What Is A Bucket List? And Do You Need One?

What is a bucket list? It is a list that you compile in any area of your life of things you hope to achieve before you kick the bucket (die). While bucket lists have been around for a long time, they really gained popularity when the movie “The Bucket List” put it into visuals. Seeing other people live out their dreams before death really encouraged people to think about how they live with the time that they have.

The beautiful thing about making your own list(s) is that they pertain to you and no one else. So while you may find yourself completing items on your list with others, it is not a requirement. You can check off items solo, with a group of people, or just one other person. There is no rule here for that, just as long as you complete what is on your list.

what is a bucket list

What is a bucket list and do you need one?

A bucket list can be a collection of really anything that you want to complete before you die. And of course we have no way of knowing how long we will have to complete the list but with each thing we complete off our list, we feel more accomplished.

There are a lot of different types of bucket lists, for example, say you lived in America and wanted to make a USA bucket list of things to complete in your country, you would figure out what things most appeal to you and add them to the list. The great thing about bucket lists is that they can be changed at any time. You can add new things as you discover them and/or start new lists as you complete them.

Deciding to make your list is a very personal decision. You will hear people in passing say things like “Oh, that is on my bucket list!” We may verbalize a strong desire to do something but may not actually have built a list.

By making a list in whatever vertical you desire (travel, food, personal, seasonal, etc) you can really put pen to paper and take actionable measures to get the things and experiences done that you want to do. Without the list, you can easily forget about all the things you want to see/do/accomplish.

Recently I have been thinking about all the free time I have this fall and all the cool fall things I never get to. For example: carving pumpkins, going to a cider mill, picking my own apples and making a pie, watching tons of Halloween movies, fall foliage drives, and so on. Knowing I have all this free time, I was inspired to create a fall bucket list so that I can try and get to as many of these items this year as possible. Whatever I don’t finish I can save for the following year(s).

If you are asking yourself about how to make a bucket list of your own, here are some easy resources:

  • Word Document
  • Canva – it is free
  • Notes section in your phone
  • Good old colored ens or pencils and paper

What does bucket list mean?

This is a list of things you want to complete in your life before you ultimately pass away.

Now some lists do have time limits on them before death. For example: if you did a before 30 bucket list, the deadline for this list would actually be your 30th birthday. A list like this is usually designed by someone in their 20’s who wants to accomplish a lot in the decade between birthdays.

Other lists with expiration’s:

  • Bucket list for teens
  • College bucket list
  • High school bucket list

Why is it called a bucket list?

Because you will one day kick the bucket – AKA pass away.

People love making these lists because it gives them something to focus on in life and to stay on track to challenge themselves or reach goals. Some people make five and ten year goals for their lives for maybe personal goals like in their careers or to get married and have kids. You can easily make one of your 10 year goals and turn it into a decade list to complete.

So do you think you will make some of your own? Nothing feels more rewarding than checking these items off one by one. You can always look back and say “wow, I did that.” There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with completing your dreams.

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