Dog Bucket List: 50+ Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Planning your dog bucket list and looking for fun things to do? Sure, we love snuggling our pups in our home, but did you know there’s a whole world of adventure out there and fun things to do with your dog?

We have created this doggie bucket list to give you ideas from easy things to do at home to grand adventures. Having a dog should not limit your lifestyle. You might surprise yourself that your doggie would want to join you in a lot of your activities in life.

If you don’t already have a dog, now is a great time to check off your family bucket list and expand the family.

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dog bucket list

Dog Bucket List: 50+ Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

1. Adopt a dog

There are so many dogs without homes that are looking for loving people to take them in. You can contact your local pet centers and find the locations that have dogs up for adoption. Sometimes pet stores even do adoption days where you can walk in and see the pets available.

You can easily cross this off your couples bucket list at the same time.

dog bucket list

2. Create an Instagram account for your dog

Looking for epic fun thigs to do to your dog? Start them an Instagram account and make them famous just for being themselves.

3. Visit the dog parks in your area

Your dogs bucket list includes visit to the dog park, regularly. This is a great place to make friends and run out all that extra energy.

4. Teach them a new trick

Every dog bucket list should include tricks. Start with the easy ones like fetch and move onto more advanced tricks over time. Dogs are smart animals. You will be surprised how fast they catch on.

5. Go on hikes

For fun things to do with dogs, take them on hikes. Start with short easy hikes and see if they are into it. If they love it, slowly change up your trails and distance and ease to make sure they are comfortable.

6. Do a pet friendly winery day outside

Whether you live close to vineyards or travel to some, check to see which ones are pet friendly and take your dog with you. This is a great way to spend time outside with each other or with friends.

7. Tell your dog everyday they are a “good boy/girl”

Your dog bucket list should include telling them every single day that they are good. Affirmations daily let them know you love them.

dog bucket list

8. Watch the Puppy Bowl

Even you don’t make it into the puppy bowl, you can still watch it with your own pupper. Hey who knows, they may even learn a trick or two.

9. Turn the sprinkler on in the summer and get wet

When it comes to fun things to do with your dog, running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day takes the cake. For epic memories, hook up a waterproof camera outside to take videos and photos.

10. Stay in dog friendly hotels

Worried about leaving your dog when you travel? There is actually a lot of dog friendly hotels around the world and they really go all out for your furry friend. Some provide walking service, daycare, dog beds, treats, dishes, and so much more.

dog bucket list

11. Play a game of tug of war

By far one of the easiest games to play with your dog and should be on every doggie bucket list. You can get a toy from the store or even make your own with a sturdy sock.

12. Go for a swim

Even if your dog hates bath time, they may enjoy going for a swim with you. Just make sure to have a life jacket ready.

dog bucket list

13. Make ice cream or popsicle treats

Dogs love treats as much as we do, if not more! Make some dog friendly ice cream or popsicles for them to enjoy during the summer heat.

14. Dine out at a dog friendly restaurant

It is becoming increasingly more common for restaurants to have outdoor seating or patio dining for your furry friends to sit at your feet. Just make sure to keep them on a leash and behaved so you are not asked to leave.

15. Go camping

If you love camping, chances are your dog will love it too. They want to be with you and you are essentially creating a home away from home. Take them out and see if they enjoy it. Never know what you will learn about your pup.

Check out more fun things to add to your camping bucket list.

dog bucket list

16. Take your dog canoeing

Sure, they won’t be able to help you with the paddles but they make excellent company. Plus, you get to show them more of the world.

dog bucket list

17. Host doggy playdates

Get your dog socialized around other dogs as soon as you can so they stay friendly and playful. Make sure to organize playdates for them with

18. Take photos and videos to keep forever

We promise you when we say, take all the photos and videos. Unfortunately there will be a day when Fido is no longer with you and you will want to relive all those memories of your furry friend.

19. Throw your dog a birthday party

If your dog bucket list does not have a birthday party on it, add it. This is one of the best ways to celebrate your pupper and it is fun for everyone. For a hilarious twist, check off your funny bucket list and invite friends for the most eleborate birthday ever.

dog bucket list

20. Get all the cuddles

Dogs love their owners and being near them. Take all the cuddles you can get from your furry friends. We are their entire world.

21. Make bath time fun

Dogs either love or hate bath time. You want to ease them into it, but make it fun so it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. You want to make them feel safe and think it’s a fun time to play.

22. Treat doggy to a “Puppucino” from Starbucks

If you are already getting yourself a treat, why not let doggy get one too?

dog bucket list

23. Teach your dog one word commands

If your dog bucket list doesn’t have this, add it. Dogs are super smart and can easily adapt. They know people by name in the house that they hear all the time. You can teach them things like “outside” “up” “treats” “down” and so much more. Do word associations.

24. Get a picture taken with Santa

There is nothing cuter than dogs with Santa! Make sure to visit Santa on dog day and proudly display it for all your friends and family to see. You can cross this off your Christmas bucket list at the same time.

dog bucket list

25. Create paw prints in a mold

Saving your dogs paw prints is a great memento for the current time and also after they cross the rainbow bridge.

26. Make a big pile of leaves to jump in

Dogs LOVE to play and leaves are well, free. This is a great way to burn hours of fun and quality time.

dog bucket list

27. Get your dog a brother or sister

There may come a time when you are ready to give your dog a brother or sister. We would not recommend doing this unless you have the time, resources and capacity to take on another pet, but if you can, great.

28. Dress doggy up in fun costumes for Halloween

Make sure to get the dog a fun costume to hand out candy or go trick or treating. This Halloween bucket list idea is so fun.

dog bucket list

29. Go on an epic road trip

Planning a crazy USA bucket list road trip? Take Fido with you. It’ll give you company and they get to experience part of the world with you.

30. Get a photo drawn of doggy

Whether you go for a traditional print or something fun like a caricature drawing, it will be fun to have in the home.

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31. Make your own dog treats

The upside to making your own treats for the dog is that you know exactly what goes in them, and a very good chance it will be all whole ingredients that are good for them.

32. Create a cozy dog bed area that is just theirs to relax

As much as dogs love to be with us, they like to have a spot of their own as well. When you aren’t home or are busy, they will want to retreat there.

33. Plan a doggy picnic

Picnics with the entire family can be so fun. Just make sure to bring your dog some water and snacks too so they don’t feel left out.

dog bucket list

34. Go for a ride in a convertible

Every bucket list for dogs should have this activity. They love the wind in their hair and all the new scents they can now smell.

35. Spend a day at the beach

Whether you are chasing waves, building sand castles or even swimming. Man’s best friend wants to go with you.

dog bucket list

36. Make pumpkin treats in the fall

Dogs love pumpkin as much as we do. After you get into your fall bucket list and carve the pumpkin, make sure to make Fido some treats!

dog bucket list

37. Get a doggy massage

You know how we love to relax? So will your dog. Add a massage to his dog bucket list and he will repay you in kisses and cuddles.

38. Go for a drive with the window down

Let your dog ride with the window down to get a breath of fresh air.

dog bucket list

39. Take your dog to work day

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off your love to coworker. Just make sure they are well trained and that there is an area for them to be comfortable.

dog bucket list

40. Try new walking paths and distances for exercise

Dogs. not so surprisingly, love to be outside. All the new scents send their nose ablaze and gets them excited. Try new paths and distances to keep them entertained.

dog bucket list

41. Blow bubbles to chase

If you have a dog that chases his own tail, he will love chasing bubbles in the air. Keep him busy for awhile all while having fun.

42. Have holiday cards done

Everyone loves getting holiday cards with cute dogs PLUS the photos are always so darn precious. You can keep them forever. Make sure this is also on your holiday bucket list!

dog bucket list

43. Try stand up paddle boarding

If your dog loves being outside, put a lifejacket on them and see if they will sit on your paddle board with you.

44. Buy fun toys to try

Your dog bucket list should have buying new dog toys at least once a year. Keep them active and learning how to try new things.

45. Watch dog movies together

Dogs are surprisingly smarter than we think. Turn on a dog movie (especially animated ones) and watch their expressions in their face and ears.

dog bucket list

46. Attend doggy baseball day

Some of the Major League Baseball fields offer a dog day, which is a great opportunity to get on the field and run with your dog.

dog bucket list

47. Do a 5K

Looking for something outside of the box? Try doing a 5K with your dog and other runners and dogs. Just search for “dog activities near me” and you can see if any are in your area.

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48. Go shopping at a pet friendly store

Taking Fido to the store can be an adventure for both of you. Start with a place like pet stores that allow it and walk them to the dog treats or toys and let them get something.

49. Tell them you love them everyday

Saying “I Love You” takes two seconds to say but can fill up an entire 24 hour window of happiness. Make sure your dog bucket list has this on it daily.

50. Cherish every moment together

Unfortunately a day will come when doggy has to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Make sure to treasure every moment you have with your dog. You are their entire world.

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