Ultimate Food Bucket List For The Foodie Who Loves To Eat

Are you looking for the ultimate food bucket list? We love eating as much as the next person. Whether it is through global travels or cooking in the kitchen, this list of bucket list foods should not be missed.

The best thing about food is that everyone prepares it different and if you go into with an open mind, you never know what you will discover that you love. Sometimes we are conditioned to think we won’t like something because of one bad experience or we just think we know we will hate it.

Always give things a second shot and be prepared to try some real foodie food. We gather what we think is the best food from around the world and that you can make from home.

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ultimate food bucket list

The Ultimate Food Bucket List

1. PB & J Brisket Sandwich from Jalapeno Bucks in Mesa, Arizona

You are already thinking “WHY?!” but believe us when we say, it just works. This might not be at the top of your Arizona bucket list, but it should be. If you are planning your USA bucket list, please, please make sure you stop here when visiting the Phoenix area of Arizona. You will not regret this choice.

2. Halo Halo in the Philippines

This popular dessert in the Philippines is the ultimate food bucket list treat. There are a lot of ways this is made and it may sound strange, but it somehow just works. We have found that UBE is the best add on, which you can get in the form of ice cream. You will also find ingredients like: shaved ice, condensed milk, beans, tapioca pearls, and so on.

3. Dine at a Michelin Star restaurant

It does not matter which one you choose to dine at around the world, just do your research and make sure the restaurant is serving something you would be interested in eating. An easy going one star restaurant is Masseria. Noted as one of the best things on a Washington, D.C. bucket list, this Italian style food is incredible and the presentation is even better.

4. Liege waffles in Belgium

One might not know it, but Belgian waffles are not the most popular waffle in Belgium. In fact, Liege waffles are! These waffles are made with a crystalized sugar in them which gives them a thinner crispier bite.

5. A New York slice of pizza

One simply doesn’t visit and not eat a hot slice of fold over in your hand, devour in five bites, slice of pizza. Most likely from a walk up shop on the street. This bucket list food dish is well known and a staple in the city. Pizza is actually the number one food consumed in America, but it differs from place to place.

ultimate food bucket list

6. Coney Island hotdog in Detroit

One might not know it, but Michigan, Detroit specifically, has put out some outstanding ultimate food bucket list items. The coney is the most promising. This dog is loaded with chili, mustard and onions and it just slaps.

Ultimate Food Bucket List

7. Chicago style pizza

The pizza in Chicago is by far the deepest dish in the USA. If you love oozing cheese, decadent crust and a saucy mess – don’t miss an opportunity to get a pie.

8. King Cake during Mardi Gras

There is no shortage of flavor combinations when it comes to King Cakes, however, they are mostly sold around Mardi Gras in New Orleans. What’s unique about these pastry cakes is the plastic baby baked inside.

9. Pho in Vietnam

Sure, you can eat pho in a lot of places but nothing tastes better than real pho in Vietnam. This is like the real deal, food for foodies. It will be a game changer.

Ultimate Food Bucket List

10. Goulash in Hungary

Goulash is made differently in so many places, but of course Hungarian goulash is the best! Its saucy and full of flavor, which is why it should be on your foodie bucket list.

11. Make your own pasta

Even though pasta is easily one of the best foods in the world, you should give it a shot and make your own. It’s very easy and you will probably discover that you don’t want to buy pasta again .. unless you are somewhere amazing like Italy.

12. Eat paella in Spain

One of the most sensational dishes out of Spain is the paella, but it needs to be cooked right. If the rice is hard, it just won’t be the same. The beautiful thing about paella is that there are all sorts of add-ins from seafood, chicken, beef, or even vegetarian. Find one that works for your food bucket list.

13. Dole Whip from any Disney Park

Hands down the best ice cream in the world and the hardest to get. Very few places carry this pineapple treat, which happens to also be vegan! Some of the Disney Parks carry it and the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Oahu.

14. Raclette cheese on everything

Ok, you have had cheese, but have you had a slab of bubbly melting cheese on literally everything? THIS IS A MUST.

ultimate food bucket list

15. Macarons in France

A dessert fit for the ones with a sweet tooth. If you are planning out your Paris bucket list, do not miss the macarons. You can find them virtually on every corner. These light pastries with cream of sorts in between are all the rage.

ultimate food bucket list

16. Animal style fries and burger from In-N-Out

For burgers in America, In-N-Out is an institution. People travel just to eat here and you will soon find out why if you haven’t already. Their small menu is might fine because it allows them to focus on making the best items possible.

17. Spanakopita in Greece

When you are out checking off your Europe bucket list destinations, don’t skip Greece!! The food is phenomenal. Spanakopita is flaky puff pastry with cheese and spinach and you will find yourself asking for seconds and thirds.

18. Chilaquiles in Mexico

This super simple Mexican dish will keep you begging for more. It’s essentially tortilla chips soaked in salsa Verde with cheese. The toppers depend on the person. Most commonly you will see sunny side up eggs or chicken. Then of course, sprinkled with cilantro.

19. Baklava in Turkey

There is no better baklava in the world than in Turkey. You could walk the streets of Istanbul and find shops lined with baklava, floor to ceiling and there are so many shapes, sizes and flavors to choose from.

ultimate food bucket list

20. The finest sushi roll: The Ritz-Carlton Roll in Aruba

Sushi is not created equal. The finest sushi roll in the world is located in the Ritz-Carlton in Aruba in their sushi lobby and it is called the “Ritz-Carlton Roll.” It costs just under $40USD but worth every cent.

21. Chili from Cincinnati, Ohio

The 5 way chili in Cincinnati is unlike any other chili you have had before. There’s pasta and there is layers. It will also blow your taste buds right out of the water.

22. Large scoops of gelato in Italy

Can this even be a food bucket list if we don’t include the gelato in Italy? There is a shop on nearly every corner and some of the best flavors you can find.

ultimate food bucket list

23. Make your own pierogis

Sure, you can go to Poland and get real authentic pierogis, but you can also make them. They aren’t very hard and you can freeze them for a later date as well.

24. Cereal milk ice cream from Milk Bar

Imagine this: ice cream that is made from the milk of cereal. Ok, now go get it!

25. Tajine in Morocco

This traditional Moroccan dish comes in a variety of flavors and packed with spices that will drive you wild.

ultimate food bucket list

26. Feast on Poutine in Canada

Do you live fries? Cheese? Gravy? Ok, now you have poutine and you need it in your life. Thank us later.

27. Stroopwafel in the Netherlands

This crispy waffle with caramel in the center is just the street side treat you need. While you are checking things off your Amsterdam bucket list, make sure to pick up one of three of these bad boys to snack on.

28. The cheesiest fondue in Switzerland

No one makes a cheese fondue like the Swiss! Come hungry and ready to eat your weight in liquid gold. Your life will be forever changed after this earthly experience.

ultimate food bucket list

29. Attend the Cayman Cookout

This is the foodie event of the year, every year. Hosted by celebrity chefs Eric Ripert and Jose Andres at the Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman. This is an intimate event with the best chefs in the world cooking day in and out for all kinds of events.

30. Eat your weight in fudge on Mackinac Island

One simply visits Mackinac Island FOR THE FUDGE. Each shop will let you taste as much as you want for free.

Pro tip: if you eat your fudge fast enough, you can trick your fit bit into thinking you are running.

31. Malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery in Hawaii

These Portuguese pastries are served FRESH! Hot off the press and made to order. Doughy goodness with your choice of filling and topping. We think the custard filling and cinnamon and sugar topping is the best.

ultimate food bucket list

32. Eat the freshest poisson cru in Tahiti

When visiting the island of Tahiti, the most common dish you will find is poisson cru. This raw fish dish comes with some veggies, lime and coconut milk. Your life will never be the same after eating it for a week and you won’t be able to replicate it, so plan on checking off all the items on your Bora Bora bucket list, as you will be back for more.

33. Eat your weight in steamed crabs in Maryland

Unlike crab legs (both Alaskan and snow), Maryland offers residents and visitors alike the blue steamed crabs. They are smaller in size and you crack open the entire crab. Most notable is the Old Bay Seasoning they are covered in.

34. Beignets in Louisiana

Did you even visit Louisiana if you didn’t get covered in powdered sugar from beignets? Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans is widely popular and has the best in the state. So add that to your foodie bucket list.

ultimate food bucket list

35. Devour the handheld burrito at Tia Sophia’s in Sant Fe, New Mexico

There is two ways to order a burrito in Santa Fe: handheld or on a plate smothered. You decide, but they are both incredible.

36. Cherries Moobilee  Ice cream in Traverse City, Michigan

Ice cream is not created equal. This cherries moobilee ice cream in Traverse City, Michigan by Moomers is packed with you guesses it, cherries! But also: brownies, black cherry ice cream and swirls of hot fudge.

37. Giovanni’s Shrimp trunk in Oahu

When we say come prepared, we mean it. There is almost always a long line, nowhere to park, you dine outside, no restroom, and nowhere to wash your hands. So you need to plan for this but it is a MUST DO OAHU bucket list item.

Plan ahead for parking, bring wipes for your hands and use the bathroom before you arrive. OH and bring cash!

ultimate food bucket list

38. Eat a freak shake

This is definitely a sharable treat and for those who love sweets. At first glance it looks overindulgent, and it is, but you will soon find out that it is worth it. So add this to your food bucket list and try one of the hundreds of flavor options or make some of your own.

ultimate food bucket list

39. Texas barbeque

We can’t argue when we say Texas is known for its barbeque. Who’s to say who has the best? Just plan to eat a lot of it when you visit.

40. All the pasta you can find in Italy

I your ultimate food bucket list doesn’t include a trip to Italy to eat all the pasta, we suggest adding it right now. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not doing it.

Feeling fancy? Take a cooking class and learn from the people in Italy their own tips and tricks to making the perfect pasta.

ultimate food bucket list


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