New Years Eve Bucket List: Ultimate List Of Ways To End The Year

If your New Years Eve bucket list needs some ideas, we have you covered.

Every single year, like clockwork, on December 31st at midnight, the year changes. For a lot of people, this is the time to start new resolutions, meet goals, advance their careers, or just keep living a dang good life.

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new years eve bucket list

New Years Eve Bucket List Ideas

1. Go to an epic party

Seems the end of the year is the best time to go all out and rage! Wherever you are, find that epic party and go all out. You will never get to celebrate in this year again, so make it count.

new years eve bucket list

2. Shop for a fancy outfit

It is the end of the year after all, treat yourself one last time. Whether you are going to the best party of the year or just hanging out with friends or family, look the most iconic you have looked all year. It will boost your confidence and take you into the new year feeling good.

3. Leave behind all the stuff that weighed you down in the current year

You cannot start a new chapter of your life bringing in all the stuff that weighed you down this year. People, jobs, bad habits – whatever they are, leave them behind, your new years eve bucket list is begging you!

4. Say goodbye to bad relationships and friends

New Years Eve is supposed to be a happy time so saying goodbye to people can seem sad, but the reality is, it will lift the dead weight off your shoulders and give you more clarity and room for better people to enter your life in the new year. You DESERVE to be around people who treat you with respect, support you and uplift you.

5. View fireworks from the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong

Looking for an epic adventure? Head to Hong Kong and see the dazzling fireworks from the 118th floor of The Ritz-Carlton! You will have the best view in the city and be at an epic destination to ring in the new year!

Hong Kong

6. Host a dinner to celebrate life and the year ending

Ending the year by throwing a dinner party is an iconic way to celebrate with both friends and/or family. Feeling festive? Host a themed dinner party like a murder mystery or Gatsby!

new years eve bucket list

7. See the Northern Lights

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a place that has regular viewing of the beautiful Northern Lights, plan a trip somewhere epic like Iceland, Norway, Finland, or even Alaska! Fairbanks, Alaska puts on an incredible display of lights in the sky and should be on your USA bucket list.

northern lights

8. Attend a wild party in Berlin, Germany

One of the very best cities to spend New Years Eve in the entire world is in Berlin, Germany! Berlin is known for its insane parties they throw that go all night.

new years eve bucket list

9. Write down your resolutions for the next year

No New Years Eve bucket list would be complete without starting your resolutions you want to start working on the next day. You wake up on January 1 and life feels new. You get a fresh start.

10. See the ball drop in New York City at Times Square

Since 1907, people have flocked to Times Square to see the dazzling ball drop at midnight. New York is in the first time zone in America to celebrate the new year, and New York City has become a prime destination to celebrate.

times square

11. Kiss at midnight

One of the best ways to complete your New Years Eve bucket list is with a kiss! Longtime lover, spouse, date, or even a friend – don’t miss this opportunity to share a moment of happiness.

new years eve bucket list

12. Stay at a ski resort

Digging a more lowkey wintery vibe for your celebrations into the New Year? Check out one of the many sku resorts around the world and treat yourself to a day on the slopes followed by an even of celebrations. Don’t forget the champagne!

ski resort

13. Take down holiday decorations

There is no better way to enter the new year than to take down everything and start anew. You don’t want to start fresh with stuff from the year before looming. Make it a priority to get the holiday decorations taken down and put away.

holiday decorations

14. Party all night

No matter where you are in the world or who you are with, make it special and party all night. You can go as lowkey or as crazy as you want, just make it memorable.

15. Stay in a glass igloo

Looking to also check off one of your Europe bucket list items? Head to Finland and stay the night in a glass igloo. You have a good chance to see the Northern Lights AND it will be magically covered in snow.

new years eve bucket list

16. Buy an expensive bottle of champagne and celebrate

Even though everyday should be a celebration of life, New Years Eve is a celebration of another year done. Splurge and buy the good stuff!


17. Take a vacation somewhere new

This would be a really fun addition to your yearly activities. Go some place new and celebrate the new year! Celebrations happen all around the world from epic parties, beaches, snowy escapes, and more. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for an incredible beach destination, head to French Polynesia and start checking off items on your Bora Bora bucket list!

bora bora

18. Visit Samoa and be in the first place to welcome the New Year

Does your New Years Eve bucket list include being the first to celebrate the new year? Then head to Samoa where the year starts first! Bonus,

19. See the biggest and best fireworks at Sydney Harbor in Australia

One of the best and most spectacular fireworks display for New Years Eve is in Australia. The country celebrates well before the USA, so you would be one of the first to ring in the New Year and in style!

new years eve bucket list

20. Declutter your house

There is a freeing feeling letting go of the stuff that weighs you down, clutter included. You work and live better in a space that is clean and organized. When your space is clean and free ot stuff everywhere, you can focus. Allow yourself this gift to be more focused in the New Year.

21. Go on a cruise

Looking for a little adventure? Take a cruise! The nice thing about cruising during New Years Eve is that there will be a celebration on board and some ships even port in destinations until late at night so you can enjoy the city offerings.

There are global cruises happening at this time of year, so you will have a large pick of destinations.


22. Stock your fridge with healthy food

Preparing to start eating better on January 1? The best way is to be prepared. Stock your fridge with the healthy foods you need so that when you wake up you aren’t immediately drawn to ordering greasy foods.

Having that organized stocked fridge of goodness will help keep you on your path.

fridge of healthy food


23. Get a fun manicure

Bring out the glitter and all the designs, this New Years Eve is about to be epic. If you are only treating yourself to one epic nail design a year, let it be now. Slay the new year.

fun manicure

24. Write yourself a letter about the year and open it next year

Write it down, the good and the bad. Write it to yourself about the highs and lows and the changes you are making/need to make. Document your mistakes and how you learned/hope to learn from them. Then open it the following year and see what has changed.

Sometimes you don’t see growth but having that visual documentation can help you.

Then repeat.

new years eve bucket list

25. Get photo booth photos done

Grab the friends, family, significant other, kids, or solo. Get your yourself a sleeve of photos to document the end of the year. Bonus points if the photo booth has fun props to use.


26. Plan a proposal – get engaged

Whether you are planning the amazing proposal or getting engaged, New Years Eve is a great time to do it. Each year you will have a dual reason to ring in the new year!

new years eve bucket list

27. Use disposable cameras to document the day

Looking for an unfiltered/staged way to document your entry into the New Year? Have everyone bring a disposable camera and then get the prints developed. You will have so much more fun not worrying all day about “getting the shot” and this will allow for more candid moments.

28. Drop the kids off with gran!

Looking for some time alone or with your partner away from the kids? Drop them off with gran or another suitable sitter. You deserve a night away – make it happen and reconnect.

29. Rent a limo

Get a limo for the night so no one has to be a designated driver. Everyone can celebrate the end of the year together. Plus, limos are usually stocked with drinks so you can get the party started and continue it wherever you are!

new years eve bucket list


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