College Bucket List: Maximizing Your Years At School And Having Fun

If you are looking for a robust college bucket list, look no further! College can be one of the best times in your life, sort of like extended high school but also an adult. This is the time to experiment, make new friends, try new things, learn about who you really are.

With this college bucket list you should be able to get an education but also take full advantage of the college experience, so when you graduate, you are ready to take on the world.

We hope you love this college bucket list – and enjoy the next few years checking these items off!

college bucket list

College Bucket List – Over 100+ Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Time

1. Join the Greek system and pledge a fraternity or sorority

One of the easiest ways to make immediate and life long friendships is to join the Greek system. This is a top college bucket list experience for many.

2. Play a sport

Even if you didn’t come from a sporting group in high school, it is never too late to find something you love.

3. Study abroad

One of the most enriching things you can do in your life is travel! Studying abroad is great way to learn about new cultures, traditions, food, the people, and maybe even a language. It will change your life.

study abroad

4. Live on campus for a year or two

Living in the dorms is a great way to get acquainted with your new life and learn the ins and outs of college. A lot of colleges actually make you live in the dorm your first year, but its for your benefit.

5. Rent a house with friends

After you are ready to live on your own, why not live with your friends? This is a great time to see what it will be like when college is over.

college bucket list

6. Join a club

Every college is different but there is usually a large variety of clubs across many interests to get you excited. This is a great way to meet like minded people.

7. Freshman year spring break in Mexico

If you did not go to Mexico for spring break as part of your high school bucket list, do it now! You only need to be 18 to drink and the resorts towns like Cancun have long been popular spring break destinations because they have great beaches, amazing parties, celebrity concerts, they are all-inclusive, and a cheaper option.

spring break mexico

8. Eat at every dining option on campus

Some colleges are massive and have tons of dining options – but you have a few years to get to them all! Never know where you will find your favorite food hiding.

9. Load up on school gear

Take pride in your school and wear your branded items proudly.

10. Attend a formal

Homecoming is similar to high school there is just a lot more people now. Which means the options to find someone to take is even bigger.

college bucket list

11. Apply for scholarships to reduce the cost of ongoing education and/or graduate school

Free money is free money. If you are willing to put in the work to get part of or all of your school paid for, it is worth the effort. Do not get discouraged that many scholarships are only given to a few people. A lot of people get hung up on that and don’t apply because they feel like they are too competitive.

12. Participate in a campus wide tradition

Every college has some tradition that is passed down student to student. As a college bucket list item, it is a rite of passage.

13. Find a subject you are passionate about – even if it isn’t why you came there

Don’t worry if you came in to study literature and took a class on finance and fell in love. You will change your major at least twice and that is ok! Sometimes the plan ewe though we had for ourselves ends up becoming something else.

14. Tailgate

Would it be a college bucket list if you didn’t tailgate before a game? Make sure to wear your college gear and get ready to share all your school spirit.

15. Stay on campus for a holiday

A lot of people stay on campus for various reasons during holidays. stay and have a Friendsgiving or maybe you need to buckle down for finals.

16. Join theater for a semester and star in a production

Don’t underestimate how cool theater people. They throw the most incredible parties and love to laugh and have a great time.

17. Go to a football game

Would this be a college bucket list without attending a football game of your school?

18. Go to a Fraternity party

You have probably seen a hundred different movies with their ideas of what a fraternity party are. In those movies lies some level of truth. Go, have fun and don’t forget to have a buddy system with someone.

19. Join a study group to stay on track

One of the best ways to learn is a think tank environment. With a study group you guys can collectively work on learning the same subject and understanding it better.

20. Volunteer

Whether it is on campus or in a local shelter or food kitchen, giving back is something we should all do in every stage of our lives.

21. Take summer classes to lighten your class load in the spring and fall semester

A lot of colleges are structured such that you take 16-21 credits a semester, which can be a heavy course load. If you want to alleviate some of that, take summer classes. Some colleges will even let you take summer courses at local community college and they transfer for equal credit. So you could save some money.

22. Get comfortable with public speaking

Guaranteed, you will take at least one class that requires a presentation, but most likely it will be more than two. Now is a great time to get comfortable with public speaking. Prepare yourself for that TED talk you plan to give one day.

23. Take advantage of your electives and learn new things

Outside of your major there will be a variety of classes to choose from. Take advantage of this and learn something new because you never know when you will find out how passionate you are about a topic.

24. Get your first credit card – but do not go into debt

If you do not already have a credit card before coming to college, you will surely see people around campus from time to time trying to solicit you into a school branded one or a local one. Talk with your parents and decide what the best option is, but you should start building credit.

25. Stay up all night cramming for finals

Inevitably this will happen whether you want it to or not. However, make the best of it. Get your favorite snacks and put on some cozy clothes. You don’t have to be miserable while studying.

26. Find your group of best friends

I know you love your high school friends but it is ok to make new friends at college. Even if your high school besties are not going to the same college, you will need friends to stay sane. Allow yourself that opportunity to meet new people.

college bucket list

27. Visit all the bars in your schools town

Once you are 21, of course.

28. Dress up in mismatched clothes

In college, no one really cares how you show up. Take your funny bucket list ideas to the next level and show up and pretend to not know.

29. Dress up as something extra special for Halloween

If you are in a relationship, maybe check off one of your couples bucket list ideas and do a couples costume.

30. Take a day trip somewhere fun

If you are not from the area where your college is, you have so much to see and do! Get out and explore off campus.

31. Make friends with a professor you like

If you like one of your professors, take all their classes and get to know them better. They were once you and are extremely knowledgeable in the subject they teach.

32. Make a vision board for your future

Get out all your magazines, old news papers and whatever you have lying around and make a big collage for your dorm/room. And it is ok if you change course over the years. College is all about learning about who you are and what you want to do.

33. Go to house parties

These will come in troves. Enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different things. This is what college is all about.

college bucket list

34. Decorate your dorm for holidays

Nothing says Christmas bucket list like going all out! Hang some stockings, get twinkle lights or maybe even a small Christmas tree. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ugly Christmas sweater from home or make a new one.

35. Play a sport for the school

Whether you came on a sporting scholarship or found a sport you love you can try out for – get out there and have fun.

36. Visit friends at other schools and vice versa

You will inevitably miss your high school friends and that’s ok, they miss you too! This is a great way to see what they are up to and what their college is like. Have them visit you as well so they can see your new life at school.

37. Spend a holiday with your roommates family

It is not at all uncommon to go home for Thanksgiving or other holidays with your roommate. Sometimes you will have roommates who don’t celebrate certain things or maybe you don’t. This is a great time to learn about traditions in families.

38. Work in the student government

If you see yourself in a political role or place of power, working in the student government is a great stepping stone towards that. It is also very educational and a lot different from high school government.

39. Join the school paper

If you love to write, this is your opportunity to join the school paper. You will learn a lot of sensational articles, editing, writing styles, deadlines, and more. This is also a great way to have published writing pieces if you see yourself as a journalist in the future.

40. Go to the career fair

This is a great way to network and maybe meet someone who will help you land your post graduate career. It only takes 30 seconds to connect with someone and see if you jive well. These connections can be highly beneficial for your future. One of your college bucket list top items should be to have a job when leaving.

41. Take a fun workout class

Whether it is on campus or locally in town, you should be able to find fun workout classes to take with your best friend(s).

42. Find a mentor

This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself on many levels. When you leave home for college, this is the first time you are essentially living alone and navigating the world into a career path of choice. Having a mentor can be of great value because they have been in your shoes and want to see you succeed.

43. Get into a photography class so you can well document these years

If you can take a photography class first year, do it. It is a great elective that is both fun and informative. Hey, you may even find you have a passion for the arts.


44. Make a scrapbook for each year of college

You will look back on your college memories fondly and there will be a lot of them. An easy way to sort through them is to make a scrapbook for each year.

45. Put up a mini Christmas tree in your dorm

You probably won’t be allowed to have a real tree, but you can get a small artificial tree that is pre-lit and decorate it. Maybe even add some school spirit to it.

46. Take a fall foliage drive with your friends

If your fall bucket list includes leaf peeping, then take advantage of this! There are many epic USA bucket list destinations with insanely beautiful troves of leaves.

fall foliage

47. Write a letter to your future self to open on graduation

How you feel on day and your last day will be entirely different. Write that note so you can remember how you felt going to college on your own. This will be a great reminder of your success so far and how you will succeed in the next stage of your life.

48. Start a bullet journal

If you love being creative, start a bullet journal to document your life. You can keep these forever and look back on them.

49. Keep a heavy social calendar

While college is about studying, you should also be having fun. Make sure to balance studies with having fun and networking. You cannot do school 100% of the time. For the full college experience, do as much as you can.

50. Attend a basketball game

Basketball games are such a different vibe from football. While they are indoors, the excitement can be just as high, sometimes better.

51. Buy your first beer when you turn 21

Everyone likes to get you drunk on your 21st birthday, but make sure you buy your first beer when you turn 21. There is something about being carded and finally feeling free.

52. Fall in love

A lot of people meet their person in college. Don’t be so vested in having fun and studying that you let someone slip away. It is OK to date people and to fall in love. You will adjust your life as it happens. But don’t be closed off to it.

53. Spend a summer in Europe backpacking

If your European bucket list includes a summer of backpacking and seeing all the sites, do it! In some cities you can get buy for less than $20 a day and that includes lodging and food. Make sure to plan in advance and be open to plans changing, as that sometimes happens.

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54. Network your butt off

You can never have enough contacts. EVER. Make friends with everyone and stay in touch. You never know when one of you will need each other for something.

55. Try living with your significant other for a semester

It is not uncommon for those in relationships to live together during college. If you see a future, why not? This will give you first hand experience of what it is like to live with your partner and it will let you know if you are ready for a commitment like that. You also learn a lot about yourself and what you do and don’t expect from a live in relationship.

56. Learn to cook

You may not be able to cook in the dorm, but if you live on your own, this is a great time to start cooking stuff beyond the microwave.

57. Make friends with people from all over the world

Colleges tend to be hot spots for global citizens. This is a great time to learn about people and their cultures. I promise you, you will never regret making more friends around the world.

58. Get a job on campus

If you need extra money, the easiest way to make it is to work on campus. You can get around easily and not have to worry about having a car or using public transportation.

59. Go to a concert

You may be one of the lucky ones who attend a college that brings in popular artists. If so, GO SEE THOSE CONCERTS!!

60. Take a road trip with your best friends

Got a free weekend? Take time away from school and go for a road trip somewhere new. Eat somewhere off campus, camp, stay in a hotel, go to a local bar – just do something fun!

college bucket list

61. Go back home to visit friends and family

Even though you are at college studying, you should still check in once in awhile or more if you can. They will miss you as much as you miss them. GUARANTEED.

62. Apply to graduate school

Getting an advanced degree is required for many careers, like becoming a lawyer or doctor. Make sure your grades are good, you sit for any required tests, apply early, and make sure to have some back up schools just in case.

63. Decorate and have the most epic graduation cap

This is a rite of passage. Get together with your friends and decorate your graduation cap in a way that expresses who you are.

64. Graduate with honors

If one of your college bucket list items is to graduate with the colored ropes on your gown, you are going to need to work hard to graduate with honors.

65. Graduate

Well, you did it! Time to celebrate all your hard work with the most expensive piece of paper you own. The very top of your college bucket list completion should be graduation!

college bucket list

66. Take a gap year to travel the world

Starting a career right after college is not for everyone. It is OK to be curious and want to explore. A top travel bucket list experience is taking a gap year. Do some research well in advance because you will need to apply for visas and a passport if you plan to stay in the same country.

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