Girls Bucket List: 50+ Ways To Empower Yourself Throughout Life

Looking for the best things to add to your girls bucket list? This comprehensive list covers things through all stages of life. As women, we sometimes forget how much power we actually have and all the things we can do.

Hopefully this list serves as a reminder of things to add to your bucket list and new ways to enjoy life, no matter where you are in life.

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Ultimate Girls Bucket List

1. Meet the girls who will be your soulmates for life

Learn early on that the girls in your life who are the keepers will be the ones that remain through everything. It is ok to leave stages of your life without having 100+ friends. If you die with the same few friends you had your entire life, you were rich in so many ways.

2. Attend a formal

Whether this happens in middle school, high school, college, or even a holiday party – TREAT YOURSELF TO THAT DRESS. Very few moments in our lives do we get to dress up and play the princess.

girls bucket list

3. Learn to paint your nails

It does not matter what age you get interested in nail polish, but perfect it and learn to paint both hands.

4. Enjoy a spa day

You should reward yourself whenever possible simply because you deserve it. You do not need a reason to have a spa day. Even if you make your own stuff and do it at home, this is a great way to relax and feel renewed of stress.

5. Fall in love

There is simply nothing greater than the feeling of love and being loved, which is why every girls bucket list should have falling in love at least once.

6. Have your first kiss

Every girls bucket list has a first kiss. We grow up thinking about it and usually it is not the foot raising glory we anticipate it to be. But we always remember it.

7. Graduate high school

Graduating high school is like a rite of passage into adulthood no matter what age you are. Enjoy these four years and make sure to check off as many high school bucket list ideas as you can. It goes fast.

girls bucket list

8. Skip school … at least once

We all did it at some point. Whether it was for a boy, to smoke cigarettes or to just feel like a rebel and get one past our parents.

9. Get your first job/career

Girls mature much quicker than men, so getting a job at a younger age is not uncommon, especially if your parents tell you that you have to pay for your phone or designer clothes, etc. It’s important to have these first jobs to understand just how hard you have to work for a dollar.

As a career, you get to navigate what you do and don’t like and ultimately find something you are truly passionate about.

10. Master the art of a resume

Your girls bucket list has to have “mastering a resume” on it. Resumes can get jobs. GREAT resumes can land amazing jobs that pay even better or end up in dream positions. Canva is a fantastic site that is free that can help you elevate your resume building.

Don’t lie on your resume, but definitely do some research about how you word things that make you look much better.

11. Have a sleep over with your girls

There is no age limit on a girls sleepover. 10, 15, 21, 35, 50. It is all the same. The big difference is the beverages we choose to drink. This is a unique time to really bond, uninterrupted, with the women in your life that you love.

girls bucket list

12. Go to prom

If you have a date or not, you deserve to be the queen that you are. Buy the shoes, the dress, get your hair done – and show those boys who never looked your way why you are perfect the way you are!

girls bucket list

13. Stand up for yourself

This may be the hardest thing to face at some point in your life, but taking a stand for yourself is one of the most empowering things you can do.

14. Learn survival skills camping

If you have not started a camping bucket list – now would be a great time to dip your toes in. You can learn a lot about sleeping outside and learning to live off the land and survive. You never know when you will need these skills down the line.

15. Get into your first pick college

Applying for colleges can be daunting. Just remember, take your time, write an epic essay, and know that you are worthy and valuable.

16. Be in a wedding

People in your life will inevitably get married. Being in a wedding can be a lot of work but it is also a privilege to be asked. Enjoy the festivities – just don’t get too drunk or embarrass anyone.

17. Join a sorority

If your college bucket list doesn’t have joining a sorority, add it now. These girls you meet will be your lifelong friends. You will be in or attend their weddings, they will be the ones you turn to and them you for networking and jobs. This will become a large family of friends to you.

18. Join a sports team

It doesn’t matter what sport you join or when, just try something new. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to play in high school or even as an adult. The goal is to have fun first, learn and hopefully win.

19. Start a social media account and document something you are great at

Whether you want to document your travel bucket list, become a foodie or take photos of one of your passions – you never know what will take off and the community you can build.

20. Get engaged

We dream of the day that our partner gets down on one knee or plans some circus surprise to ask us to be theirs. Cherish this moment and love your partner.

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21. Go on a trip somewhere new every year

There are so many fantastic places to see in the world. Treat yourself to new trips and discoveries. You could visit Amsterdam and see the tulips blossom, go all out on a foodie bucket list trip, travel across Europe, see the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., or even take that amazing French trip to Paris you have been dreaming about.

The world is yours – have fun.

girls bucket list

22. Take a road trip

There are a lot of fantastic road trips all over the world. Some of the best ones are on the USA bucket list top recommended destinations. You could see the National Parks, drive Highway 1 or even check out the Miami to Key West route.

23. Take a solo trip to a new destination

For a girls bucket list, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to break outside of your comfort zone and experience a new place yourself. You will be surprised by what you learn about yourself in the process and how capable you really are.

Some of the best and safest solo travel destinations include: Bali, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and even Bora Bora.

24. Learn to make pasta

The art of learning to cook for ones self is quite the art. Learning to make pasta can be a new challenge for yourself. Pasta is shockingly easy to make, even if you do it by hand and it is only a cfew ingredients.

25. Visit the animal shelter

Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers or visitors to come in and play with the animals. These babies need lots of love and we girls have plenty to share. Consider spending some time here.

26. Live alone

Living alone at least once in your life is the most radical thing you can do for yourself. You learn self reliance, pay your own bills and become responsible for many things in your life. You will grow so much from this experience and learn so much about yourself.

You should try and do this before ever living with a partner.

27. Buy a car

New or used, it is new to you! There is a sense of freedom and relief that comes from owning something that is entirely yours that you had to work for.

28. Get married

Don’t feel pressured to get married just because you have it on your girls bucket list. Do it with the right person at the right time. There is no age gap or timeline for marriage. You would rather be married to the right person than spend your life with the wrong person, just because you had a timeline set for your life.

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29. Leave a career that is not meant for you

Making this leap of faith is hard, especially if you have many years invested into a company. But you know yourself better than anyone else and going somewhere 40+ hours a week is the majority of your life.

Don’t spend your days being miserable in your career. When you reach this point, it is time to move on.

30. Volunteer

There are so many organizations and people who need our help. Even if you can only spare a couple hours a month, that is a huge impact, especially if you see this happen among many people.

31. Own the perfect little black dress (LBD)

It is simply a rite of passage on every girls bucket list to find and own the perfect LBD!! You re going to need it for those hot dates, break up nights out, clubbing with the girls, etc.

32. Be brutally honest with yourself

We can be our worst enemy and allow ourselves to do things or continue things not meant for us. Have those radical self discovery talks with yourself. Understand that whats meant to be will be and try not to dwell on stuff that is out of your control.

33. Make a vision board

One of the best ways to plan for the future is to vision it. You may have all kinds of ideas swirling in your head, but putting on a vision board helps you to make them a reality.

34. Spend a day at the beach

Beach days are the best days! Catch a sunrise, sunset, go with your friends/family/partner, plan a picnic, go camping, or even just to lay in the sun. You deserve all the sunshine and happiness.

35. Wear a bikini

The only people who should wear bikinis are those with bikini bodies .. and those are people with bodies. Does not matter your age or size. Wear whatever you want girl.

36. Start a family

This big ticket girls bucket list item comes in many forms. There is no wrong way to start a family. Maybe you just want pets, a baby of your own or adopt a child. Maybe you have 10 of your own kids. Just surround yourself with your family.

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37. Attend a festival

Festival season is a big deal and more about the fashion than the actual music. Make a plan to go and do all the crazy outfits and hair styles. See if you love it.

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Single Girl Bucket List

Don’t for one second let being single keep you from living. You deserve to thrive at every stage of life! This single girl bucket list will keep you busy until you are ready to be in a relationship.

1. Treat yourself to a yoga/foodie/spa trip in Bali

What better way to find yourself than a trip to Bali for yoga, spa and eating delicious food? Oh, and add “luxury pool villa on the cheap” to your single girl bucket list while you are there. Treat yourself.

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2. Visit a museum

Exploring museums are a great solo activity. You don’t have to worry about if your guest hates it and you can move at your own speed. Stay for an hour or even eight. It is up to you.

3. Spend all day in bed

With no one around to question your decision or judge you, spend a day in bed. Read, binge watch tv, treat yourself to breakfast in bed or order a pizza. The day is yours – enjoy it.

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4. Learn a new language

Self growth is one of the best things you can add to your single girl bucket list. Use this time to figure out who you are and to challenge yourself to learn something new.

5. Take cooking classes

Whether you are preparing yourself for a partner down the line or just want to cook incredible food for you and friends or family, cooking classes are the way to go. You can even take them online, which is great if you feel more comfortable in your own kitchen.

6. Adopt a dog

Having companionship with someone everyday can be good for the soul. Dogs love to be with their owners and you can both provide a level of comfort to each other.

7. Take bubble baths frequently

Grab the wine, book of the week and bubbles and light the candles for your enjoyment. Treat yourself to relaxation. Life is hard enough – try and enjoy the smaller moments.

8. Read all the books

You could join a book club with other fabulous women or just read at your own leisure. Set lists of books you want to read or just browse the aisles at Target. There is always more and more books.

Alternatively, you could join the library and rent books for free.

9. Enjoy wine with your meals

Just because you are single does not mean you can’t enjoy wine alone. You love what you love and it is your life to enjoy. So have that cabernet or rose.

10. Teach yourself something technical

Being single can sometimes mean having to fix things on your own. It’s not a bad idea to learn how to fix certain things like basic computer technicalities, printers, TV, cable, WiFi, etc.

11. See a movie alone

The real bonus of adding this to the single girl bucket list is that you get the large popcorn and drink to yourself. And heck, go crazy and get a candy too.

Double bonus: someone won’t be whispering in your ear every five seconds.

12. Treat yourself to something ridiculously expensive

The concept of expensive is different to everyone, just treat yourself to whatever that is and fits your budget. Sometimes it feels good to see a paycheck in an item.

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13. Write a book

You do not need to be a writer by trade to write and publish a book. You can write about anything in the world and publish it for free as an e-book on Amazon.

14. Have a staycation

So often we get caught up with wanting to visit other places that we forget to explore our own backyards. Get out there and see what your city and surrounding areas have to offer. You just might surprise yourself.

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