Relationship Bucket List: Keeping Things Fun And Adventurous

If you are looking for things to add to your relationship bucket list, you have come to the right place. Thinking of every point of a relationship from beginning to decades down the road, this list has it all.

No matter where you are in your relationship, remember to always date your partner. For ideas, check out this date night bucket list. You want to keep an open line of communication with your partner and keep your relationship fun so it doesn’t get boring. Even when life gets tough, find something on this relationship bucket list and be with each other.

This list is similar to the couples bucket list but has more items.

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Relationship Bucket List – Keeping the Sparks Alive

1. Have a first date to remember

The interesting thing about first dates is that you never know if its going to be magic or a disaster. Either way, you will have a story to tell that will be memorable. So act your best on every first date because you never know who your future partner is.

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2. First kiss

Your relationship bucket list will surely have a first kiss and you will always remember it. I would not get too hung up on it having to be in the most perfect place or trying to plan something extravagant or the moment is lost. Just go with the flow.

3. Choose a song for your relationship

Often times songs just come to us in our relationships. Maybe it was on when you first met, a first dance, in the car driving somewhere and you both loved it, or you picked it. Whatever it is, listen often and cherish each other in these moments.

4. Purchase your home together

Ahh.. in love and ready to buy a home together. This is a big commitment both personally and financially. Make sure you are doing it with your perfect person and not just to do it.

This will be your home together and you build your life in these walls and experience the highs and lows that life brings you.

relationship bucket list

5. Adopt an animal

When you are both ready to care for another being and have the time and resources, adopt a pet. The joy and love an animal brings into a household is amazing. You will be so amazed at how quickly you and the animal become attached to each other.

Then you’ll be wondering how you ever did life without this furry delight.

6. Travel somewhere new every year

This is a great time to cross items off your USA bucket list, Europe bucket list or travel bucket list.

Decide together where you want to visit and consider alternating travel styles. Maybe do beachy resort trips one year and then city exploration the next. Just don’t stop exploring, even if it is local.

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7. Live together

Your relationship bucket list should include living together at some point. If you do not believe in doing this until marriage, that is ok. Or if you prefer to do it before marriage, that is ok too.

Living with your partner allows you to see how they live day to day and their habits better. It can also show you how you both would work together under the same roof. Remember that compromise, communication and shared duties will keep the relationship healthy.

8. Build something from IKEA

If you want to test your relationship and see if it can go the distance. Go find something at IKEA with a bunch of pieces and build it together. If you can both survive this, you can do anything.

9. Have weekly date nights

Don’t stop dating your partner. You want to keep the communication and excitement alive in your relationship. Even if you are on a tight budget, pick budget friendly dates like a picnic at the park or beach, sunset walks or even get dollar menu items and go park somewhere fun and make out.

If you are feeling like splurging, try new restaurants, go to concerts or live shows, take cooking classes, and so on.

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10. Renovate a room or rooms in your home

If your relationship bucket list doesn’t include a renovation, add one. You do not have to gut a room entirely to renovate or remodel it. If you don’t know how to do something, leave it to the experts and try something easier like a remodel or painting or wallpaper and redecorating.

11. Get engaged

Getting engaged to your person is a big step in the relationship. You are committing to someone to marry them and spend forever together. If you have found your person, add this to your relationship bucket list and get started on your forever.

relationship bucket list

12. Plan your dream wedding

No wedding is wrong. Want to host 300 of your closets friends in the most elaborate fairytale scenario? Maybe you want to elope? You could plan a destinations wedding or run off to the court.

What matters is your commitment to each other and that you love and cherish each other. No dream is too big or small when it comes to your wedding.

13. Get a will made

While getting a will made sounds morbid, it should absolutely be on your relationship bucket list. Why? Because in the unforeseen event that one of you passes, you want to make sure the other is protected.

Make sure you both have life insurance and that you both have a will set up so that things are taken care of how you plan them to be. You do not want to stick someone with mounds of debt while grieving.

14. Get married

Ready to say YES to your forever person? Walk down that aisle in whatever you have decided in seal the deal! Celebrate however you want with whomever you want. Just make it special.

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15. Go on a honeymoon somewhere tropical

Thinking about a romantic honeymoon after the wedding? One of the most popular honeymoon destinations is French Polynesia. Check out this Bora Bora bucket list for things to do besides staying in a dreamy place in a an overwater bungalow.

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16. Make friends locally for double dates

Every couple should have other couple friends that they can enjoy dinners, shows and random dates with. If you don’t know anyone already, consider trying to connect with acquaintances or older friends who are in relationships that you haven’t spoke to in awhile.

Alternatively, you could meet other couples through church, shared interests, ask friends if they know anyone and for an introduction, or you could just post an ad on Craigslist in the ‘strictly platonic’ section. Just make sure to note that you aren’t looking for swingers .. unless you are.

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17. Get on a fitness and nutrition schedule together

Eating the same foods and enjoying similar or same workouts can be good for the relationship.

If you are both eating entirely different foods, you are creating different meals and spending more money. Plus, you are never enjoying the same meal. It can be healthy for everyone to regularly be enjoying the same food in the house  or eating at the same restaurant.

18. Spend Saturday’s in bed

If you don’t have to work and have nothing going on, spend Saturday’s in bed with each other. The options are endless here. You can enjoy breakfast, play around, binge watch movies or TV, read books, or just sleep and relax.

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19. Watch each others favorite movies annually

Your relationship bucket list would not be complete unless you watched each others favorite movie at least once a year! Even if you hate it, overtime you will come to understand your partner better and why they love it so much. Who knows, it may become one of your favorites too!

20. Grow your family

Now that you have found your person, grow your family. You could get an animal or even have kids. Just remember if you want kids, to plan your baby bucket list!

If you can’t have kids but really want them, consider adopting, foster care or other methods available. Don’t give up hope on growing your family.

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21. Get yearly photos done

This couple be just for fun like around different holidays or seasons or in a studio. Commemorate each year together so you can look back and see what you both looked like and how you felt in that moment.

22. Send out holiday cards together

Family and friends LOVE to see you happy and to hear from you. Tackle your holiday bucket list and get cards made together. It will be a fun little activity where you can et photos done or use some you have from the year.

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23. Leave little love notes

Sometimes we get so busy in our day to day lives that we forget about the small moments. Slip a little love note in your partners lunch, pocket or somewhere they will find it. Trust us, the smile it will leave can have a lasting impact.

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24. Decorate for your favorite holidays together

If you both have a favorite holiday(s), decorate together. Turn on the music that fits the season and deck the house out. Even if only one of you truly loves the holiday, maybe getting your partner involved and showing them how much it means to you will help them learn to love it.

25. Get a boudoir session done together

Nothing is sexier than a boudoir shot together. You can keep this for your private collection and to remember how in love and sexy you are. It does not matter how old you are or your size, everyone is beautiful and everyone should get these portraits done.

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26. Get frisky in all the rooms of your home

Who says sex is just for the bedroom? If its is your house, take advantage of it! No one has to know. And hey, when people are over you can give a sly look to your partner and they will always know exactly what you are talking about.

27. Celebrate anniversaries and milestones

Your relationship bucket list should include celebrating each other as often as possible. Don’t forget anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, or other milestones in your lives.

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28. Remember to treat each other with respect

At the end of the day, your partner should be your best friend and lover. There needs to be a mutual line of respect and understanding for your relationship to work.

29. Buy a car together

Ready to buy a sports car, sedan or maybe even a minivan for your growing family? Buy a car together that you both will own and enjoy.

30. Travel to see each others families at least once a year

No relationship bucket list would be complete without adding family traditions.

If your families live in different states, alternate holidays and make sure to keep it fair. You want to keep your families happy but also your sanity.

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