VIP Traveler Review: Visiting Bucket List Destinations The Easy Way!

Everyone has their own bucket list destinations they want to visit in their travels. What if I told you that you could book a trip with ease, to top travel bucket list destinations around the world with VIP Traveler?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, to say the very least. When you add top bucket list destinations to the mix, you feel pressure to make it perfect. VIP Traveler takes all the guess work out and creates extraordinary luxury travel packages available each month.

Each trip is limited and based on a first come first serve basis. So you will want to make sure to check back frequently (or even get on their email list) to see what is new and if your bucket list vacation is on the list.

If you are looking to visit some of the most sought after destinations like Maldives, Seychelles, Turks & Caicos, go on a safari, and more – then VIP Traveler is for you. Let them plan your dream bucket list vacation through their carefully curated packages.

Bucket List Destinations


What is VIP Traveler and how does it work?

The way VIP Traveler works is that they put together incredible luxury travel packages with their partners to bring you the best price AND perks, that are only available by booking with them.

Some of the most popular packages that I have come across, with immense savings and perks, are luxury trips to Maldives. VIP Traveler has had packages that are 7 nights in a luxury overwater bungalow with a private pool, all-inclusive food and alcohol, round trip domestic transfers to the resort, spa services, and so much more.

The best part about booking one of these bucket list destination packages that they create, is that you can either select your dates when you book OR pick later, once you figure out a time that works for you. Unlike most travel deals you find online, there is no pressure to select dates immediately or risk losing the deal.

Is VIP Traveler legit?

YES! Having traveled with VIP Traveler and had the trip exceed my expectations was amazing. I know booking things online can sometimes make us feel like a price is “too good to be true,” but VIP Traveler is legit and their offerings are amazing.

When I saw they had a deal for the Dominican Republic for $1699 and it was all-inclusive (at a luxury resort that celebrities frequent) – I knew I had to go. I actually priced out the same deal with 3rd party booking providers and the resort itself and the cost was $2,000+ more than the deal VIP Traveler was able to secure.

This was a no-brainer! Bucket list destinations with prices like this are a must get.

Signing up for VIP Traveler + using the bucket list feature

When you sign up for VIP Traveler, for either a paid or unpaid membership, you get easy access to the bucket list feature which allows you to customize your picks of top destinations you want to visit. VIP Traveler works to find you incredible getaways in these destinations which in turn takes the planning off your shoulders.

More so, they may even find you the perfect vacation that you didn’t know you wanted. As an avid traveler by passion and work, I always find new hotels and resorts I didn’t know about that I add to my list. Same thing happened when I booked a trip with VIP Traveler. I had never known about Casa de Campo and I was overly impressed with the stay.

VIP Traveler Review – my experience booking bucket list destinations

I took a trip through VIP Traveler to the Dominican Republic to Casa de Campo Resort and Villas and was completely blown away at what my package included.

Bucket List Destinations

I got a five night stay for two adults that was all-inclusive and included two 60 minute massages. What I found to be most incredible about the deal was the all-inclusive aspect.

The resort isn’t a true all-inclusive, but they allow you to add this perk on, which if you do it through the resort, can cost thousands for five nights. Since the resort isn’t billed as an all-inclusive, the food is outstanding.

When they said all-inclusive, they meant it. I ate some of the most insanely delicious food during my entire stay.

The resort was massive, so when you arrive they give you a golf cart to use for the duration of your stay. You can take it to the beach, various restaurants and all throughout the property.

But one of the best features, was the golf course, Teeth of the Dog! Hands down, one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean and the views are outstanding. If you love golf – this is the resort for you!

Overall, my experience using VIP Traveler was incredible. I think they have created this incredible site that really brings travelers a full service package of things they didn’t even know they wanted. Which in turn. elevates your experience during your travels.

Having traveled all over the world and to some of the best bucket list destinations, planning travel can be as easy or as hard as you make it. But trust this review – VIP Traveler having their negotiated luxury travel experiences ready to purchase, was a game changer.

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