Baby Bucket List Ideas: Things To Do Before Your Family Grows

Looking for baby bucket list ideas? You have come to the right place! There are so many things beyond the basics that you can do before baby arrives. Since your family is growing, you will want to make sure to take care of necessary changes but also embrace this new part of your life.

Whether you want to travel, nest, do new and exciting things, or just prepare your home – we have you covered.

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baby bucket list ideas

Baby Bucket List Ideas

1. Hear your baby’s heartbeat in an ultrasound

The very top of your baby bucket list should be hearing your little ones heartbeat for the first time. There is something simply magical about hearing the life you are creating.

2. Pick a name

When it comes to fun things to do when you are pregnant, picking a name is certainly one of them. And it is ok if you have several picked out, even up until the time of delivery. When you see your baby for the first time, you will know what feels right.

baby bucket list

3. Tell your friends and family you are pregnant

You can get as creative as you want with sharing your great news. People tend to be overcome with joy when finding out, so make it as exciting as you want.

4. Host a gender reveal party

You know who wants to be part of your baby bucket list? Your friends and family! They want to know the gender as much as you do, because let’s be honest – they want to spoil the baby. Have your doctor put the gender in an envelope and you could get a cake done with the inside displaying the sex, do smoke bombs, burst balloons with confetti, whatever your heart desires.

baby bucket list

5. Take boudoir photos

There is a beauty in being pregnant and creating life. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and get these beautiful photos done. You don’t have to share them with anyone if you do not want to.

6. Go shopping!

Let’s be honest: you are growing, a baby is coming and your home is changing. You need to go shopping for all the things. But have fun with it! Dress how you feel comfortable, design the nursery you want for your baby and do whatever you want to your house. This is your life.

7. Go on a babymoon

When it comes to things to do before baby arrives: taking a babymoon with your partner tops the list. This is essentially your last big getaway or time to relax and enjoy each other before the addition to your family comes.

baby bucket list

8. Design a nursery

It’s ok if you can’t decide on something initially, in fact, many people go back and forth about ideas until one really sticks and they can see it.

baby bucket list

9. Have a baby shower

One of the most fun baby bucket list ideas is to have a baby shower. Typically a friend or relative hosts it and everyone comes to celebrate baby and you. Be open to enjoying this experience with the people you love and care about.

10. Declutter your home

Now is the time to declutter, clean and really get ready. Once baby arrives, you will be busy for awhile and decluttering will be the least of your concerns.

11. Take bump photos

Being pregnant can sometimes make you feel self conscience about your body. Do not let those thoughts keep you from living your best life. You deserve to do all the fun baby bucket list items, and that includes taking pictures each month of your bump and enjoying the process.

You are a queen! Be proud of what your body can do and its growth.

12. Eat all your cravings

The pregnancy cravings will come. Eat whatever you want, as you are eating for two now.

baby bucket list

13. Buy a gift for your partner

Typically the birthing mother receives a gift from her partner called a “push present” but both partners can exchange gifts. Your entire lives are about to change and you should commemorate that together.

14. Baby-proof your home

One of the not so fun baby bucket list items is to baby-proof your home. Technically you have time because your little one won’t be crawling for awhile, but if you want to get it done early to save time in the future, that would be wise.

15. Pack a hospital bag for when baby comes

You will pack and unpack this bag so many times, second guessing yourself or changing baby’s outfit to come home in. That’s ok! This is common and that is because you change your mind, you find something you think is better or you just want to make sure you are 100% ready.

16. Tell your partner

Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for awhile or this is just a surprise, find a fun way to let your partner know the news.

baby bucket list

17. Have lots of sex

Now that you are pregnant, might as well add “have lots of sex with my partner” to your baby bucket list. Couples enjoy this time – when baby comes, it may be awhile.

18. Continue to date your partner

Pregnancy does not mean your life is over or should change dramatically. Continue to work on your relationship and plan date nights!

baby bucket list

19. Play music for your baby

As you get further along in your pregnancy and can feel kicks, play music for your little bundle of joy.

20. Exercise

If you want to continue to get exercise while pregnant, you should. There are tons of classes specifically for pregnant women. You could do yoga or anything that works for you.

21. Make a baby registry

If you are having a baby shower, don’t miss this baby bucket list moment. Your friends and family will shower you with some of the gifts on your registry, so think about what you really need.

22. Stock your fridge and pantry for after baby arrives

Being prepared once baby arrives is going to better help you. Try and prepare your pantry, fridge and freezer so you can easily get things and not have to spend an hour making a meal when you are exhausted.

23. Read lots of books and magazines

There is a million books and magazines on everything pregnancy and life with baby. Take some down time to put your feet up and read from other mothers what to expect.

baby bucket list

24. Enjoy a prenatal spa day

You deserve to relax and be pampered, even when you are pregnant. Take a day to yourself and enjoy it.

25. Get maternity photos done

One of the best ways to commemorate your pregnancy with your partner is to get maternity photos done. These beautiful photos you can hang anywhere, and then show them to your kid as they get older.

26. Join parenting classes to learn basics

Classes always sound so boring, but there is much to be learned. Even though many times we feel like just winging it and hoping for the best, maybe when it comes to parenting, learning some basic information would be best.

27. Spend time with family and friends

This is the best time to spend your time with your friends and loved ones. After baby comes, your life changes, as does your free time. Enjoy these peaceful moments together.

28. Finish projects around the house

Sitting on unfinished projects? They will be harder to get to once you are a new parent. Try and get those wrapped up so you can enjoy your time with your newborn.

29. Create a budget

Babies cost money. Now would be a great time to have the finance talk and understand how much time you can be away from work and what things will cost to continue raising your little baby.

30. Schedule newborn photos

If your baby bucket list doesn’t include newborn photos, add it right now!! Make sure to schedule in advance as photographers book up and you will have a small window of time to get these taken when they are still sleeping most of the day.

baby bucket list ideas


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