunrise while visiting Bondi, you should also catch the sunset. While Bondi Beach is arguably the best place to go for this, you could go to any other beach on this list and have a view that’s just as rewarding. It’s popular to catch the sunset here, so keep in mind that you might have to get to your spot early to avoid the crowd.

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22. Visit during City2Surf

City2Surf is another event that’s held annually here. It’s a fun road race, and anyone is allowed to participate. You don’t even have to run if you don’t want to! You can walk. You could also just take in the view and stand near the finish line to cheer on those who are participating.

23. Find some street performers to listen to

Street performers are abundant in Bondi. Seriously, you can find them almost anywhere that you go! The famous singer, Tones & I, actually gained popularity from busking on the streets here. Who knows what sort of talent you can find!

24. Attend a yoga class near the ocean

Just as you can swim near the ocean, you can also meditate and get in some yoga near it! There are many different yoga studios and groups that offer this near the sea. Do a quick search online and make your reservation. Then, you’re good to go!

25. Visit Dunbar Head

Dunbar Head is a popular rock location that offers excellent views of the water. It’s probably one of the best viewpoints in the area. When you visit, be sure to check out the iconic lighthouse, which is a perfect photo opportunity.

26. Go scuba diving

Just as you should go swimming and surfing in Bondi, you should also try your hand at scuba diving. You can rent (or purchase, if you want) equipment from a shop near the ocean and then go out to the beach to try it out.

27. Learn how to make kombucha

Yes, there are kombucha-making classes offered in Bondi! This Bondi bucket list wouldn’t be complete without it. You can pick the flavors and everything, so you know that it will be a type of kombucha that you like.

28. See the view from Ben Buckler Point

Ben Buckler Point in North Bondi is a popular viewpoint overlooking the beach. It’s incredibly scenic no matter the time of day but can also serve as a great spot to catch the sunrise or the sunset in the area.

29. Visit Sam Fiszman Park

Sam Fiszman Park is also located in North Bondi, right near Ben Buckler Point. It’s wholly scenic and can be an excellent spot for a picnic in the middle of the day. Many people say this is one of the most romantic places in Bondi!

30. Explore Biddigal Reserve

Last but not least is Biddigal Reserve, right next to North Bondi Beach. This park overlooks the nearby ocean and has lots of green space, so you can sit in the shade and people watch if you want. Sometimes, it’s good to relax during a trip!

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