Date Night Bucket List: Date Night Ideas To Keep Things Interesting

Planning dates doesn’t have to be boring if you have a date night bucket list you put together. Dates can be as budget friendly or as extravagant as you want. The important thing is that you are with the person and spending time with them.

Whether you have been together for a decade or this is a first date, you can use any of these date night ideas. If you have been together awhile, check out this couples bucket list for more ideas.

This date night bucket list comes with things that you can easily do with a few dollars or some planning and splurging. Just remember, there is no wrong way to date. One of these isn’t better than the other. Dating is about spending time together, wherever you decide to go.

Time is the most precious gift you can give someone. So make it count.

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date night bucket list

Date Night Bucket List – Date Night Ideas

1. Take a cooking class

Sure you can go out to eat but taking a cooking class you will get to learn how to make something entirely new AND eat what you made. This top date night bucket list option should be booked in advance and make sure your date doesn’t mind.

date night bucket list

2. Go skydiving

This is not for the faint of heart but if the two of you love adventure, take your date to new heights and do this together. Your bond will be stronger having jumped out of a plane together and you will have an epic story to tell.

sky diving

3. Take a flight to a new city

If you are looking for a date night bucket list idea that will require some planning but will be awesome, book a quick flight to another city and go have dinner and come back. Or you could stay overnight and return in the morning.

This would be a great time to look at your USA bucket list and see what overlaps. Depending on where you live, you maybe can do a quick trip to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or even Miami.

4. Wine tasting

Wine gets better with age, as does relationships. Seek out local places or vineyards that you both can go to and do a wine tasting. This is a great date night idea because you both get to try something new and talk about it. Bonus if you can find places that do fun pairings like cupcakes or salts.

date night bucket list

5. Picnic and sunset on the beach

Pack your own sandwiches, salads or even charcuterie and head to the beach for a romantic dinner and sunset. While this date night bucket list still involves eating, it won’t be in a restaurant and you will be in full control of the food and not in a crowded or loud space.

date night bucket list

6. Game night

This could go many ways – maybe you both love to play video games but never have the chance, maybe Jenga is your thing. Heck, a dirty game of Twister could be in the cards as well .. just have fun with each other and keep an open mind.

date night bucket list

7. Do a pub crawl

This may take a little planning but nothing is more fun than walking around and drinking with your date. After a drink or two you both start to loosen up and get chatty. This is a great way to get to know someone. Plus, bar crawls are super fun and you meet a lot of people in the process.

8. Trivia night at a bar

Even if you think both of you would be terrible at this, make a backup plan to guess the most ridiculously wrong answer just for fun. But hey, you never know if you will know the answers until you go.

9. Indulge in a spa day

Your date night bucket list should include at least one day at the spa. Whether it is a couples massage or full blown day of pampering, you both deserve it. Take some time to be with each other and enjoy the relaxation.

For an extra special experience, order some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before arrival to enjoy.

date night bucket list

10. Eat around the globe

One of the best ways to get to know a destination is through food. Plan to eat at different ethnic restaurants in your area and see what you love. This may inspire you to learn more about the destination and eventually travel there.

Food has a way of bringing people together.

date night bucket list

11. Take a hot air balloon ride

While taking a hot air balloon ride isn’t as scary as skydiving, it is still a grand adventure. You are floating through air! This date night bucket list idea is so romantic. Bonus: look for a place that has an incredible landscape or offers sunrise tours, they are magical.

12. Be a kid again at a theme park

You could visit a Disney park or even a more local theme park. Just make sure to let your inner kid out and ride all the rides, eat all the snacks and stay all day until your feet hurt. You will feel 15 again! This date night idea is great if you want to have fun all day long.

date night bucket list

13. Start your date in bed with breakfast

Who says your date can’t start in the morning? Make your partner breakfast in bed and then plan a day of adventures and being together. Your partner will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gesture. Sometimes we don’t want to have to plan something, so having someone else do it makes it special.

date night bucket list

14. Spend a night in watching each others favorite movies

Chances are you both have different favorite movies, even if they are in the same genre of film. Get out the snacks, drinks and blankets and watch a back to back feature of both movies. Overtime you will learn to appreciate what your partner sees in their favorite film.

15. Cook for each other

Even if you aren’t a five star chef, you can still make something. And even if you are the worst cook in the world, you can get one of those meal delivery services that make it so easy. It’s really the thought that counts. A lot of love goes into cooking a meal and your partner will appreciate the efforts.

16. Try new wines and keep track of them

You may know nothing or everything about wine, but this date night bucket list idea is the gift that keeps on giving. You can plan to do this weekly or even monthly. There are so many wines from around the world to try it would take you a lifetime.

If you find that you both like this, keep it an ongoing date night and keep track of the ones you loved and hated so you can buy them for future use in your home.

date night bucket list

17. Indulge in conversation over burgers and milkshakes

Every date does not have to be fancy. A burger and milkshake can also do the trick. Find a diner and get cozy in a booth. Talk about your day, future plans or life planning.

This is a great budget friendly option and a good way to get face time with your date to learn more about them. Even if you have been together for years, this is still a great date night idea.

18. Plan the future

Some couples hit it off right away and make plans for the future. Sometimes it is fun to see how your futures align. Try to go into this conversation light hearted, the intention is not to scare anyone or ruin a relationship. You will also get insight into what your partner is looking for.

date night bucket list

19. Renovate something in your home

Working together with the same common goal on something can be fun and you get to enjoy the end result. Just remember that usually there can be frustrations when working on things, so give each other some grace and try not to stress too much about it.

This date night idea will take some planning and it maybe take more that a day, so keep that in mind.

20. Test drive new cars

Thinking about buying a new car or have a dream car in mind? Go test drive new cars! You never know when you may actually take one home.

*Drive responsibly and don’t waste anyone’s time if you aren’t truly in the market for a vehicle.

21. Get dressed up fancy and go somewhere you’ve never been

Seems like getting dressed up fancy is a once a year thing. Make this date night extra special and get dolled up for a night on the town. Make sure to get reservations wherever you decide to eat so you don’t arrive to find out there are no tables.

22. Rent a limo for a night on the town

If your date night bucket list doesn’t include a limo rental or party bus for an evening, add it now! You will have the best time and feel like royalty. Everyone deserves to feel royal, even if it is just for a night.

Make the night romantic and throw in some champagne and flowers. Don’t forget to take pictures to remember your special evening.

date night bucket list

23. Go on a double date

This could be a first date or 300th date, just try it. It is great way to mingle with other couples and see if you both vibe with them. Never know when you will find your couple best friend that you guys do everything with!

Future vacations, kids’ best friends, neighbors, who knows!

date night bucket list

24. Go cosmic bowling

Nothing will remind you of being a kid again than cosmic bowling. Bad at bowling? Have no shame and get those bumpers lined and have fun. Make sure to order a pitcher of beer and a bunch of fried foods like fries and pickles.

25. See a concert

Live shows are a great date night bucket list idea. It could be one or both of your favorite bands OR you could randomly go see someone you both know of or like. Maybe you will end up loving them.

date night bucket list

26. Volunteer together

Giving back is one of the most selfless things you can do. If you spend your date nights helping others, that shows both you and your partner are givers with big hearts.

27. Go for a sunset drive

This date night bucket list idea is absolute free! Just go for a drive somewhere pretty during the sunset. If you have a convertible, let the top down. Maybe afterwards you can get ice cream or go for a walk.

date night bucket list

28. Celebrate milestones

Whether it is relationship milestones or personal, make them special. You don’t want to rush through life just trying to get to the next one, savor them while they are here.

date night bucket list

29. Get a fun photoshoot done

At least one of your date night bucket list ideas has to be a fun photoshoot! It can be fun for both of you and even better during certain seasons.

date night bucket list

30. Celebrate New Years Eve together

On the last night of the year, break out your New Years Eve bucket list and plan something epic. Feeling extra? Go see the ball drop in Times Square in New York!

date night bucket list

31. Do a fitness activity

If you both love an active lifestyle, do a fun class or activity together. You could sign up for a 5K color run, take a dance class or even try something new neither of you have done.

32. Enjoy a wintery walk

There is nothing more romantic than a wintery walk in the snow. Take your date on a walk while you hear the crunching of the snow beneath you.

date night bucket list

33. See a live sporting event

Even if your date isn’t into sports, this is an opportunity to show them why you love it so much and maybe they will enjoy it too. Your date night bucket list should include at least one live game.

date night bucket list

34. Spend a night in the bath

This may not be a first date idea (unless you are both willing) but if you have been intimate for while, this is the perfect way to unwind and relax while enjoying each others company.

Don’t forget the champagne and bubbles!


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