May Bucket List Ideas To Keep Your Spring Full Of Fun

Looking for things to do late spring that you can add to your May bucket list? Then look no further! We have the best things to do in May to keep you busy all month long.

May is the end of your spring bucket list but there is still plenty to see in do in this month before you start working on your summer bucket list. The nice thing about May is that it is typically a transition month before it gets really warm outside and the kids are let out of school.

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May Bucket List Ideas

1. Have a picnic

The perfect end to spring is a grand picnic with your family or friends. You can hit the beach or a park and bring all the fixings. Just make sure to add this to your May bucket list!

2. Pick wildflowers

Before doing this, make sure you aren’t stealing from someone and that they won’t hurt you or give you a rash.

3. Star Wars Day

May the Force be with you! Every May 4th is Star Wars Day. Celebrate in style with all your best internet memes, dress up, binge watch the films – whatever you like.

4. Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Spring is a great time to get amazing fresh produce that you may not have seen during the winter months. With the amazing weather, this is a great outing. You can make a morning of it and maybe even make some new friends in your area.

5. Go Camping

Whether you go glamping, sleeping under the stars, rent an RV, or even a tent – make sure to check off some of the items on your camping bucket list! May is right before the heat of the summer and an optimal time to get outside and enjoy nature.

may bucket list

6. Make popsicles

May can be a warm month and a great time to work on your foodie bucket list by making your own popsicles!

7. Cinco De Mayo May 5th

In the USA, this day represents a long day of day drinking and shenanigan’s. Just know your limits.

8. Stand up paddle boarding

If you have never tried this before, now would be a great time. It does take a little skill and some upper body strength, but you will get the hang of it. If not, just laugh.

9. Take a road trip

There are so many great road trips you could plan. Check out this great USA bucket list for more options on best places to see.

may bucket list

10. Mother’s Day

Don’t forget to celebrate mom or the other moms in your life. They deserve all the praise, breakfasts in bed, shopping, and to be loved.

11. Attend weddings

May is one of the biggest months for weddings because the weather and blooms are amazing. Your May bucket list would not be complete without attending at least one.

12. Take an Alaskan Cruise

May is the start of the Alaskan cruise season. This is the perfect time to get into Alaska before the crowds and a top bucket list destination in the world!

13. National Brother Day

If you have a brother, even if it isn’t by blood, celebrate him! We all need to know we are loved and respected by our family. This is a great day to do something special for him.

14. Go to a drive-in movie

Perfect weather, sun is setting later and weekends are almost summer. Drive-in movies are a great way to see a double feature and eat snacks in your car.

15. Make a gigantic ice cream sundae to share

There is no limit to the size of this sundae. Just make sure you have people who can help you eat it. Your May bucket list would be incomplete without it.

16. Play mini golf

With the sun setting later and the great weather, mini golf is a great family activity, date night or even for solo fun.

may bucket list

17. Do a fun photoshoot

With all the beautiful blooms popping up, May is a great time to get photos done of yourself or family. You can really get creative with lighting and whatever you find outside. Just have fun with it.

18. Read a book outside

Nature is one of the best healers. Just being outside is good for the soul. Take a good book outside and do some reading.

19. Have a game night

Get your friends or family together and host a game night. Loser buys the pizza.

20. Memorial Day

At the end of May, a three day weekend comes where we remember those who have sacrificed everything. This is a great time to visit Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. and pay respects to those who gave all.

21. Tie dye clothes

Grab the kids or friends and everyone make their own tie dye masterpiece. Take photos when you are done for a fun photoshoot.

22. Catch fireflies

Fireflies are such beautiful bugs. After you catch them in a jar, make sure to release them back into the wild.

may bucket list

23. Host a fun spring dinner party

Break out the pastels and go wild. If the weather is amazing, consider grilling and making cocktails.

24. Visit the National Parks

No May bucket list would be complete without a trip to at least one National Park. This is the time right before they get busy because kids aren’t quite out of school. If you visit the Grand Canyon, check out these other amazing things to do in Arizona while you are there.

25. Kentucky Derby

Dates fluctuate for this, but in 2021 it goes through May 1st. Make sure to wear a fancy hat, party dress and make mint juleps.

26. Go shopping for summer clothes

With summer around the corner, it is time to splurge and get all the clothes for three months of fun!

27. National Hamburger Day

Celebrate National Hamburger Day on May 28th by eating your favorite burger OR find a new burger you have never tried. Share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalHamburgerDay

28. Visit Bora Bora

May is one of the best months to check things off your Bora Bora bucket list. The weather is great and it is just about to be high season. You can still get good rates.

29. Make a lemonade stand

This is a great activity to do with the kids. PLUS they can earn a few bucks and see how much work goes into it.

30. Have a spa day

Treat yourself. You do not need a special day or month to do this, but May is great to get a refresh before summer starts.

31. See a sunset

Whether you head to the beach or just a rooftop view, make sure to add a sunset to your May bucket list. Go with friends or get cocktails for some added fun.

32. Watch a baseball game

Take me out to the ballgame! Get your beer, hotdog and peanuts and root for your team. Don’t forget the foam finger and to do the wave with the audience.

33. Do a 5k

May is easily one of the best months to run a 5K because the weather is great and it is right before the scorching heat of the summer, in many places. Do a fun one, it will keep you motivated. Like a Color Run!

34. Go kayaking

Even if you have never been kayaking, there is no time like the present to learn. May is a not so hot month, so this would be a great time to get out there. Don’t forget your sunscreen and make sure you know how to get out of your kayak if it slips over.

35. Dine outside

Your May bucket list should include dining outside. This could be under the stars on the beach. backyard, rooftop, or even your deck. Just make sure to enjoy these late spring moments.

36. Have a bonfire

Whether you decide to go camping or can have one at your home or a friends, make sure to grab stuff for s’mores. Bonfires are always better with s’mores.

37. Visit the zoo

The animals are ready to see you after a long winter. Make sure to see them all.

38. Wine tasting at a vineyard

One of the best May bucket list activities in winery hopping. You can pack a picnic, grab your friends and go tasting. If you find a wine you love, stick around. A lot of vineyards have live music, food and great places to hang out on the grounds.

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