Quarantine Bucket List: How To Keep Yourself Busy At Home

Looking for things to add to your quarantine bucket list to keep you busy at home? Look no further. We put together a list that will keep you busy doing al sorts of things instead of staring at the wall in boredom.

Think of your quarantine bucket list as a way to get your life in order but also have fun with it. Quarantining is inherently not fun, but you can make the best of your time and come out on the other side better.

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Quarantine Bucket List: Ways To Occupy Yourself at Home

1. Organize your home

When you are stuck at home, there is no better to organize. This is a great way to pass time and get things under control.

2. Take the 5 Love Languages test

Single or taken, learn about your love language. This can help you tremendously in your current or future relationships. If you have a partner, get them to take the test too.

3. Listen to podcasts

There are so many fantastic podcasts available to listen to, you never know what might strike your fancy. Maybe a true crime podcast or a gossip column? Try and add one to your quarantine bucket list to keep things interesting.

4. Adopt a dog

Being in quarantine can remind us that we are lonely. Having a pet companion is a great way to share the love you have to give and to provide a home to a pet in need. However, do not get a pet just for the sake of it, it is a forever commitment. You can find fun things to do with your new love on our dog bucket list.

5. Meditate

Sometimes the anxiety and stress of being in one place can drive you mad. Make sure to meditate and clear your head to make space for positive thoughts and affirmations.

6. Start an online book club

The nice thing about reading is that it isn’t really a group activity and you can easily host an online book club via Zoom, to discuss thoughts and reactions when everyone is done reading.

7. Learn a new language

If you really want to maximize your time, add learning a new language to your quarantine bucket list. Granted, you may not learn a new language in a short amount of time, but you will have time to dedicate to it upfront that will hopefully inspire you to keep at it.

Maybe you start learning French, and then go to Europe and start crossing things of your Paris bucket list when your quarantine is over.

8. Get your free credit report

You can get a free credit report once a year! Take advantage of this and see if there is anything you need to fix.

9. Take a class online

If you really want to utilize your time, add an online class to your quarantine bucket list. You could come out of it having strengthened a skill or having learned something entirely new.

10. Renovate a room

You could redo the entire thing or just go for a spruce up by adding new elements like paint or even art. A change of space can be good for the soul.

11. Take on a side gig at home

Have a skill that people will pay for? Up your quarantine bucket list by making some side cash to spend when its over.

12. Make a family tree

Having free time allows you to work on things that you never seem to have time for. This is a great time to explore your ancestors and see who was in your family tree.

13. Clean up your phone

Everyone’s phone has thousands of emails and contacts you never speak with. Sort it, delete it, clean it. This is just one stage of life organization that can feel like a weight has lifted.

14. Take up a new hobby

Is there something you always wanted to try but couldn’t find the time? There is no time like the present! You could learn to knit, cook, learn photography, etc.

15. Read more books

You don’t have to start or be in a book club to read. Make a list of books you would like to read and get to reading. This is an easy way to pass the time and gets you away from screen time.

16. Start a social media channel for your pet

People love pets and gravitate towards them on social media. They are one of the most shared videos and photos across the internet. Make a fun account for your pet, you never know, they could be the next big social media star!

17. Watch TED Talks

These easy to watch talks can really lend some perspective to whatever you are seeking and there is seemingly a talk on everything. You could watch one every morning and never run out.

18. Workout

Being at home can cause you to move less and gravitate towards more time on the TV and in front of electronics. Don’t forget to move in whatever capacity you can. There are tons of online workouts for free on YouTube or you could get your own DVD’s and equipment.

19. Start practicing gratitude

If you don’t already, your quarantine bucket list should have a gratitude journal on it. You don’t need anything fancy. Just write down the thigs you are thankful for and be mindful of what is going on around you and in the world. It can really change your perspective.

20. Clean up your resume

One thing that seems to never change is the resume and that’s because you get comfortable in your career or don’t plan to leave. However, you never know when the “dream job” will fall at your feet, so head over to Canva and use their free resume builder to make an amazing, standout resume.

21. Have an at home spa day

You don’t have to go to the spa to enjoy a spa day. Have fun with it! Make your own masks, do your nails, make a hair mask, exfoliate and lotion, you deserve it. Take time for yourself.

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22. Binge watch a tv show or three

Don’t feel like your quarantine bucket list has to have you running ragged all over your home bettering yourself. Give yourself some grace and do whatever makes you feel comfortable, even if that means watching 10 seasons of a show back to back.

23. Sharpen your cooking skills

Whether you are a new cook or advanced cook, there is always something new to learn. You could try a new cookbook, take an online cooking class or jump head in and try a meal delivery service that you prepare and cook the entire thing.

24. Leave reviews for your favorite places

Most people never leave reviews for the places they love. Now would be a great time to give back and leave those glowing reviews. Companies appreciate them more than you can imagine.

25. Clean up your email inbox

The one thing that is constantly overwhelmed, unless you are already on top of it, is the email inbox. Use this time to sort and/or delete emails. You will feel 10 times better not looking at those large numbers of unread emails and notifications.

26. Write an e-book

You can write and publish an e-book absolutely free on Amazon. If you have an expertise or knowledge about something you want to share, why not jump right in. The most beautiful thing about having an e-book is that you become self published.

27. Watch documentaries and learn new things

All of the streaming channels, internet and cable is full of documentaries about everything. You could learn about some many different things and you might even discover that you love them. So add at least one documentary to your quarantine bucket list.

28. Do a 1000+ piece puzzle

Taking on this challenge will take some time and a little skill, but once you get it put together, you will see how accomplished you feel. It takes time and dedication to work through a 1000+ piece puzzle. You will also learn the art of patience.

29. Find a pen pal

This is sort of an outdated practice but it could be fun to get one anyway. Back in the day, people had pen pals all over the world. It may be easier to have an email pen pal nowadays, but nothing wrong with going old school.

30. Sharpen your interview skills

You know those questions they ask that you second guess yourself on like “what are your weaknesses?” Those are designed to get you tell them your flaws. Sharpen your skills and learn how to be honest but in a better light.

31. Start meal planning and learning to not waste food

Often times things get thrown away or go bad before they can be used. Take time in your quarantine bucket list adventures to learn how to meal prep and never let things go to waste.

32. Build a fort with your family

You can add this to your family bucket list as well – build an amazing fort and spend time reading and sleeping over. The kids will love it.

33. Breakfast in bed with your partner

Life gets busy, but now that you have free time at home, enjoy the little things. Have a breakfast in bed kind of morning with your partner and explore other options on your couples bucket list. Never know where the day will take you.

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34. Start a Pinterest account

If you don’t already have one, get one! This is a great place to find, well, everything! You can create boards for things you want to do like renovating, cooking, recipes, fashion, travel. etc.

35. Research and plan your next trip

Don’t let your quarantine bucket list keep you down. Now is a great time to research and plan your next trip. You can plan out your itinerary, budget, check out all the hotels and activities. That way when your quarantine is over, you will be ready to tackle your travel bucket list.

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36. Jump around on your couch and burn off your energy!

Quarantining can be exhausting in many ways. Have a dance party on your couch or bed and burn some calories and energy!

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