Before 30 Bucket List: Epic Ways To Thrive Into Adulthood

If you are looking for things to add to your before 30 bucket list, look no further. This comprehensive list covers everything up until you turn 30! While this list is not in any order, you will find stuff from your younger years, high school, college, and adulthood.

Your before 30 bucket list is a list of things to do the first 29 years of your life. Granted, as a child you aren’t really thinking about this, but as a teenager you start to. It is never too late to make a bucket list about your future and what you want to do.

before 30 bucket list

Before 30 Bucket List: 100+ things to add to your list

1. Go to prom

A rite of passage on your high school bucket list, this should not be missed. You get an opportunity to get dressed up all fancy with your friends for one last celebration before you all go off to college or into careers.

prom dresses

2. Get into your dream college

Your before 30 bucket list should include not only getting into your dream college but majoring in your first choice and thriving afterwards.

3. Sleepovers with friends

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, sleepovers are the best way to bond with friends. They get better with age too. Once you hit 21, add some wine to these nights and throw in a pillow fight. You’ll be glad you added this to your best friend bucket list.

before 30 bucket list

4. Drive your dream car

You might not be ready to purchase your dream car today, but nothing is stopping you from test driving it.

5. Learn to cook

If your family is big on cooking, learn to cook early on and continue that tradition as you age. By the time you turn 30 you should be able to host a dinner party to some degree. We aren’t asking you to be Julia Child, but some delicious cooking is doable. Plus, you need to survive on your own.

6. Get your drivers license

You can get your license around the time you turn 16. You should absolutely have it before turning 30 or how else will you be able to go on epic USA bucket list road trips or drive your dream car?

7. Go to summer camp

As a teenager, this is a great way to spend time away from your family and get to know new people. Who knows, you might even find a summer romance!

8. Get your first cell phone

What with the age of social media and constant need to know where everyone is and for safety measures, surely you will get your first phone before 30. Question is: are you team iPhone or Android?

9. Spend a crazy weekend in Las Vegas

Your before 30 bucket list will not be complete without a weekend bender in sunny Las Vegas. The city wasn’t dubbed “Sin City” for its angelic behavior. Gamble the night away, drink until 4 am, ride the Highroller, visit Fremont Street, see one of the many epic shows available, and don’t forget all the free activities along the strip, like the fountains at the Bellagio.

las vegas

10. Graduate high school

One of the most monumental things you will do in your life is graduate high school. You survived about 13 years of full-time schooling and are now an adult. Celebrate that!

11. Have your first kiss

While your first kiss might not be your last kiss or even best kiss, it will certainly be your most memorable, because it was your first. Your before 30 bucket list should absolutely include this, but no pressure, do it in your own time.

12. Befriend someone outside your circle

Friend cliques can get brutal, especially in high school. Don’t be afraid to make friends with someone not in your crowd. Everyone has a unique story and background, plus you never know when you will meet your friend soulmate.

13. Go to crazy college party

If your college bucket list doesn’t include attending at least one crazy party, we need to reassess the list. Whether it is a part of the Greek systems of parties, a toga party or even a house party. Go to at least one so you can see what they are all about. Guaranteed you will have crazy stories to tell for years to come.

before 30 bucket list

14. Get a credit card and start building credit

When you turn 18 and are well appraised of financial responsibilities, you should get a credit card and start building credit.

The best and easiest way to get a push in good credit is to get your parents to add you onto one of their existing accounts as an authorized user. It will backdate your credit score for the length of the card. You could end up with a 700+ score before 19, which will make getting a car, house or anything with a line of credit super easy and with great interest rates.

15. Buy your first car

If its the junker you saved $300 bucks for or your first graduated college and have a big kid paycheck car, just make sure to buy your own first car.

16. Find your soulmate

This doesn’t necessarily come in the form of a lover, but it is “your person.” A lot of best friends are soulmates. Just make sure to find that person who you can tell anything to and thrive with.


17. Spend a day or 20 at Disney

Disney is great at any age, just get there before you turn 30! Make sure to eat all the food, ride all the rides and come dressed up!

18. Graduate from college

Atop you before 30 bucket list, put graduate from college. Then go start an epic career and do adult things, whatever those may be to you.

before 30 bucket list

19. Adopt a pet

There will always be animals that need a home. If you have a home and safe space, adopt one. They will love you unconditionally!

20. Self acceptance

Don’t wait until you are 30 to decide to love yourself … because you won’t have that time to convince anyone else to. Radical self acceptance is one of the best things you can do for yourself and you will love yourself for all your perceived flaws.

21. See the cherry blossoms

Whether you visit Washington, D.C. or head to Japan to cross off an epic Asia bucket list and travel bucket list item, this is a must! Seeing the cherry blossoms fill the trees and air is a magical sight to behold. Also a great photo opportunity you won’t want to miss.

22. Learn a new language

If you start learning a new language in high school and continue through college and even a study abroad program, that is probably the best route to go. However, with recent technology, you can learn a new language by using apps on your phone and little to no effort.

23. Live in another country

This can be done many ways and can have high rewards. Living somewhere completely foreign to yourself and figuring things out can be liberating. Not only that, you really evolve as a person and experience life entirely new.

24. Start a journal

At any stage in life you can start a journal. The younger you start, the better writer you become and have memories to look back on. Maybe on your 30th birthday you can pull out some old journals read some entries to remember what life was like on those days.

25. See the Northern Lights

The world offers some of the most magical experiences and seeing the Northern Lights is one of them. You will have to travel to see them unless you are lucky that you live in an area that is bursting with color. Some of the best places to view are : Alaska, Finland, Norway, and Iceland.

northern lights

26. Get your dream job

Sometimes you get lucky and land your dream job right away and other times you have to work your way up, but you got this! Make sure your resume is always updated and ready to be sent out.

27. Join a book club

Reading is such a great escape from work, life and electronics. The benefit of joining a book club is that you get to discuss the book and see how everyone else perceived it.

28. Pizza nights

One simply doesn’t make it to their 30’s without hosting epic pizza nights! Get out all the ingredients and dough and have those friends over and enjoy your pies. Maybe throw in a game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ for added laughs.

29. Backpack through Europe

Right after college or even before or during, take this trip. This will enlighten you in so many ways and give you the opportunity to see places you have only read about it. The people you will meet along the way, the cultures, experiences, and maybe even some new friends, will be unforgettable.

before 30 bucket list

30. Kiss in the rain

We have all seen it in a movie or TV show and wondered why we would want to get wet and why it looks so romantic. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You know, research!

31. Have a one night stand

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, so no pressure at all. Only do it if you feel comfortable and trust the person. Random hook-ups can be fun and with no strings attached, even better.

32. Start a savings account

You have to start saving money before you turn 30. In fact, you should have enough savings to carry you six or more months should something happen. You can have your fun and be a responsible adult. You will thank us for this tip later.

33. Take a road trip

If your before 30 bucket list does not include a road trip, it is time to fix that. You don’t even have to go far, just make it memorable. Grab your best friend, the snacks and hit the road. Bonus points if you do something epic like the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. That drive is incredibly beautiful and also insane.

road trip

34. Make an incredible resume

Everyone typically learns to make a resume/CV in a Word document, but there are so many more ways to do it. For example, in Canva, which is free, you can make a stunning standout resume that will capture attention and keep you at the top of the list. Dare to be better and get that job.

35. Get a post-graduate degree (if you want)

Grad school isn’t everyone’s path but maybe after you work for a few years you decide you want to advance your career, change careers or just get another degree for fun. Be open to the idea.

36. Have your own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment in Bali

Take a solo trip to Bali. Go do yoga, eat delicious food, visit the temples, see the amazing sunsets, do it all. Your Bali bucket list is just waiting for you to arrive. This can be one of the most life changing experiences if you let it and are open for it.

37. Skydive

Read to get your heart racing? Jump out of a plane. It will be the most terrifying and equally exciting experience ever. You will feel weightless over the world and see it from a new perspective.

38. Fly in first class

Looking for a way to cash in on airline or credit miles or just blow a ton of cash? Use it to fly international first class! You will be blown away by some of the offerings on planes – you can even get an apartment on Etihad as your seat. But throw caution to the wind .. you may never be able to fly coach again after this over the top experience.

39. Go to a festival

Festivals are not limited to music but they seem to catch all the attention. You could go to the Renaissance festival if you wanted. Just go to a festival, get dressed up and have the time of your life.

before 30 bucket list

40. Practice yoga and/or meditation

Life is stressful and can continue to get more stressful as you take on more responsibilities. yoga and/or meditation can help you stay grounded and give you the moments of zen that you really need.

41. Plan for retirement

This sounds so boring, especially between the ages of 18-29 but these are crucial years to start saving. The earlier you start saving the more you will have in the long run. A lot of people never save or start too late which leads to having to work forever. Set yourself up for a livable life when you do retire.

42. Start a business

This could be a passion project, social media, sales, writing books, self help, coaching, and so on. Whether it is a full-time gig or just something on the side, nothing will challenge you more than opening and operating a business. Plus, the extra money is nice.

43. Throw an epic house party

We are not thinking ‘Project X’ style house party, but just big enough to be cool. you know? Everyone will remember it and you will have a story to tell for years to come.

44. Go on a hot air balloon ride

This is a bit less daredevil than skydiving, but even my bucket list had a hot air balloon ride on it. If you want to take this experience up a notch, do it over an epic landscape, like Cappadocia, Turkey. The fairy chimneys look out of this world.

45. Do local staycations in your area

If you love traveling but don’t want to go far, try experiencing new things in your own backyard. Stay at local hotels, see everything there is to see, attend local events. There is a wealth of things happening around you, you do not have to go to Paris to have a great time.

46. Network your butt off

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Start developing strong communication skills and staying in touch with people at a young age. You never know when you can help someone or vice versa. A great way to network in college is by joining the Greek system. You will have a ton of new friends you can build bonds with and make connections.

When you start your career, don’t pass up networking events and happy hours. These connections will come in handy at some point in your life or career.

47. Fall in love

Please fall in love before you turn 30. Whether it is one person or a ton of people. Allow yourself to be completely in love with someone even if they break your heart in the end or it ends up in marriage, you need to feel that.

48. Start a skincare routine

You are in fact, not getting any younger. However, you can slow the look of aging by taking care of your skin. Don’t be afraid to see a dermatologist to learn about your skin and find the right products to use on your face.

49. Live alone

To truly feel that sense of freedom and standing on your own two feet, live alone. Even if it is just for six months or a year, give it a go. You need to thrive on your own and have this experience.

50. Try global foods

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Many people travel for food alone and that is because food around the world is just as amazing as it is at home. You just need to be open to the cultural differences and ways of doing things.

If you don’t plan to travel (but we hope you do) you can find plenty of restaurants with authentic food to their cultures or even grocery stores dedicated to a certain culture. You can find recipes on Pinterest and just dive right in.

51. Celebrate your 21st birthday in STYLE

You will only turn 21 once and in the USA that means = legal drinking age. Go all out! Bars, clubs, house party, whatever it is, make it memorable. Just make sure you have a designated driver and stay safe.

52. Start a gratitude journal

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. Top of the world or lowest of lows. There is always something to be grateful for. Having a gratitude journal can help your mentality and see things in a positive light or show you your abundance of blessings. Either way, this is a powerful writing tool.

53. Learn how to balance a checkbook

Writing checks may be a little outdated but many people don’t know how to balance a checkbook. This would be a great class to teach in high school since 18 is the year most people open checking accounts. Balancing a checkbook is not hard, you just need to stay on top of it so you know where you are financially.

54. Learn the art of not living beyond your means

Social media can really be a burden in many cases but one of the top things is the overflowing accounts of people living lavish lifestyles, which in turn, makes you feel like you need to live the same way, even if you don’t have the funds.

If you don’t have the cash in the bank to cover it today, don’t buy it. Save up for whatever it is. We promise, you will feel far better about the purchase and it will be more rewarding than putting it on credit. Debt for lavish things is a burden and it leads to stress. Don’t do that to yourself.

55. Spend an entire day at the beach

We always say we will do this, but do we? Pack the cooler, grab the sunblock, a towel, good book, water toys, snacks, whatever – just bring it all and go. Take your friends or family and just enjoy this relatively free activity.

56. See a sunrise and sunset in one day

Often times we can make it to see either a sunset or sunrise because if schedules, but make it a point to see both in one day. You can start on a good note and end the day on a pretty one.

before 30 bucket list

57. See fall foliage

If your fall bucket list doesn’t include leaf peeping, you are missing out! Fall is one of the best times of the year. When the leaves change color and the weather gets crisper, it is a good feeling.

fall foliage

58. Stay in a cozy cabin

So many hotels and Airbnb rentals now have cozy cabins you can rent to stay in. Go during the fall or winter (you can check off a Christmas bucket list item) and crank up the fireplace, pour some cocoa or wine and enjoy it.

before 30 bucket list

59. Learn to make your own ice cream

In theory is sounds hard, but it is actually quite easy. There are so many recipes to choose from, some only three ingredients. Just go out there and make your own and then eat it.

60. Volunteer

Even if you only have one spare hour a week or even a month, you will be very much appreciated. Time is valuable and there are a lot of organizations that need help. Find something you are passionate about and volunteer to help.

61. Write an e-book

Have in depth knowledge on a topic? Write an e-book and self publish on Amazon. Boom! Add ‘Author’ to your resume.

62. Tackle your biggest fear

Don’t feel pressure at all, but sometimes getting over that fear can be rewarding. You should include this in your before 30 bucket list. Don’t let it hang in the balance.

63. Visit a Holiday market

The Christmas markets should be on the top of your Europe bucket list! Drink mulled wine, shop for gifts, take in the lights and environment, and eat the food. It’s rather magical.

tallinn christmas market

64. Celebrate your family with frequent visits and meals

You don’t technically need a reason to celebrate but just enjoy the company of your friends and family often. Unfortunately we won’t live forever, so spend the time you do have with the ones you love.

65. Take new fitness classes

Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you try it. Challenge yourself to try new classes, maybe get some friends to join.

66. Train your body to drink plenty of water

Water makes up most of our bodies and its good health to drink plenty of it. You should aim for about eight glasses a day. Stay hydrated.

67. Take a cruise

Your before 30 bucket list should include a cruise. Caribbean, Mediterranean, river cruise in Europe, heck, even Antarctica. Just go. Cruises are a great way to meet people, eat food and visit new destinations all while sleeping int he same place every night and not having to drive.

before 30 bucket list

68. Dine at a Michelin Star restaurant

Foodie or not, make it a goal to try at least one Michelin Star restaurant so you can see what the hype is all about. The food tends to be sensational and the plating styles are works of art.

69. Get a tattoo

Big or small, just get one. If you don’t want anyone to see it, do not get it on your neck. Put it in a place that can easily be covered up.

70. Visit a strip club

If you are in Las Vegas, this may be the most perfect opportunity. There is no shortage of them and they have some of the best dancers in the country.

71. Attend a wedding

If you have been networking for years or joined the Greek system in college, you will surely be in attendance at many, if not part of the wedding. Enjoy wedding seasons, they only last so long.

72. Color your hair some crazy color

A great time to do this is when you don’t have a boss to answer to (unless they are cool like that). Go all out. We have all dreamed of some crazy color before. And hey, if you don’t like it, dye it back.

73. Spend a day in bed doing absolutely nothing

You DESERVE this simple bucket list idea. Just do nothing all day and stay cozy.

74. Binge watch your favorite show over and over

Every year or so, re-watch your favorite show from start to finish. Sure you remember all the big items from the show, but its all the small moments of laughter. banter and sadness we forget.

75. Visit some place new once a year

You can go globally or locally, just go. You will never regret having seen the sunset in new areas.

before 30 bucket list

76. Completely renovate a room, in your house

This will take time, money and knowledge, but you can do this. You can do anything with enough patience and desire to learn.

77. Join a club

The number of clubs available to join is endless. It could be walking, running, chess, bad-mitten, poker, pole dancing, ice hockey, and so on.

78. Go speed dating

You have to put speed dating on your before 30 bucket list because it is wild. This is a crazy way to meet a ton of single people in short bursts to see if you made an instant connection.

79. Read all the Harry Potter books

This iconic set of books, Harry Potter is beloved by millions around the globe.

80. Furnish your home

You do not have to have everything day one. Take your time and find pieces you love and that you want to have for a long time. If you are short on cash, check out the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist.

81. Go skinny dipping

if you happen to have your own pool, this will be easy. But where is the adventure in getting caught?

82. Make healthy habits

You have exactly one body, so it is your choice what you do with it. If you start early habits at a younger age, you tend to carry them with you. However, it is never too late to start.

83. Name a star for someone you love

One of the easiest and most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is to name a star in the solar system for them.

84. Host a holiday in your home

Holidays are crazy and hosting is even crazier, but this gives you a chance to show off your cooking skills and your place.

85. Find new ways to love the same person over and over

Relationships can get boring at times and seem repetitive. Find new ways to keep being in love with your significant other. Keep doing things together and learning.


86. Host a cookie party at your home during the holidays

Ready to destroy your kitchen and have the best time doing it? Invite the friends/family over and bake all the cookies. Make sure to split them up so you can all share.

before 30 bucket list

87. Throw a friend a baby shower

Inevitably one or more of your friends will get pregnant before you turn 30. Ne host to throwing or help throwing a baby shower.

baby shower

88. Do something you don’t want to do

We say ‘no’ to a lot of things. Change your mindset and start saying ‘yes’ as you never know what could come from it.

90. Call old friends and reconnect

Not that one person from first grade you only spoke to for a second to say sorry .. the friends you lost touch with through college that you were besties with. Or the ones who moves away. Stay in touch! Don’t let class reunions. weddings and funerals be the only reason you keep up. You guys got each other through some tough times.

91. Try new restaurants in your city

Your before 3 bucket list should include eating at new restaurants. We know you love the same five places, but make a plan to venture out.

92. Take a trip by train

It doesn’t matter where you go, just go! Bonus points if it has a sleeper car and you live aboard.

93. Sing karaoke

A rite of passage is to embarrass yourself completely singing your favorite song.

94. Attend a high school reunion

You may have fallen out of touch with a lot of people, but a high school reunion will make you feel like no time has passed. Go see everyone and see what they are up to.

before 30 bucket list

95. Get out of debt

Whether it is college loans, credit cards, a car, or even a personal loan. Make it a goal to pay it off and keep it at the top of your before 30 bucket list! You can then enter your 30’s thriving financially and ready to tackle what’s next.

96. Do a food tour

Find one locally or around the globe. Just make sure to try new foods. This is a great way to find out if you love other things and expand your horizon.

97. Get a photo shoot done

Solo, family, best friends, holiday, whatever – just get some photos done professionally to have.

98. Get a piercing

There are a lot of things to pierce, with the ears being the easiest. Go as easy or as wild as you want.

99. Let go of toxic relationships

While you may love certain friends and lovers, the toxic ones have to go. If not for you, for them. You cannot thrive wholly with negativity in your life constantly. It will wear you down in every way imaginable. Close doors to these people and make room for healthy relationships.

100. Adopt a family in need for a holiday

The holidays can be particularly tough for those in need. If you have extra resources, consider helping a family. They will truly appreciate it.

101. Self pampering with spa days

TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve to sit back with a face or foot mask, put your feet up and pamper. You work so hard, take care of you.

before 30 bucket list

102. Cross off your number one bucket list item

Has it always been your dream to visit Bora Bora? Book the ticket and go! Your before 30 bucket list should include your biggest bucket list item!

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